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Rocky Point Mexico Spring Break 2024

Spring Break in Rocky Point Mexico

Book your Spring Break accommodations now online in Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco)

Rocky Point Mexico has been the perfect spot for a real beach vacation for many years now. Despite what media says still is one of the safest destinations in Mexico to travel. Rocky Point beachfront Resorts have fun events going on during Spring Break dates,  do not miss the opportunity to plan your next Spring Break Vacation in Mexico. Please do not forget to check the specifications about Passport requirements. It is a very important part of your trip to make it totally stress free.

You should be aware that most Resorts require a minimum of 3 night stay and in some resorts there must be at least one 25 year old person in your group, usually the person whose name is on the reservation. But there are Hotels like Las Palmas, Princesa Penasco, Casa Blanca, Bella Sirena, Playa Bonita, Laos Mar and Peñasco del Sol that allow guests under 25 to stay at their properties.

Please call and ask a customized quote for these dates and any other comments or questions send to or Toll Free 1 800 997 9431.

Spring Break

Where to Go: There are a lot of bars to visit in Rocky Point, and the fun is divided between day and night activities.
Day: During day the place to be is the beach a lot of resorts like Sonoran Sky Resort, Las Palomas Resorts and Hotel Penasco del Sol do they own Pool Parties and beach parties, but usually this end by sunset. There are also some Bars that have direct access to the Beach this are some we recommend:

Day Drinking Bars:

  • Wrecked at the Reef
  • Shark Bite (Malecon)
  • Beach Bum (Malecon)
  • Boo Bar (Malecon)
  • Tekila Bar (Malecon)
  • JJ’s Cantina (A classic on Choya Bay)

Nightlife: There are some bars like Wecked at the Reef and Boo Bar that go from the morning to late in the night. But the place to be at night is “El Mirador” where you can find bars offering all night Open Bars for about $15usd. This are some of the ones we recommend:

Nightlife Bars:

  • Baja Cantina (at Baja Hotel)
  • Elixir Bar
  • Ice House
  • Ice Box

What else To Do: Is drinking and partying all night long not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other activities in Rocky Point here are some of the ones we Recommend:

  • Renting ATV’s or Jetskis
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Ultra light ride
  • Horse riding at the Beach
  • Golf
  • Fishing & Sunset Cruises
  • Visiting El Pinacate UNESCO World Heritage Site (Best time of the year to do this Great weather)
  • Visiting Bird’s Island (one of a lifetime experience where you can visit a colony of Sea lions in their Natural Habitat)

How to stay Safe: Rocky Point is a safe place place to visit even thought it has a big Resort Complex it remains a little fishing village with about 40,000 people living here, the population can double it size in seasons like Spring Break and Easter(for Mexico) but the town remains a quiet place. Some People are still afraid of coming down to Rocky Point because of the “Travel Warning” nothing has happen here in town differently, but strangely we get the same warning just before Spring Break.
Here are some tips to Stay Safe in Rocky Point but can be used everywhere:

Don’t Drive on the Highway at Night
Don’t Try to Buy Drugs
Scan your Passport and Documents and E-mail them to yourself
Don’t Cross the border with Drugs or Guns (Guns are Illegal in Mexico)
Save your Bank’s International Phone Number

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Recommended Resorts: There is a wide variety of resorts in Rocky Point, From luxury Condos to a simple Hotel Rooms, this are the ones we Recommend that are more “Spring Break Friendly”:

Baja Cantina Hotel (Party All Night Hotel, if you don’t mind the noise this is the one for you)
Hotel Peñasco Sol (Pool party during Spring Break and walking Distance from 13th Street (Allow Guests Under 25))
Sonoran Sky Resort (Pool Bar and Beach Parties During Spring Break)
Las Palomas Resort (Luxury Condos with a Pool Bar and Beach Parties -Pool Closed at 10pm)
Sonoran Sun Resort (Closest Resort to Wrecked at the Reef)
Playa Bonita Resort (Beach Front Hotel (Allows Guests Under 25))
Laos Mar Hotel (Tapas Bar Included (Allows Guests Under 25))
Viña del Mar Hotel (Right on the Malecon near Bar Area)
El Mirador Hotel (Near el Mirador and Bar Area)
Hotel Señorial (In the Heart of Calle 13)
Sonoran Sea Resort (Walking Distance from Chango’s Bar & Banditos)
Sonoran Spa Resort (Also Walking Distance from Chango’s Bar & Banditos)
Las Palmas Resort (Allows Guests Under 25)
Princesa Penasco Resort (Allows Guests Under 25)
Casa Blanca Resort (Allows Guests Under 25)
Bella Sirena Resort  (Allows Guests under 25)

You should not miss the opportunity to spend one of the most amazing Spring Breaks by the ocean. Music, events, beach and sun in Puerto Peñasco await this upcoming Spring Break. Browse some of the units/rates that fit your party and book today! Spring Break in Rocky Point is considered a peak season, and the spaces are filling out fast. Book now! Don’t be left out, call us now at 01 800 997-9431 no cost from the U.S.