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TAP Bus Suspends Service to Puerto Peñasco

This blog is meant to be informative for all of you who have inquired about using TAP ROYAL bus service between Phoenix and Puerto Peñasco. Thanks to the people who used it and loved the convenience of it.  Due to no fault of the bus line, service, schedules or anything, service has been suspended. Currently […]

All the Information You Need About TAR Airlines

I know many of you have been following our blogs on TAR Airlines that is now flying between Tijuana/Puerto Peñasco/Hermosillo and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and you have been liking and sharing these with your friends.  Thank you for that.  On August 6th we posted a video on how to get to drive to the Cross Border […]

TAR is arriving to Rocky Point July 21 Thursdays and Sundays

Well the arrival of TAR Airlines is just around the corner according to the press release that they just sent out.  I certainly hope that people here will use them so that we can keep them and probably also get more carriers to fly here.  You will find posted also all the other cities in […]

How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

In this tutorial we will help with directions to Book a flight with TAR Airlines to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) Sonora, Mexico. To read more information about TAR Flights read our previous posts: TAR Airlines Schedule and Fares TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco Now we begin with the Tutorial: 1. You have […]

TAR Airlines Schedule and Fares to Rocky Point, Mexico

Well the Great news is that the TAR Airlines Schedule is out. The bad news is that their web page is totally in Spanish and a bit more difficult to navigate than most of us might be used to.  But as time goes on, I am sure this will change as well.  But their PROMO fares […]

News FLASH: TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco

In a meeting today with Fernando Antillon/General Director of Mar de Cortes International Airport and Alonso Dominguez/Administrator of Mar de Cortes International Airport I received the word that TAR Airlines which is based out of Queretaro will begin 3 new flights 2 times a week into Puerto Peñasco starting July 21st. TAR will be flying […]

NEWS FLASH….Westwind Air Services comes to Puerto Peñasco

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this is. Puerto Peñasco has been waiting for a long time for a viable airline to service our city. This, along with the coming of cruise ships in the future will make you as excited as we are and you will find yourself spending a lot more […]

Ultralight Flights in Rocky Point

If you’ve ever been to Rocky Point I’m sure you have looked up on the beach and seen one of those “things” flying around over the ocean. Well those “things” are actually called ultralights and they are a very unique and exciting way to get to see Sandy Beach and the Sea of Cortes. You […]

Big Week In Rocky Point!

This has been a very exciting week for us in Rocky Point! A few positive and exciting advancements have happened for Rocky Point throughout the week of June 17th. The first of them being, Aeromexico’s new flights, that depart from either Las Vegas or Hermosillo, officially had their first flight land in Rocky Point yesterday, […]