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Whale Season Rocky Point, Mexico

Whale Season Rocky Point, Mexico

Whale watching in Rocky Point:

It is that time of the Years when whales come back to Rocky Point, every year is different but from around November and sometimes until up to mid May is what you can call whale Season in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Whales travel all the way from Alaska to spend the Winter giving birth to their little whales in the Sea of Cortez and they start to make the Journey all the way back to spend the Summer in Alaska.

The best month to catch them is January, you can usually see them swimming from Las Conchas, also even from El Malecon or the Resort Area. But the best way to see them is to take a boat out to the Sea of Cortez they usually don’t Swim that far away from the Coast but is a lot easier to see them up close that way. One option is to take a Whale Watching Tour with different service providers here in Rocky Point there are from small boats to yachts you can take to go Whale Watching.

We recommend the Eco Fun Rentals boat is big enough and you get to share the experience with other Tourists at the same time.

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And here is a Video from Whale Watching trip with Eco Fun Rental here in Rocky Point: