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A Flock of Dolphins – Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico

A Flock of Dolphins – Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico

A Flock of Dolphins – Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico
By Anita Kaltenbaugh (Phoenix Mexico Travel Examiner) – June 18 2009
The Sea of Cortez is abundant with sea treasures of all types. On a recent boating adventure weekend in Puerto Penasco, I found myself in the swarm of one of my favorite sea treasures surrounding our boat.
Enjoying the magnificent Sea of Cortez on a boat is a wonderful way to waste an afternoon; I would waste all my days in exactly this manner if I could. On this particular Saturday, I was not wasting the day alone, but with hundreds of dolphins happy to waste their day with me.
Music filled the ocean air with songs from the IPOD as dolphins surrounded the boat. We watched in delight as the dolphins jumping in pairs reminded us of the synchronized swimming Broadway show we attended in Las Vegas. Filled with child like joy and fascination we looked over the side of the boat running from side to side of the boat, or starboard to port , as the happy, leaping, luminescent creatures nearly collided with us and the deep blue of the Sea of Cortez.
My friend who was driving the boat was zig zagging back and forth through the waves, playing with the dolphins like a big kid.  From the shore, any beachcomber would surely think the captain of this boat was drunk.

Attempting to count the flying dolphins reminded me of a guessing game you played at a party. How many jellybeans are in the glass jar? I was never good at the game and there were always far more jellybeans than I could imagine in one jar. Same thing, it was next to impossible to count the dolphins as they circled the boat, darted out of the water, and jumped over the bow.

My husband stated there were thousands, my friends cited hundreds, I at least counted 30 dolphins, but needless to say it was definitely “A Flock of Dolphins”.

My advice, come to the Sea of Cortez to enjoy the weather and the dolphins.
Click here to see the great pics taken by Marcia Brockmeyer