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Mystical Arts of Tibet in Rocky Point

Mystical Arts of Tibet in Rocky Point

If you are a resident or have plans to visit Puerto Peñasco in the coming days, you will have the opportunity to learn more about wealth and spirituality in one of the most representative Eastern cultures, the show “Mystical Arts of Tibet”.

With the blessing of the Dalai Lama, Drepung Loseling Monastery will present part of the tour which through music and dance performances generates energies conducive to world healing… “Music and sacred dance ” a show that has as its primary objective the dissemination of Tibetan culture , as well as raising funds for the support of young monks who are currently studying in the institutes located in Atlanta and India.

As known by many, the base of Tibet’s culture is spirituality and altruism at its highest expression, therefore the following activities will be presented in one of the harbor’s convention centers:

Artes Mísitcas del Tibet Puerto Peñasco

• Sand Mandala; Refers to painting with colored sand, which is a show that goes back more than 20,000 years. The duration of this activity is four days.
• Music and sacred dance for world healing; this activity consists of nine stages that based on the Tibetan monks will lead to healing.
The performance has great costumes and typical suits that reflect the culture of Tibet. The entire show has a total duration of 2 hours, including introductory remarks, and an intermission of 20 minutes.
• Bids: Bids are ceremonies in which the scriptures are sung by enlightened beings composed of Tibetan culture. It is said that through these celebrations energies of a place can be eliminated and the positive is firmly rooted.
• Photo Exhibition: Under the title “magical land of wonders of Tibetan spiritual” This exhibition is part of the international project “Free Tibet” includes a documentary, a disc with an environment of Tibetan folk music and a book.

This wonderful program will be at Puerto Peñasco on the 15, 16 17 and 18 of November with various schedules and alternative events. All events will be held at Hotel Peñasco Del Sol, Santa Fe Hall, and the Conference Center.
There are options to suit all budgets, whether you’re interested in the 4 day carnet conference prices ranging from $ 165 USD to $ 35 USD if you all you want is to enjoy the Sacred Dances. Also, the dismantling of Mandala costs $40 US for all 4 days.

Puerto Penasco is always keeping up with new events for everyone to enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Visit Rocky Point and be part of this unique event.

Artes Misticas del Tibet en Puerto Peñasco - Tradición Budista Tántrica