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Rocky Medical Center: The Doors Are Open

It is official, Dr. Jesus Gonzales,M.D. and his wife are back from visiting their children and grand children in Texas and New Mexico and he is ready to see his patients. Please take time and stop by to see the great facilities and equipment he has to treat you or any friends that you have […]

Medical Care in Mexico

I am often asked about medical care in Mexico. Let me say it is probably the best I have had. What I love about it, is that I can call the doctor when I am sick and get in the same day and generally within a short time frame. Office visits are $300 pesos or […]

In Case of Emergency Tips

Hey guys, so I decided my first blog post would be about my most recent trip to Rocky Point and a little trouble we experienced, but since we were properly prepared we were able to handle the situation with ease. I went to Rocky Point with a group of 8 friends for spring break and […]