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GARUFA Argentinian Steak House..GRAND OPENING is October 5th

The  long awaited GRAND OPENING of GARUFA will be October 5th.  Mark your calendar.  Prepare to have your taste buds be happy.  The menu offer something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed. I recently sat down with Jorge Valdes along with his partner Aurelio Arguelles to learn about their new venture and about GARUFA and what […]

Baja Wines Come To A Puerto Peñasco Wine Tasting

Everyone knows about Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Lodi  wines, but many people do not know about the wines of the Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio, San Vincente and other regions in the Ensenada area of Baja Norte, Mexico until Laura Palacio opened El Tapeo, a wine and tapas bar.  In the past 3 years she has […]

Enjoy the best of Baja wines and beer at El Tapeo

When we first started coming to Puerto Peñasco in the ’80’s, your choice of wine was Padre Kino and it remained that way until El Tapeo opened up about 3 of years ago. All that changed under the plan of Laura Palacio from Laos Mar Hotel. After speaking with her, I learned a great deal […]