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Puerto Peñasco Saved a Whale!

Photo courtesy of Periodico De Frente

As most of know, Puerto Peñasco, is known for Whale Watching in winter, but today July 7, 2021, the city found a young Varada whale beached in front of Mi Playa.  Apparently it came in with the high tide and then got stranded on the rocks and sand.  This time of year it is unusual for whales to be in the Sea of Cortez .  It has been several years since a whale has beached and we hope the whale will be alright after the rescue.

Because Puerto Peñasco is a  a closely knit community that pulls together for emergencies, the city came to the aid of this young whale.  With the help of the fire department,  members of CEDO, the Marines and local residents, the whale was saved.  The group surrounded the youngster and covered it with tarps and started pouring buckets of water on to keep it wet and alive.

Soon they realized that they needed more water, so the fire department brought out a pump and hose to keep the whale very wet.  Members of the community began to move the rocks that the poor thing had gotten stuck on, in order for it to slide back to the water.  Many people just kept gently touching it, perhaps to reassure it that everything would be alright.  As the tide slowly started coming back in, nearly 30 people  kept getting it pushed back to the Sea of Cortez.  The rest of the crowd cheered them all on.  Although it was a young whale, it was still a very large .  It seemed that it knew the humans were there to help it as it remained calm and did not present any real danger to the rescuers.  Once the tide  started to come in it started to float.  However, they still had to turn it around so the head was facing the Sea of Cortez and that took all of their effort.  After nearly 4 hours, the tide was high enough to get it turned and sent off.  You could see as it swam away, that it was giving blows of thank you to all of it’s new friends.  For the rescuers, this will be one day that they will never forget.

When you come to vacation in Rocky Point and are staying on the beach, keep you eyes on the water as you never know what you will see.  If you love whales, plan a trip starting in January to take one of our Whale Watching tours. It is truly an experience that you will not forget. They usually start coming the end of December and stay until end of March. There is a charter boat to fit your every need.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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When is Whale Season in Rocky Point?

Believe it or not, Puerto Penasco is one of the best places you could go for whale watching. The Sea of Cortez seems to have something to offer most of the animals, or mammals that live in the ocean. After grey whales have filled up on massive amounts of krill that come to the surface in the Bering Sea, they migrate to the Sea of Cortez which offers an ideal temperature for these whales to give birth to their calves. During this time of year the whales will mate and give birth to their calves only to return north again and start the process from the beginning.
grey whale migration route copy
If you want to increase your chances of seeing a whale you want to come during “whale season.” The best time to come is between early February and mid-May. On occasion you maybe able to observe whale behavior, such as breaching or a whale shooting a spout of water 25ft in the air, from your condo balcony, but if you want to get the most out of your whale watching experience we recommend booking a whale watching excursion. These excursions don’t promise a whale siting, but they do know where to go looking for these whales and do significantly increase your chances of seeing one. Always have your camera ready because you never know when a whale is going to breach (jump out of the water) and you don’t want to miss this opportunity!
whale sonoran sky copy  greywhalebreach copy
There are several different kinds of whales that come to Rocky Point such as fin whales, grey whales and you may see one you didn’t expect! For example, in March a group of fisherman unexpectedly had a killer whale surface behind their boat. They then realized there were 2 more killers whales, which were only inches from the boat! The captain and his crew said they counted and there was a total of 12 whales that were following the boat and playing in it’s wake until they lost interest and disappeared! Something interesting that you can notice from these pictures is that even though this 31ft fishing boat is traveling at full speed, the killer whales seem unaffected and are able to easily keep up with the boat. This is a testament to the true power that these whales posses and their ability to travel at very high speeds for long distances.
killerwhaleRP copy   killerwhaleRP2 copy
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Come down to Rocky Point this winter to see the beautiful whales that make Rocky Point and the Sea of Cortez their home at various times throughout the year. You may even get to see a newborn calve, or a killer whale!
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