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Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point Car Rentals

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Car Rental

Tips and facts about renting or bringing your own car into Rocky Point Mexico (Penasco)

What should I know if I’m taking a car into Penasco?

At a glance:

  • DO NOT have any weapons/guns in the car!
  • DO have all your registration and car insurance with you.
  • You must also have mexican auto insurance! — read our Insurance page
  • Remember – the border back to the US is CLOSED between 8 PM and 6AM!

What if I don’t have a car? Can I rent one and drive it down to Penasco?

A lot of people who are just passing through ask this question, and because of the cross border nature of the trip, car rental can be tricky. It has, however, gotten a lot better in the last five years.  Just make sure you clarify with your rental car company in the states if you are able to take the car to Mexico.   Many companies allow this, specially into the free-trade zone which is where Rocky Point is located.

There are a few rental companies that allow their cars into Mexico. Enteprise rent a car is one of them.  If you need to rent a car, you can visit their website (rent a car with Enterprise).  

I have a pretty comprehensive write-up on how to rent a car for use in Puerto Penaco, a.k.a. Rocky Point Mexico, found here: how to rent a car to take to Puerto Penasco.


Here’s a short list of car rental businesses:

  • Adobe Car & Van Rental 3150 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ, (520) 320 – 1495.
  • Affordable Auto Rentals, Phoenix,Az 1-480-962-9733
  • Advantage Rental A Car, 1-602-244-0450/Tucson, Az 1-800-777-5500
  • Ajo Stage Lines, 1031 Solana Ave. Ajo,Az 85321, 1-520-387-6559/800-942-1981
  • All Aboard America Bus Tours, 230 S. Country Club Dr.  Mesa,Az 85210, 602-253-1544/800-848-4728
  • Bufaloss Rent a Car, Boulevard Freemont, Av. Chiapas esq., Puerto Peñasco, Son., 638-388-9999 (If calling from a U.S. phone, dial 011-52 first)
  • Buffalo Bus Tours, Phoenix, Az 602-342-0015
  • Dollar Car Rental, Phoenix-Tucson,Arizona 1-800-800-4000 Phoenix: 602-392-0695 Tucson: 520-573-8486 Email
  • Enterprise Car Rentals, Tucson,Arizona  520-747-9700/1-800-736-8222 Phoenix/Tucson
  • Hertz Car Rentals, Phoenix,Arizona 1-800-654-3131
  • Mexico Getaway’s Group Motorcoach Tours, 520-881-7878/520-746-1140
  • Pathfinder Travel, 383-5109 (From the US dial (011-52-638) first)
  • Puerto Peñasco R.V.Tours, 3511 N.Elliot Rd.,Ajo,Az 85321, 800-850-9248
  • RP Rent a Car, Boulevard Francisco Eusebio Kino, local 2, Puerto Peñasco, Son., 638-383-6070 (If calling from a U.S. phone, dial 011-52 first).
  • Thrifty Car Rental , Tucson/520-790-2277
  • Renting a car in Puerto Penasco?
  • Don’t worry, this is very easy.  You just go to a local rental facility and it is just like renting a car anywhere else in the world.

Comprehensive Guide for Renting a Car for Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Choosing Your Car Rental for Rocky Point

  1. Choosing a Rental Provider:
    • Opt for reputable Rocky Point Mexico car rental companies if you’re starting your journey from within Mexico.
    • If flying into the U.S. and driving to Mexico, Phoenix to Rocky Point car rental options might be more convenient. Rental agencies in Phoenix often have a variety of packages that cater to cross-border travel.
  2. Booking Your Car:
    • It’s advisable to book your rental car in Rocky Point, Mexico in advance. Early booking can secure better rates and ensure the availability of your preferred vehicle type.
    • Make use of online platforms to compare prices and rental terms from different Puerto Peñasco car rental agencies.

Preparing for the Drive to Puerto Penasco

  1. Insurance Needs:
    • When renting a car in Rocky Point, ensure that the rental includes Mexican liability insurance. U.S. or Canadian car insurances are typically not valid in Mexico. Additional coverage for theft, collision, and other potential damages is highly recommended.
  2. Documentation:
    • Ensure you have all necessary documents including your driver’s license, passport, and credit card. Most car rental companies require these for the pickup process. Also, keep copies of your rental agreement readily accessible during your trip.

Driving to Rocky Point

  1. Understand Local Driving Laws:
    • Familiarize yourself with the driving laws in Mexico. Speed limits and road signs in Mexico are in kilometers per hour, and seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
  2. Plan Your Route:
    • Plan your route from Phoenix to Rocky Point if that’s your starting point. The drive typically takes about four hours. Consider stops for fuel and rest, especially since some stretches of the journey may have fewer service areas.
  3. Border Crossing:
    • Check the latest requirements and hours for the border crossing you plan to use. Have all necessary documentation ready for inspection to ensure a smooth crossing. Remember that Rocky Point is in the hassle-free zone, so you typically don’t need a temporary vehicle import permit.

On Arrival

  1. Parking and Security:
    • Always use secured parking lots, especially overnight. Avoid leaving valuables visible in the car to prevent theft.
  2. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Have emergency numbers handy, including local police, your rental car agency, and roadside assistance if provided with your rental.