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Internet Access in Puerto Penasco

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Computers and Computing in Puerto Penasco Mexico (Rocky Point)

Computing in Penasco – and Mexico in general – has historically been a tricky thing, but the current state of connectivity in Penasco is pretty good. Dialup access, for example, is possible through a number of national providers (see below) as well as the big players like Prodigy, AOL.

For the casual tourist, getting a quick email fix is a matter of popping into a local walk in Internet provider and paying a quick time-based fee. 99% of the larger hotels have ‘business centers’ where you can check your email, and there are a number of small cyber cafe’s around town as well.

For more residents, pretty much the only game in town is Telmex DSL. They’ve made good inroads all over town, so there’s DSL-fed WiFi popping up all over the place, so it isn’t impossible to ‘borrow’ somebody’s access point if you get lucky.

Just to review:

  • Cable – unknown, I assume this is still not available.
  • DSL – all over the place – in town. Past Las Conchas, you’re kind of on your own. Telmex is the only game in town, but their service is reported as pretty reliable and it’s all over the place, far as I can tell.
  • Wireless – is available in a few select spots! See Max’s Cafe across from Plaza Las Glorias, and our notes below. Wireless is also available now in many of the resorts on Sandy Beach. Please ask when booking your resort or hotel if wireless internect connection is available. Some hotels also have internet connection for a fee!
  • Satellite – I’ve talked to a few people using StarBand/DirectWay satellite systems in their RV’s with no problems – save for its environmental and speed limitations.
  • 3G/Edge/Data-over-cellular – Nobody I’ve talked to has reported getting their 3G/EDGE, etc. gear working in Penasco, probably because the cellular network in Penasco isn’t configured for it. As the network improves, I maybe this option will become available, but who knows.If you know if any other high speed internet options in Penasco, please let me know!

    Community WiFI in Puerto Penasco

    If you’re in the Mirador area – staying at the Playa Miramar RV park or any of the other RV Parks on the east side of Puerto Penasco – Phoenix, Az. based Sat/Net Pto Penasco has put together an amazing community WiFi network that ranges approximately 1 mile down the Mirador. It’s secure, it has Broadband speeds, and the price can’t be beat: $15 for a week, $35 for the month. If you can see a network called “Sat/Net Pto Penasco“, that’s the one. Interested parties should contact Sat/Net Pto Penasco locally at 388-5036, or from the USA – 602-324-7433 – or you can email them at

    Maria with writes to let me know: “There is wireless internet service available at Black Dog Restaurant, Blvd. Freemont #154 – Also, I do all types of computer repairs and service” – see for details.


    C/A Computadoras – 84 Constitución Ave., Puerto Peñasco Tel. 383-5071 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first)

    Infotec Internet Providers – 102 Juarez Blvd., Puerto Peñasco Tel. 383-6460 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first)

    Inttelec – 43 Agustin Melgar Ave., Puerto Peñasco Tel. 383-5002/383-7143 Cel.384-5648 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first)

    Proveedores Computación – 108 San Luis Ave., Puerto Peñasco Tel. 383-6133 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first) – 383-3933 / Cell: 044-638-384-2906 / – technical support, security, Virus protection, Firewalls, Home or business networks, DSL/Internet Installation and set up etc.

    Syscom (Sistemas y Servicios en Computación) – 238 Cardenas Ave., Puerto Peñasco Tel./Fax. 383-6243 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first)

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