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Real Estate in Puerto-Peñasco

If you are looking to buy a second home or condo in Puerto Peñasco, now may be the time to do it.  Rocky Point tends to follow the real estate market in the United States. When the market in the states is strong, so will be the market in the Mexico. There are several developments […]

Beaches and Sea of Cortez opened in Puerto Peñasco

August 1st, Puerto Peñasco began to open it’s beaches and water access to the public. Many thing have changed in the last 2 weeks. It was announced that people would be able to have access to the beach and water in certain areas of the city and surrounding beaches.  There were long lines coming in […]

Entry to Puerto Peñasco Update

This is current as of 7/20/2020, the Mexican/US border is not closed. This is a term that gets people very confused.  It is following the same agreement that the US has with Canada  and will expire 8/21/2020.  It is closed only for essential travel, but whether or not they are enforcing it in Sonoyta, we […]

Christmas in Puerto Peñasco steeped in tradition.

  We are only 28 days from the start of the Annual Christmas Posada’s which start on December 16.  In most countries the 12 days of Christmas are celebrated but in Mexico it is the 9 days leading up to Christmas Eve or Noche Buena as it is called.  During this time families gather every […]

What do I need to get back into the United States from Mexico?

Do I need a US Passport or US Passport Card when coming back from Puerto Peñasco?  This questions comes up on FaceBook almost every day.  YES you need a US Passport or US Passport Card.  It is the LAW and even though they are not currently enforcing it, the day will come very soon when […]

Charganga Derby for Children in Puerto Peñasco

In Puerto Peñasco, there are charity events nearly all year long.  So when Santiago Ruiz, director of Casa Hogar home for the elderly came aboard 4 years ago he knew he had to find something different to raise funds.  So he started the Charganga Derby for teens and adults.  Every year that event is held […]

New Businesses Starting in Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco also known as Rocky Point has seen the booms and the busts over the years. But now it appears we are in full throttle ahead mode with new businesses opening all over town. It is so encouraging to see this happening.  Another thing that is great about these new venues is that the owners […]

What do we do for fun in Puerto Penasco in Summer?

The one question I get asked the most, is what do people that live their full time or own businesses do for fun in summer?  Many businesses in the Malecon close up for a few weeks to give their employees a vacation.  Many people escape to Ensenada where it is cooler.  However many stay here […]

Charanga Derby aka Soap Box Derby April 13 2019

The 4th Annual Charanga Derby will be held April 13, 2019.  This competition is between various business and service clubs and has proved to be quite the event for entrants and spectators in Puerto Peñasco.  The cars are made from everything from wheel borrows to wagons and barrels.  The event  benefits Casa Hogar home for […]

Whale Watching 2019

 Like clockwork the Fin and Humpback whales arrived in the upper Sea of Cortez for the residents and tourists to enjoy.  They were about 8 miles off shore and seem to love to play with the Dolphin and the whale watching boats.  On February 9th, I had the opportunity to go out on the Pancho Villa […]