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Pictures of Rocky Point

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Photo Gallery

See photos of Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) – Mexico in our photo gallery

On this page, we offer you some photos of Puerto Penasco from some time ago. We are currently trying to update this page with photos from recent months. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any photos you want to send us, please do so, click here! We would love to put them on our portal!


  • Photo Gallery 1 – Summer 2003 – Taken on the way down from Tucson into Penasco for a day trip, covers some of the sights on the way down, Penasco’s streets, the beach, the ocean, etc. 
  • Photo Gallery 2 – Jan 2005 – A Walk Down Las Conchas – Taken while walking down the Las Conchas beach early one morning. Ten years ago Las Conchas wasn’t built up nearly as dense as it is now – trailers and small condos and houses were the norm. Now, you stumble upon these amazing multimillion dollar pads that just blow you away – but, as you can see – the beach is still huge, clean, and quiet – just the way we like it 🙂 
  • Photo Gallery 3 – Jan 2005 – In and around town – In this photoset we take a trip to the fish market, cruise the Old Port, and point out some local landmarks … 
  • Photo Gallery 4 – Dave G. visits Mayan Palace – reader-at-large Dave G. visits the Mayan Palace – the New Huge Hotel On The Block – and snaps some photos for your enjoyment. I get a lot of email from people saying that 1) they’d like to know more about Mayan Palace, and 2) they’d like to see more photos, not to mention 3) they’d like to hear some reviews. Dave G tries to appease all three in his photo gallery. I promise I’ll swing by the next time I’m down! But in the meantime check out, or
  • Photo Gallery 7 – Jan 2006 – Roberto Gracida with the Sonoran Sun sent me these photos in late ’05 when the Sun completed construction. “We want people to know that this complex is not under construction anymore!” – Thanks Roberto! 
  • Photo Gallery 8 – March 2006 – Roberto followed his last email up with some more current shots of the Sonoran Sun, including some great night shots. Thanks Roberto! 
  • Photo Gallery 10 – From a trip down to Penasco in early May 2006, this set includes lots of shots from the beach in Playa Encanto, along with some of the squishy things that live in the ocean, sunsets, sunrise, and seagulls. It’s a pretty lengthy set but what can I say, I love the beach. 
  • Photo Gallery 11 – From a trip down to Penasco in early May 2006. This photo set contains a lot of photos in and around town, as well as some shots of the trip down from Ajo, through Sonoyta, in a few restaurants, and back up to the border. 


  • Photo Gallery 14 – Memorial Day Vikings – Reader Matt Weiss sent these photos in from Memorial Day Weekend, and he has the honor of being the first person to send me photos involving a Viking helmet 🙂 
  • Photo Gallery 15 – Kristopher and Megan sent me these great photos from 2006. They tell me in their email that they ‘were on a Rocky Point kick’ were going down about every other weekend, which instantly made me jealous that I can’t do that anymore. 🙂 Check these out, there are some great photos in here! Thanks to Kristopher and Megan for sending these in! 
  • Photo Gallery 17 – Kevin Wixtead sent me these great shots from 2002 and 2003 – thanks Kevin! 
  • Photo Gallery 19 – I’ve been trying to collect more and more historical photos of Puerto Penasco over the years, and posting them here. If you have any old photos of Puerto Penasco, Sonoyta, etc., please drop me an email! I’d like to check them out!  
  • Photo Gallery 21 – “Driving to Penasco” – Taken my myself, on a trip to Peñasco in April of 2007. This set focuses on the drive to Peñasco, and shows some of the sights along the way. 
  • Photo Gallery 22 – “Walking down Sandy Beach” – Taken my myself, on a trip to Peñasco in April of 2007, this set was talken while walking the length of Sandy Beach, and highlights all the new buildings and construction going on, as well as some of the beach vendors, and other things you’ll see on Sandy Beach these days … 
  • Photo Gallery 23 – “Sunsets” – Taken my myself, on a trip to Peñasco in April of 2007, this set contains some of the best photos I think I have – where clouds and the beach and the skyline all converged to make some spectacular sunsets. There’s also a couple of panoramas in here, too… 
  • Photo Gallery 24 – site reader Ray sent me this great set of photos he took – including lots of Mayan Palace, their golf course, and some great sunsets – from a trip he took in Feb. 2007. Thanks Ray!

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