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Rocky Point Information

Puerto Peñasco at a glance

A few facts about Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) you should know about

Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point is only a short four hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona. Rocky Point started out as a sleepy fishing village and has slowly under gone quite a transition into its current state, a major Mexican beach destination. The name itself goes back to 1826, when Lieutenant Robert William Hale Hardy of the British Royal Fleet was sailing by the coast searching for pearls. He saw the point and named it Rocky Point. The name was then on marine maps. In 1930, the President of Mexico changed it to Puerto Punta Peñasco (Port Rocky Point).  As time passed on, Americans starting traveling to Rocky Point and dropped the “Port” from its name, giving Puerto Peñasco a second name, Rocky Point.

Rocky Point today

Today Rocky Point is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in all of Mexico. Rocky Point is referred to by many as “Arizona’s beach” This is due in large part to the proximity of Rocky Point to Arizona, and the ease of getting there. Americans and other foreigners alike visit Rocky Point yearly in masses to take in the beautiful Sea of Cortes. The allure of a Rocky Point vacation to many is that it is a drive to destination. A lot of travelers will drive to Rocky Point on a Friday and head back home on a Sunday, giving themselves a fun filled weekend at the beach.

When people get to Rocky Point where do they stay? Many people rent Rocky Point beach houses and Rocky Point beach homes. The most popular spot to rent a Rocky Point beach home is in Las Conchas Rocky Point. Rocky Point home rentals gives one the amenities of their own home on the beach as well as the privacy that comes with it. 

Rocky Point beach homes are no longer the only place to stay. Sandy Beach Rocky Point has turned into a beach lined with upscale Rocky Point resorts. People can now make their Rocky Point reservations online for these upscale resorts that provide full resort amenities. There are many different floor plan options to include, 1,2,3,and even 4 bedroom condos.    The newest resort to hit Sandy beach is the Sonoran Sky resort. Other options include Las Palmas resort, Las Palomas resort, Sonoran Sea resort, Sonoran Spa resort, and Princesa de Peñasco.

With the recent opening of the Sea of Cortes International Airport is expected that the number of visitors will increase, which will place Puerto Peñasco in one of the most important vacationing spots in the north Mexico.

Another important event in Puerto Peñasco lately has been the recent addition of El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve a a World Heritage Site by UNESCO  which also helps Puerto Peñasco to be known not only regionally but internationally.

These are exciting times for the once sleepy village known as Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point, make your Rocky Point reservations, grab your best beach gear and come and join the fun.