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Nightlife in Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Nightlife in 2024

Check out the clubs and bars in Puerto Penasco

A common question asked from people that are going to Rocky Point is what are the places to be and are there any night clubs? Here is a brief summary of some of the most popular bars and night clubs, followed by information on where to find other places. There are two Rocky Point nightclubs that are the most recognizable and most frequented.

The first Puerto Penasco Club is within walking distance from the Sandy Beach area (and within short walking distance from Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea Resorts) – Banditos Bar; they offer live music during the weekends and excellent young ambience.

If you like rock music, a great Rocky Point Club is Chango’s Bar (also within walking distance from Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea Resorts). You will become a fan of Rojo’s Band they play Thursdays and Saturdays. You will have a blast in this amazing palapa located in the Sandy Beach area, Chango’s also offers a snacks menu and affordable prices on drinks besides their now famous happy hours and promotions.

Another preferred Rocky Point nightlife option is Manny beach club, commonly referred to as Manny’s. Manny’s is located at the El Mirador area of Rocky Point. It is a popular night life hang out that attracts revelers of all ages 18 and up of course. Please know that Manny’s is now open only during high season or peak weekends. They’ve also added an awesome swimming pool on the beach right next to their bar. You’ll have a blast!

One of the most recognizable Rocky Point bars would be JJ’s Cantina, also commonly referred to as just JJ’s. JJ’s has been around for a long time and it is located in the Cholla Bay area of Rocky Point. JJ’s is well known for hosting many events such as; fishing tournaments and volleyball tournaments.

Rocky Point also a very popular bar, Club Elixir. Elixir is a Rocky Point night club that resembles a lounge atmosphere. There are tables and chairs to sit down and hang out at. There is a DJ spinning live records and mixes to keep the dance floor busy.   This club gets really busy on Thursday and Saturday nights. On Fridays they have an amazing local band with the Best Salsa and Latin jazz of Rocky Point; all this happens in the new Open air terrace in Elixir! give it a try! It is totally worth it!

Other bars and club options in Puerto Penasco include:

Wrecked at the Reef – A beachside bar at the end of Sandy Beach, offering a relaxed setting with live music and scenic views.

Uno Mas – A hidden gem within Las Palmas Resort, offering an intimate bar experience with occasional live music performances.

Boo Bar – A lively spot favored by visitors for its fun ambiance and location, ideal for nights out with friends.

PK2 Puerto Penasco – This strip club and table dance venue in Rocky Point is known for its welcoming atmosphere and entertaining music.

Mariachis & Tequila Bar and Grill – Offers a traditional Mexican dining and drinking experience with a lively bar scene.

One general rule of thumb, act as you would at a bar in the United States and you will have a fun and safe time.