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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Charity

Giving and Charity in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)

Charity and giving in Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco has enjoyed amazing growth and prosperity within the last ten years, but the evidence that not every citizen has enjoyed this prosperity is often found on every street and every corner. Stand on the doorstep of any 30-story mega-condo complex, and you can point you in a direction where, less than a mile away, people are living in train cars and homebuilt shacks.

While some people subscribe to the ‘trickle down’ theory of giving – assuming that if one’s money goes into the community that it will ‘trickle down’ to the less fortunate – there are those people who prefer a more direct method of giving. I commend those people, and this page is to help point them in the right directions if they wish to make monetary – or other – donations to the people and causes of Puerto Peñasco.



Many of you may have seen the lonely Esperanza para los Ninos orphanage sign on the way into town. It’s the lone sign next to a dusty single road on your left, just about ten miles outside of Puerto Peñasco. This completely volunteer-run facility houses over thirty children, and is always in need of supplies and donations.

See: Esperanza Para Los – Casa Hogar para los desamparados – P.O. Box 1024 – Lukeville AZ 85341 (The website is run by a U.S. contact on behalf of the orphanage)


Weekend Missions, Inc. is an AZ nonprofit that started making scheduled mission trips to Puerto Peñasco in 2007 and is actively pursuing a number of interesting charity efforts – shelter support, fundraising for a new orphanage, onsite physical therapy, etc. Their list of goals and projects is too large to mention here, but fortunately they’ve got a website that can do a much better job than I can if you would like to know how to get involved – or how to donate.

See: WEEKEND MISSIONS – – Weekend Missions, Inc., P.O. Box 51371 Phoenix, AZ 85076 – (Weekend Missions, Inc’s 503(c)(3) is currently pending.)

p.s. Steven Myers / ( has a gallery from a Weekend Missions trip in May 2007 found here.


The Larry D. Large foundation is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization that has been working on numerous fronts in Puerto Peñasco since 2001 – ranging from housing, sanitation, education, family support, and more. They’ve organizaed a number of charitable events and drives and a full listing of their efforts would take a while. Fortunately, the foundation has a pretty extensive website at, which includes donation and contact information.


Nancy Phelan has run an animal care/adoption center in Puerto Peñasco for many years, and she has saved, rescued, and taken care of many unfortunate little critters – despite a number of disturbing setbacks. She could always use donations and is trying to raise money for a new facility. See:

Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center – – P.O. BOX 1031, LUKEVILLE, AZ 85341 – TEL – 011 526 38 383 1012 – U.S. VOIP number 602 – 412 3932 (Vonage)

Pet Effect was founded to create conscience in the community of Rocky Point Mexico about abandoned and abused pets.  Website:
For more information you can call Ari @ 480-823-4341 or e-mail:

This list is not complete! – this is not a comprehensive list! If there are other charitable opportunities in Puerto Peñasco that I have not mentioned here, please contact me at so I can get them mentioned here.