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FAQs about Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions about Rocky Point Mexico

How do I drive to Rocky Point?

If you are coming from Phoenix you are going to want to take the I10 W towards Los Angeles and take Exit 112, which is Highway 185 to Gila Bend. Go through Gila Bend and make a right at the sign that directs you towards Ajo/Mexico (you should still be on Highway 85). Continue on the 85 until you reach the border. Once you are in Mexico keep going straight until you see a stop sign. Take a left at the stop sign and go over the bridge staying to the right at the “Y” intersection and following the signs to Puerto Peñasco. You will remain on this road and it will take you straight to Puerto Peñasco.

If you are coming from the Southern part of Phoenix the route is slightly different. Instead take the i10 East and exit on Maricopa Rd. (South). Keep driving through Maricopa past all the casinos and residential areas. When the road eventually comes to an end turn right (next to the Burnt Bun Café) and keep driving until you get to i8 West, which goes towards Gila Bend/San Diego. Take the Gila Bend exit and follow the same instructions as above.

If you are coming from Tucson it is even simpler! Simply take Highway 86 West to Why. Once you arrive in Why make a left onto Highway 85 and follow the directions above for once you cross the border into Mexico.

What documents do I need to get when traveling to RP?

If you are traveling to Rocky Point and are older than 16 years old you need to make sure that you have either a Passport Card or official Passport if you want to be allowed to re enter the United States. It is also a good idea to bring your drivers license with you when traveling to Mexico.

If you have any children traveling with you that are under 16, they are able to present their original, or a copy of their birth certificate, or other proof of U.S. citizenship.
These documents aren’t important for getting into Mexico, as they are 100% necessary for U.S. citizens to get back into the country.


What is the border crossing times?

The border is closed from 12am – 6am, so you are free to cross at any time around those hours. Also be aware that wait times at the border vary and increase immensely with the holidays, so give get on the road early if you don’t want to be waiting for several hours at the border.


What can I bring to RP and from RP?

The biggest no-no for traveling to Rocky Point is ammunition, guns and drugs. Don’t try and bring any guns, ammo, or drugs to, or from Rocky Point. The border officials in Mexico and United States will not be happy to find these things and you will be thrown in jail. You are also not allowed to bring any meat or produce into Mexico, but don’t worry you will be able to find plenty of meat and produce at the local grocery stores.

As for more conventional items that people enjoy bringing back from Mexico. You are allowed to bring 3 liters of wine, or hard liquor, 200 cigarettes, OR 100 cigars, OR 3 pounds of smoking tobacco, and you are also allowed to bring $100 of gifts. These rules are per person and they hold true for one trip every 30 days.

Is it safe to travel to RP?

Traveling to Rocky Point is safe, but to avoid any complications we recommend that you try and travel in the daylight hours.

What do I do in case of emergency? Who do I call? Emergency numbers?

If you have a medical emergency in Rocky Point and you are staying in the Sandy Beach Area your quickest option is Sandy Beach Medical Clinic, which is located directly behind the Sonoran Sun Resort. Their number is (638) 388-7676.

Stay calm if an emergency was to happen, there are plenty of places and people in Rocky Point in place that will make sure you can get taken care of. If you have an Emergency where you need to contact the police use this number: (638) 383-2626

If you these numbers or references don’t help you here is a list of all the numbers you would need in case of an Emergency in Rocky Point: here.

What to eat in Rocky Point?

Good thing about Rocky Point is that there is a variety of restaurants you can choose from depending on what you are in the mood for eating. If you are in the mood for seafood you can eat at Blue Marlin in Old Port, or Sr. Amigos in the Malecon area, both delicious choices with fresh seafood.  If instead you wanted to go for some authentic Mexican food you could check out El Pollo Lucas and get some of the most delicious chicken you will ever try, or you could go check out Puesta Del Sol which is a very tasty restaurant located inside Playa Bonita Hotel.

If you aren’t feeling a restaurant there are also several taco stands throughout Old Port and in the resort areas where you can get some homemade carne asada or chicken tacos. Also be sure to check out the fresh seafood catches down in Old Port and take some home to make your own fish tacos!

Where can I buy groceries while I am down there?

If you would like to buy groceries as soon as you get to Rocky Point, your best bet is to go to Super Ley’s just off the main strip as you come into town.  As you come into town, it is a right turn into Constitucion.  You can’t miss it.

What bars can I go to?

There are tons of bars to choose from in Rocky Point! If you wanted to take a night and stay in the Sandy Beach Area you could choose from 2 great bars/clubs such as: The Hut, which is just a quick walk from Sonoran Sun, or Wrecked: At the Reef which is a little further down the beach.

If you were trying to spend a night exploring Old Port you could check out bars such as: Shark Bite, Boo Bar, or Baja Cantina.

There are also several other great bars around town such as El Tapeo Wine Bar, which is located inside Laos Mar at Playa Hermosa, or JJs cantina with is on the water front in Cholla Bay.


What activities can I practice ?

Rocky Point has countless activities that you can take part in during your vacation. If you are the beach choose from one of the many beach activities such as: banana boating, jet skiing, parasailing, skimboarding, volleyball, beach soccer, kayaking, SUPing (stand up paddle boarding), sailboating, etc.

If you aren’t feeling the beach you can see how you like the dunes and rent an ATV, or a rhino and explore the Mexican sand dunes.

Golf is also another very popular activity in Rocky Point! Some of the best golf courses in the world are in Rocky Point, 2 of them being Jack Nickluas signatures courses, which means that he personally designed them.

Rocky Point is also a great place to go fishing both off the beach and also deep sea fishing so if this is something that interests you there are many places that offer fishing excursions.