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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Grocery Stores

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Grocery Stores

A few places to do grocery shopping in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)

Forgot a few things back home? No worries, Penasco has many places for grocery shopping. From small bodegas, abarrotes or mercado to the biggest grocery store in town, Super Ley.

Let’s start with Super Ley.

This grocery store is actually a Safeway chain. You can find many of the products and brand names you buy in the US.  It is much like a Safeway with a meat’s department, bakery, produce department, and aisles organized by food types, household and personal needs. You can pay with cash, debit or credit cards, all major credit cards are accepted. They have people that help you bag your groceries, sometimes a small tip is appreciate it. 

Rocky Point MexicoIn Super Ley you will find just about anything you need, from cold medicine, to charcoal for the barbecue, to drinks and alcoholic beverages to all other things in between. Believe it or not, jelly for toast was not easy to find but you can buy mexican jam.

There are store pretty much in every corner in Rocky Point.  Abarrotes, spanish name for groceries, are small grocery stores that carry many essentials (including pharmacy items).  Some of these abarrotes stores may have a butcher shop which is called carniceria.

Also, you will find many places called “Mercado” which is the spanish word for market. In the mercados, you can find many essentials as well and most of them may have a produce section.

Many vegetables and fruit stands are also available around Rocky Point (Penasco). Make sure all items are washed properly before they are consumed.

Below is a small list of grocery stores (abarrotes and mercados) for a quick reference:

Super Ley: located in Constitucion Avenue

Mercado la Merced: located in Vecente Guerrero y Sonoran

Puerto Penasco

Mercado del Desierto: located in Revolucion Avenues

Sonora Abarrotes y Carniceria: located in Samuel Ocana

One important thing to mention are Circle Ks which are considered convenience stores.  There are several Circle Ks around Penasco and some are part of the Pemex gas stations.