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Rocky Point Hotels

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Hotels

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Below is a list of the most popular hotels in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). For a list of specials and best offers available for these resorts and hotels, please click the Super Deals button above! 

Most requested hotels

Hotels continue to be a great choice for accommodations for those traveling to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico. Some of the hotels have been around for along time like Playa Bonita, Laos Mar and Penasco del Sol (formerly known as Plaza Las Glorias which was completely renovated a few years ago). These hotels have a lot of events throughout the year and are located on the beach; Laos is kind of to the side of Playa Bonita and it is not really considered a beach front hotel but honestly a very small walk away!). Playa Bonita and Laos are sister resorts.

One of the most popular and luxurious resorts/hotels in Rocky Point now is Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. Las Palomas is growing really fast. They originally planned to complete 3 phases. Phase 1 has been done for a while, Phase II was just completed (which by the way , it is beautiful!) and Phase III is next (expected completion date to be determined). This resort/hotel offers a 5 star service to their guests with an endless list of amenities and activities. You may also want to check out their restaurant selection:  Citron.

Some of the other hotels offer very affordable options such as Plaza Penasco and Playa Inn. Plaza Penasco is focused more on the college/younger crowd or individual travelers more so than families with children.