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Flights to Rocky Point: Finally Here!

Flights to Rocky Point: Finally Here!

It is finally here! We have been updating about a possible flight from AZ to Rocky Point for a few months now, we are happy to announce that the project is finally becoming a reality.

Flights start on May 1st from Scottsdale Airport (SDL) to Mar de Cortes Airport in Rocky Point, Mexico. You can be enjoying Puerto Peñasco in just about an hour, avoiding traffic, border crossing lines, paying pricey gas and all that Jazz.

Flights to Rocky Point 2015

For now flights are coming and going only on Friday and Sunday, but this schedule can be accommodated for larger groups. Westwind is hoping to open more flights as demands allows. Flights to Rocky Point will departure at 2:00PM and the flights back to AZ will be at 4:00PM.

Westwind is going to start using a Cessna Grand Caravan that can fit up to 9 passengers.

This is what you are going to need to Make a Reservation:
Full Name:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Luggage Weight:

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