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Rocky Point Economy

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Economic Overview

Economic Overview about Rocky Point Mexico

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora and Mexico’s northern areas are currently experiencing both Mexican and foreign investment (primarily U.S.) infusion primarily in the numerous ‘Tourist Zone’ housing developments.

Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) once billing itself as ‘Arizona’s Secret Beach’ has since been anything but a secret.

The ensuing commercialization of the Puerto Peñasco area continues by U.S. property developers and various (predominately U.S.) small business owners that are transplanting their various business ideas & styles here with varying success. Commonly, the ‘restaurant, sandwich, real estate, property rental, hotel, beach rental, or gift shop’ is actively attempted. Both hurdles and rewards can await foreign businesses owners after their ‘jump’ into business in Mexico.

Mexican & some U.S. government officials, foreign investors and resort developers are all now involved in the area’s ‘commercial transformation.’

Located just a 4 hours drive from the U.S. Metro areas of Phoenix-Tucson, Arizona (U.S.A.) these Mexican resorts may long term be destined for commercial growth. Access is currently by charter bus or private car via highway travel, through spectacular Arizona and Sonoran natural desert areas.

The large land tracks surrounding the Puerto Peñasco area have already been acquired by government officials/developers/investors/etc. Plans and projects in varying states call for ‘self contained’ resorts, and ‘foreign communities’ to the north & south of the actual city of Puerto Peñasco.

These ‘tourist zoned’ area properties are now completed with their own convention centers, marinas, shopping centers, water-sewer/road systems, airports, and very soon with a Home Port for Cruises traveling to the Pacific coast of Mexico. Mexico’s federal government highway planners have designed a major highway route that will continue south from Puerto Peñasco along the current coastal developments and link up to the resort areas of Guaymas & San Carlos. This route has been successfully linking Baja California for many years now, connecting not olny visitors from Tijuana, Mexicali and other cities of Baja, but also shortening the distance between Rocky Point and California.

For Puerto Peñasco, the Touristic activities including, Lodgin, activities, restaurant and other entertaining activities have become ha very important part of its economy, not letting behind the fishing that reminds to be one of the strongest economic activities for the town.

Referred to as a ‘Golden Triangle’ in Mexico’s money circles it encompasses major travel and tourist routes in both Arizona and Sonora.

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