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Arturo is back from vacation – Update on the Coastal highway

Hello Amigos,
I am excited to be back from my brief hiatus and I am looking forward to a fantastic 2009 in Rocky Point.  A major event recently happened for the good of Rocky Point and I wanted to take a moment to discuss it.  A few weeks ago in mid December the new coastal highway was opened, what does this mean for Rocky Point?
The coastal highway will bring many areas a lot closer to Rocky Point than before.    Here is a sampling of what this means……
Yuma is now 2.5 hours away from Rocky Point
El Centro, California which resides near San Diego county is now about 3.5 hours from Rocky Point
San Diego residents are now only about 5 hours from Rocky Point
Mexicali is now only 3 hours away from Rocky Point – Mexicali is in the top 15 most populated cities in Mexico
We took a trip from Puerto Penasco to El Golfo via the new coastal highway to test it out.  The drive was fantastic, we were there in just over an hour.  The road was smooth and wide and there were a few rest stops along the way.
The opening of the coastal highway is a major event as it represents quicker access to Rocky Point for millions of potential travelers including the Southern California market.  
As we learn of any new developments related to the coastal highway or nearby El Golfo de Santa Clara I will be sure to post updates.
I wish you and your family the best for 2009