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Rocky Point News List

I cannot begin to express to you how amazingly cool I think this is

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a huge technology geek, which is why I have to point out that Dave with has just flipped the switch on another webcam in Puerto Penasco – the MOAB-Cam! This camera faces west / southwest towards Matamoros, and points at the MOAB Restaurant – it’s the large […]

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Sonoran Sky Lottery

We went down to Rocky Point on August 25th to see what was happening with Sonoran Sky. For those of you who are not familiar with Sonoran Sky, this is the next resort from the Sonoran Resorts family to hit Rocky Point. It is going to be located next to Puerta Privada. We decided to […]

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In my last writing, I outlined what I consider to be the eight segments that form the greater Puerto Penasco marketplace, but I am still left wondering. What is Puerto Penasco to become? Who are the property owners? What is their exit strategy? What are the demographic of our visitors? Why do they come here? […]

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Jose P. has sent me a really neat set of Cholla Bay photos – both taken from the same spot – along with a little bit of history: This two pictures shows the growth in Cholla Bay since 1960 to the present. Both of them taking from the same spot. We have been going to […]

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Head-on collision responsible for 6 deaths

DON’T SPEED!!!!!! Everyone thinks that nothing can ever happen to you on the way to Rocky Point. They think that you can speed and pass everyone at any time. NO, YOU CAN’T. You should follow the laws just like you follow them in the United States. Mexican police are starting to get wise to this […]

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Sonoran Sea Resort

We recently stayed at the Sonoran Sea Resort. The experience had its good and bad. First, I want to start by recommending condo 607W. This place is decorating in great taste and we felt right at home. From the comfortable couches, to the glass block master shower, to the decorative touches all around the condo, […]

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Rocky Point Mexico

Everyone is talking about the new Sonoran Sun Resort down in Rocky Point Mexico. They are offering 15% discounts on all of their units through the end of the year. I recommend that everyone get down there and just check out the new resort. The restaurant is great and the swim up bar is next […]

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The musings of a newcomer’s

I have been involved with real estate investors since 1968. After spending forty years in California, three, soon to be four grandchildren proved to be a powerful draw back to Arizona, and fortunately to Puerto Penasco. About ten months ago a group of investors and I purchased some property in Puerto Penasco for a condominium […]

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This week’s installment of the exact same article

‘ Developer, environmentalists clash in Puerto Penasco ‘, from the San Diego Union Tribune The future of a prime beachfront parcel in the booming Gulf of California community of Puerto PeNasco has brought a showdown between a well-respected environmental group with strong U.S. ties that is housed on the site and a U.S. developer who […]

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Couldn’t have said it better myself …

Education center needs help to survive attacks ” With a 26year track record of letting folks know about the interaction of arid ecosystems, wetlands and wildlife biology in the western U.S.Mexico border region, CEDO is the only nongovernmental conservation organization in Puerto Peñasco. Its academic, research, and didactical programs are an important cornerstone of the […]

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