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Swine Flu In Mexico – Swine Flu in Rocky Point – Swine Flu in Puerto Penasco – Swine Flu in Sonora

Swine Flu In Mexico – Swine Flu in Rocky Point – Swine Flu in Puerto Penasco – Swine Flu in Sonora

At this point in time, everyone’s reaction is to stay home and avoid this potential epidemic.  We are not doctors and we cannot advise anyone on what will happen if they travel.  The flu exists everywhere.  The swine flu is obviously a more specific type of flu which is not widespread at this point in time.  The WHO organization has increased their pandemic alert from 4 to 5 as of April 29, 2009.

Many people in Rocky Point are walking around with masks.  We live in a world that is controlled by the media.  Every year, approximately 40,000 people die from the regular flu.  At this time, the number of deaths related to the swine flu is nowhere near the deaths from just a common case of the flu.  It is hard to imagine that in today’s advanced technological arena, we would not be able to find a vaccine. 

We are working very closely with individuals who would like to cancel their reservation due to the swine flu in Mexico.  We respect everyone’s fear and we feel everyone has the right to be scared.  However, we encourage everyone to evaluate the situation before making any harsh decisions.  A simple rescheduling to a date in the future will allow everyone to sit tight and see how this situation with the swine flue works itself out.

If we just look at the numbers, it might be safer to go to Rocky Point!  With 1 case reported in Arizona as of April 29th, there are NO cases reported in Sonora.  The epicenter for the swine flu was Mexico City.  This is thousands of miles away from Rocky Point.

We are constantly monitoring any activity with the swine flu in Rocky Point.  If any cases should come up, we will let you know.

Meanwhile, if there is anything we can help you out to provide any information on the swine flu in Mexico, please let us know.  We are happy to answer any questions or provide any details to ease anyone’s mind.