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Rocky Point Mermaid Market

Rocky Point Mermaid Market

Mermaid Market
By: Beverly Arrowood

This weekend in Puerto Penasco it was beautiful weather again, with sun, sun and more sun. A gentle breeze from the south and about 85 during the day. Cools off at night, so it is windows open and the ceiling fan on. Friday night we went to the Satisfied Frog to meet dear friends Ron and Judy Ridgeway to meet the band called The Bayou Brothers. The Bayou Brothers, who are from San Diego, play Zydeco, Blues and Cajon music were the entertainment at the Mermaid Market on Saturday. We had a great pizza with Walter’s Brats (a local German sausage maker) and the Ridgeway’s had the biggest pile of nachos that I have ever seen. A great evening out.

The Bayou Brothers at Satisfied Frog Cantina Satisfied Frog in Rocky Point Bill and Crazy Ed

Saturday Bill and took Tucker and Friday to the Rocky Point Pet Hotel and Spa for their nails and grooming. They do the best with these big kids and we love taking them there. I never worry about our furry furever family when they are there.

This gave us 3 hours to attend the Mermaid Market and taken in the beautiful day and see many old friends. Many of the vendors were dressed in costume which really made it fun. The park was packed most of the day. Satisfied Frog furnished the fabulous cajun food while Russ Black’s group was up until 4 am making Margaritas and Hurricanes. Manny’s Tequila Factory was passing out free samples and there was finally in Rocky Point ice cold beer.

After the 2st set, 3 of the band members stopped by and visited with us. We really enjoyed taking with John Chambers, accordion and keyboard, Jack Stephen, lead guitar and Judy Seid who plays the Rubboard and vocals. They are all from San Diego and Jack and John served in the US Navy. We spent probably 30 minutes chatting about who they got together and what they do. Last year they were invited to play at the San Diego Blues Festival. Jack is one of the best lead guitar players Bill and I have heard since high school and John really rocks the accordion. Judy is a pistol and so full if life. It is amazing to see her on the Rubboard. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is like the old wash board out of metal. When they went back to play they had everyone out dancing…well at least the ladies. Richard Scott our local best saxophone player and 3 young music talents from got up and joined the band. The young girl with them payed the Rubboard like she had being doing it all her life.

The Bayou Brothers at the Mermaid Market in Rocky Point Mexico
During our conversation Jack asked if we were coming to the concert at “Banditios” and we said we were not sure. Bill asked what time does it start and he said 6pm. Bill and I looked at each other and said “we’ll be there”. Most things here in Rocky Point don’t get started until 9 or so and by then we have an hour of sleep in.

When we arrived the place was already filling up but fortunately for us we ran into Kyle Woods from Realty Executives and he was alone, so we joined him and had a front row table with great service. We left around 8:30 and had an absolute ball. I went up and played the Rubboard, which is quite an upper arm workout! Did some dancing and went home laughing and singing. We bought one of their new CD’s called High Roller Zydeco and can’t wait to play it.

Russ and Naomi Black are to saluted for all their work and efforts inn promoting things like this. They are very big fans of Mexico and Rocky Point as are Bill and myself. I hope all the vendors had a prosperous day. If you have not had a chance to go to one of the markets, they have a shop in the Sonoran Spa, where you can find many of their items.

Don’t forget next weekend is the Triathlon out on Sandy Beach in front of Las Palomas. Be careful of the bikers and runners. This about the 22nd year of doing this as I recall.

Remember Rocky Point is a safe fun place to come to for the whole family. Until next time, have a great week.

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