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Maria I Hernandez

Rocky Point MexicoMaria I Hernandez is Marketing & Operational Manager of ( The leading reservation portal for Rocky Point Reservations since 1990. In late 2009, after Rocky Point suffered a big switch in the market after the crisis. Maria put together a team of bilingual representatives to fulfill the gap of the Spanish market being the new focus for the destination.

María I. Hernandez has become a local of Rocky Point since she moved in 2007. Coming from another Sonoran Beach Destination; Guaymas, Maria found in Rocky Point a home in its warm people and calm streets and decided to settle down in town.

With prior experience in Sales and Groups and Weddings for one of the most important Resorts in Sandy Beach area, Maria has cherished the opportunity to help many visitors, couples and groups to have a well planned getaway in Rocky Point.  remains to be number the #1 portal for US visitors and Nationals alike, providing several lodging options and a wide range of useful information made available  through blogs, news and professionally trained agents.

In 2012 more than 10,000 visitors booked their stay in Rocky Point thru  

About me
I feel very excited to be able to share with you the great experience that it is living in Rocky Point. The perfect weather that you can enjoy all year long, allows you to practice plenty of outdoor activities, during fall and winter, long walks on the beach, camping in the desert and of course hiking to El Pinacate located at the Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve recently achieving the status of World Heritage.

During the summer time kayaking and just spending some time under the sun are some of the great activities I enjoy doing. I love taking my dog to the beach, and she loves it! I am a dog lover and starting to be every time more interested in animal rights and the ways we could help and promote responsible adoption.

When taking the time to have a nice and quiet lunch, the place to be at is Koffee House. This is a German kitchen chalet located on the way to the old port where you can have the most amazing apple straddle with a nice cup of coffee after a delicious lunch.

The Old Port is one of my favorite spots. Walking along the sidewalks and looking at the many varieties of art crafts and souvenirs is definitely something to enjoy many times, there is always something different to look at… walking with an ice cream in hand Of course!

Other activities I enjoy in my spare time are yoga, fitness, piano lessons, painting, spending time with my boyfriend and petting my dog.

I have had the chance to travel around the world, I have seen different places and enjoyed different cultures but Rocky Point absolutely stole my heart. Google+ Maria Isabel Hernandez

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