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Is it safe to travel to Rocky Point?

Is it safe to travel to Rocky Point?

Is it safe to travel to Rocky Point? there have been recent concerns about a US “Warning” about Mexico, We have the same warning Every year usually before Spring Break. Are the US trying to keep Spring Breakers on the States? Cause nothing has changed over here same little fishing town than previous years.

I have lived here for more than 29 years now with all my family mother, grandmothers, nephews, cousins I would not live here if it wasn’t safe. You have to realize Rocky Point is not the same as other parts of Mexico, as Arizona is not the same as Denver, Chicago or Florida.

I’m not trying to convince you to do other ways but don’t limit yourself from a great driving distance vacation in the beach because what the TV says. use your own judgement and the only thing to be afraid in Rocky Point is falling of the Banana Boat 🙂

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