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Spring break is on the horizon


Spring Break in Rocky Point is one of my favorite times of the year.  I can vividly remember my days as a student in college and recall that my trips to Rocky Point during Spring Break rank right up there with such highlights as finals and term papers.  Ok, let me be rephrase this, finals and term papers were at the bottom of my fun meter and Rocky Point Spring break was the definite highlight for me.  When I was a young student I would frequent Mannys, JJs and the reef and stay at the Baja Cantina.  For the most part his has not changed.  If you are a student you will want to first look into availability at the Baja Cantina hotel.  If that is not available, look into the various hotels around town as they are Spring break friendly.
Now that I am an adult with a family, Spring Break in Rocky Point still ranks as one of my favorite times of the year.  However, I now frequent the resorts on Sandy Beach as they are geared towards the family.  With few exceptions, most of the resorts will require that you must be 25 to check in and stay there.  A few of them are flexing to 21.  I will say that the college Spring break madness is definitely not prevelant around the Sandy Beach area unless you call this madness, an 8 year old and his/her sibling fighting over who gets to put the final touches on the sand castle, while mom and dad soak in the sun on the beach.  If you are taking the kiddies, you might want to know that Las Palmas has a great pool slide and LAS PALOMAS beach and golf resort has a lazy river for the entire family to enjoy.
What ever your fancy, Rocky Point Spring break is second to none when it comes to an economical and easy to get to vacation.  There are many different choices on where to stay so if you have any questions, I would contact the phone number on this site and talk to one of the agents for some guidance.