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Q & A continue #7 for Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

A Rocky Point Sunset
Sail away while watching a Rocky Point Sunset

Lot’s of small sail boats out in Puerto Peñasco in fall. Photo by Kathy Willits

Question: This one from Carla.

My husband and I will be driving to Puerto Peñasco with friends and want to bring our 14-foot sailboat. The regulations say that if the boat is 4.5 meters long or longer, then we must follow guidelines regarding temporary importation of the vessel (register it and pay a fee). Fourteen feet converts to 4.27 meters. Would you recommend we follow the guidelines, or trust that it will be obvious that the sail boat does not trigger the guidelines? Thank you for your advice,


Good question Carla.  We have Hobie Cat races here often and I think they are about the same length, so you shouldn’t have any problems.  I would make sure you bring along the boat registration with you.  I will ask around and if I find out anything else, I will let you know.

More info at: Boating in Rocky Point

Sonoyta Crossing
Border crossing at Lukeville, AZ into Sonoyta Mexico

Question: This one is from Sue.
Many of us are confused as to how much we can bring across the border per person?  Can you please give us your opinion?

Answer:  Duty free allowance: I was checking out the duty free allowance amount to verify it is $300 for each person per  vehicle on the However during holiday periods-Easter, Summer, Christmas and New Years, you may import up to $500 per person.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Latitude 31

Latitude 31 Thanksgiving

Question: Gayle asks.

We have always brought our turkey down for Thanksgiving and done them in a pit on the beach in front of Playa Bonita for our group. However now I hear that you can’t have any fires on the beach and is that true?  If so, are there any places that serve a nice Thanksgiving dinner or that would cater it for us at Playa Bonita?

You are correct, fires are no longer allowed on the beaches.  For a change you can either go to Latitude 31 for a sit down Thanksgiving Dinner (only $13.50 pp) or ask Playa Bonita to cater it for your group.  This way you can sit back and enjoy and have no clean up and you will be supporting the local economy.  If you choose Latitude 31, you need to get your reservation in ASAP as they sell out every year.  See the above flyer.
Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Q & A's on Puerto Peñasco #6

We continue to receive questions on Puerto Peñasco so here is another one from one of our readers.

Puerto Peñasco Sunset

Day of the Dead Altar
Rodeo Drive is lined with colorful Altars.

QUESTION:  Kim Bock asks:

Hello Beverly,
My husband grew up going to Choya Bay and his parents owned a home there when we were young. They sold their home about 18 years ago and we hadn’t gone back in many years.  About a year ago my cousin got married there and we’ve been going back ever since.  So much has changed it’s unbelievable, so each time we go back its a little adventure to see all that’s new, as well as what has become unrecognizable.  I started going down there with my husband in 1989. What a shock it was to see what Sandy Beach had become!  Since so much has changed I’d like to ask you a few questions.  I am excited to say we will be in Puerto Penasco November 1-4 and again over Thanksgiving.  I have been reading about Rodeo Drive and I was wondering if you could confirm if that is the same as what everyone calls Malecon now, or if there is a different shopping strip that we are unaware of.  Also is there a particular restaurant that you would recommend eating at and a Pharmacy that you trust and have had good luck with.  We plan to visit the cemetery on the 1st and go downtown (to Malecon) in the evening for dinner and to see the festival.  (We will be preparing our own little ofrenda for my dad who has passed.)  Could you tell me how to get to cemetery.  We cannot check into our hotel until 4 pm and might go straight to cemetery upon arrival into Peñasco or may be coming from Sandy Beach.  Any tidbits or suggestions you have would be much appreciated.  This trip I would like to explore a little farther out and am thinking of taking a drive to Encanto Beach.  I always see homes for rent there and would like to see what it’s like and how far it actually is from Rocky Point.
Thanks for reading my email and for any information you might have for us.
Garufa is from Zacatecas and is an Argentinian Steakhouse featuring world class beef
Garufa  Steak House
ANSWER: Yes Kimberly, things have really changed since 1989. In response to you first question, Rodeo Drive is a different area from the Malecon.  Some people have also called it Shacks 5th Avenue.  Years ago it was a dirt road and on Thanksgiving weekends if it rained everyone got stuck in the soft sand and that was part of the charm.  A few years ago, it was remolded with a cement street and lighting.  There are a lot of very nice store there as well as you touristy brick a brack stores.  There is wonderful ladies store called Fabiola’s and she carries mainly gauze apparel as well as jewelry and hand bags.  She also has some great men’s shirts.  Right next door is the upscale Su Casa which is filled with great home décor and gifts from the south of Mexico.  Getting tired and thirsty, there is a nice Mexican Restaurant across the street called Mariachis and TequilaEddy Wharez is located to the east of these stores and has a lot of home décor and gift ideas.  There is also a lot of Talavera dishes and Silver jewelry available in this area.  Depending on where you are staying while here I will give you this direction. If coming from town you will pass the Sonoran SKY, Puerta Privada and Las Palomas.  The road will end and you will make a right heading north and then make your 1st right turn (it will say to Convention Center).  That road will take you right to the mall.  You can also find many of the same things on the Malecon but you won’t have issues with finding a place to park.
If you would like to have a very nice dinner, recommend GARUFA and Argentinian Steak House.  They are located on the Sandy Beach Road.  You will turn of the main road and you will see it as you get close.  The steaks are to die for and done to perfection.  They have a 14 oz Prime Filet and although it doesn’t come with a sauce, it is a piece of meat that you can enjoy the taste of the meat.  They also have another 7 oz. filet that is finished in a red whine reduction.  Both are under $400 pesos.  Great wines from the Valle de Guadalupe over near Ensenada.  I would recommend the Balero blend.
The 1st Cemetery in Rocky Point.
So happy that you will be here for Dia de Muertos.  Do you know which cemetery your dad is buried at as we now have 3.  Let me know and I can get you directions. Do you have the schedule of events for that holiday?  They also have a lot of things going on at Rodeo Drive.  One night is the night of the Catrina’s, which people dress up like skeletons called Catrina’s.
If you are in the Malecon for dinner, I would recommend the Blue Marlin for seafood. He has a fantastic coconut shrimp served in a coconut shell. He has been in business since I believe 1995, we were some of his first customers.  For breakfast, Boulevard 301, which is located on Benito Juarez (the main street through town) next to Pollo Lucas, Kaffee Haus is as you are heading into the Old Port and Latitude 31 offers a nice breakfast as well.  We are getting more new places seems like every month.  Latitude also does a great Thanksgiving dinner but you will need reservations.  Boo Bar is a fun place to go and also serves food and is right on the water.  Manny’s Beach Club has been completely gutted and rebuilt complete with a pool and is in the same location in the Mirador area.
You will find pharmacies on every corner now days.  We use Santiago’s which is located on Benito Juarez  about 3 blocks south of Burger King and right across from San Jose Clinic in the same side as Burger King.  Rudy speak English and they have very good prices and if they don’t have it, they generally can get it with in few hours.
Much of Cholla Bay received a lot of road damage as a result of remnants Hurricane Sergio.  As of this writing the road to Playa Encanto is not opern as a result of the rains we had from the 2 hurricane remnants, so count that one out.  it is a mess out there.  The turn off to Playa Encanto is about 10 miles from town and when the road is good another 8 miles to the beach and homes.
Look at this face!
This little lovebug is a new addition at Barb’s Dog Rescue
If you are dog lovers, you may want to check out Barb’s Dog Rescue on the outskirts of town.  She has some cuties that are up for adoption and there is no charge, all she asks is dog food or a donation to buy food.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Garufa Grand Opening October 4, 2018

Grand Opening Party Garufa.  Photo by Eric Brown

Ribbon Cutting
October 4 2018 was the ribbon cutting at a Private Grand Opening Party Photo by Eric Brown

The décor is warm and inviting with the use of brick work, comfortable tables and chairs, an open kitchen, handsome bar and lots of windows to make you feel right at home.  In the hostess station area there are chairs to sit in while waiting for your table.  From the front entry, you can see one of the 2 private party areas.  The lighting is soft but you can read the menu with no problem.  This time of year, dine on the outdoor patio and soak in the wonderful Rocky Point weather.

Garufa Inside

Garufa Argentinian Steakhouse opened their doors for a pre-grand opening party on October 5th in Puerto Peñasco to their family, friends and dignitaries.  As you can see from the photos it was a huge success.  They served aprox. 120 people in a professional timely organized manner.  The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the food and their wines.

Guests enjoying Argentinean specialties. Thank you Eric Brown for sharing the photos.

The meal consisted of wonderful Beef Slider appetizer .. next came Empanadas, that were divine. They feature 8 different types of Empanada’s on the menu and our table was really fond of the Blue Cheese stuffed ones. This was followed by a lovely salad to share.  After enough time to let everything settle the staff came out with melt in your mouth Arrecherra Steak (which is known in the United States as a marinated Flank Streak).  The meal was finished off with like little round pecan pies.  The meal was served with a Sangria, a Spanish wine or beer.  They make their own bread and rolls, which is a real plus as they are light and tasty.

Flank Steak
Simply delicious. Archerrea Steak. Photo by Eric Brown

Garufa offers 8 different Empanadas.

There wine list is outstanding and it includes wines from the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico as well as Spain and other places.  The presentation of the wines is one of the most unique we have seen.  They feature a full bar with a lot of very nice Tequila’s also.

Wine Selection
Choose you wine from behind the glass walls. Thank you Eric Brown for sharing the photo.

A couple of days later the out door patio was finished and just in time to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather in Puerto Peñasco. They open daily at 1:00 p.m.  One thing that makes this stand out beside the food is that it has ample secure parking.

Planning to come to Rocky Point for Thanksgiving, get your reservation for lodging in early.  Many restaurants will be serving up Thanksgiving dinner so check out Latitude 31 as they fill up fast.

My thanks to Eric Brown for allowing me to share his photos as my camera has a glitch.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.  
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Upcoming Fall Events in Rocky Point

Labor day is the last big weekend in Rocky Point before Thanksgiving. If you need a hotel or condo, better hurry as they are going fast. The weather can be a little hot, but hey, you have the Sea of Cortez to cool you off.

Chili en Nogada Mexican Dish

Many of the full time residents will be making their way back for the winter in September. If you are going to be back in Puerto Peñasco, please remember the annual Black and White Ball will be held September 30th at the Puerto Penasco Convention center. All proceeds go to DIF. For only $55.00 pp you will be treated to a wonderful dinner, dancing and the crowning of the Queen. Come see your friends and catch up. This is event is for anyone and everyone. If your hubby doesn’t have a tux, don’t worry, suits or sport coats are OK. 

Queen of the ball
Crowning of the 2016 Queen

October seems to be the start of the RV’ers who make there winter pilgrimage to Puerto Peñasco. Many of the “snow birds” make their reservations a year or 2 in advance, so don’t be left out… make yours today if you are planning on being here for a few months.
RVing in Mexico
RV’s and condos

October 30th is Halloween and in the RV parks like Playa Bonita, you will hear the children wandering around saying “trickey trickey”. No need to haul candy down unless you want as there are several places you can buy large bags of those sugary treats. As with every year, please be cautious that night as many of the children as well as the parents dress in dark clothes and it is very difficult to see them.

Another large event in October is Dia de la Muertos or Day of the Dead. The alters will be set up in the Rodeo Drive with celebrations going on all over town. This is a very special event and you can read about it in the next blog. 

Dia Los Muertos Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

day of the Dead Altar
Photo by Beverly Arrowood


The Mermaid Markets will resume in Shrimp Park in fall and is the 3rd Saturday of the month, so watch for the details. This is a great place to do your Christmas Shopping. 

Mermaid's Market Pirate Extavaganza
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The 17th Annual Bike Rally will be held November 9th – 13th which is over the Veterans Day weekend. The crowd is expected to be even larger than 2016, so get those hotel, condo or beach home reservations in now. Registration for the 17th Annual Rally will once again be held at Barklin’s Circle K just south of the overpass north of town. Stop by and register and get you official registration packet filled with goodies from local merchants. Here you will find the OFFICIAL shirts etc. The official registration is on the left side of the gas pumps, so come on over and register and say hi.  Registration is only $20.00 USD or $350 pesos.

Ride on down to Rocky Point
Get ready for 2017 Rocky Point Rally

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Come volunteer and rescue a puppy from Barb’s Dog Rescue

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Welcoming riders from Lake Havasu and Canada.

November brings families together to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Old Port will be bustling with people and the Playa Bonita RV Park, The Reef and Playa Del Oro will be filled to capacity. Once again, if you have not made a reservation, now is the time.

Puerto Penasco has something to offer for everyone in fall due to the beautiful climate.. warm days and cool nights. We invite you to come down and spend some time. Whether you want to golf, fish or just relax in your beach chair and watch the water go by, life does not get any better.

Boat Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise

Please remember we are just a short 1 hour drive from the US border and we are safe. Mi Casa es Su Casa, so come down and enjoy our piece of Paradise.  Spend some time trying our fantastic restaurants and enjoy the Sea of Cortez Shrimp.

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Come To Puerto Peñasco for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Rocky Point
Would you like to have your Thanksgiving sitting on the beach by the Sea of Cortez?   Well there is still some time to get a condo.  Check out to see what rooms and resorts are still available.  While you are on their website, check out our blogs and like. This is the best time of the year to come, warm days and cooler evenings and great sunsets..  If you rent a condo, you can cook your own dinner and enjoy the views while you are preparing your feast.  If you don’t want to cook dinner, there is also the option of going to Latitude 31 or Playa Bonita or any of the other restaurants that do a bountiful feast without all the cooking and clean up.
Latitude 31 Thanksgiving Dinner

You are allowed this year to bring down 1 Turkey with you.  I would suggest that you bring your boxes of stuffing mix with you and anything else that you think you may not be able to find here like canned pumpkin (if you are like me and want to make it yourself).  You may want to buy an aluminum roasting pan that is disposable as sometime they have them and sometime not.   It is not necessary to bring a lot down for your Thanksgiving dinner (unlike years ago) as almost everything can be found here.  We have the freshest fruits and vegetables anywhere, so no need to haul stuff.  Crucero Liquor Store has a nice selection of wine and tequila and there is always Sam’s Club.  Seek out those little out of the way bakeries for the best dinner rolls and pastries. LEY’s and C&S have whipping cream and butter.

When we first started doing our Thanksgiving Day here, we had a 35′ 5th wheel and it is amazing what you can create in a small place.  We us to have 30 people for dinner and we always lucked out with wonderful weather.  1 turkey in the oven and  1 on the Weber and 1 in the deep fryer.  I always made my pies using fresh pumpkin  from scratch as well as berry pies.  I could start ahead of time and have all the prep work done.  Then on Thanksgiving morning I could do the stuffing, vegetable dish and fruit salads. Bill wo0uld prepare the turkeys with fresh herbs and butter tucked under the skin and he bastes them in Kahlua.  One year I forgot to bring a rolling pin for the pie crusts so using my Mexican ingenuity, I hauled out a wine bottle.  After the crust were rolled, I then opened the wine and enjoyed how smart I was.  When we entertain, we usually just want to have out guests relax and enjoy and if the want to bring anything, we have them bring wine or whatever they would like to imbibe in.  Makes for a fun weekend.

A great deal of Thanksgiving Day traditions start here in Rocky Point. One group of 8 RV’s come from Tucson and Green Valley and set up camp at Playa Bonita, the night before they dig a huge pit along the cement sea wall and line it with metal, wood and charcoal and then Thanksgiving the add the turkeys and roasts into the pit.  Everyone brings a dish to pass and it has become their Thanksgiving tradition.

Off Road Race in puerto Penasco

These days we have gotten dinner down to 4-6 maximum.  Still have the same procedures, but one couple always is in charge of the wonderful home made ice cream.  My husband gets upset as I have had the bad habit of getting the biggest turkey I can find like over 25 lbs.  Let’s just say “I love left overs”.  This year he bought me a real pop over pan so now I am mastering pop overs with our dinner instead of dinner rolls.  This year we are down to 1 turkey and are going to try our hand at smoking it.  He does not like pumpkin pie, so I am also making one  along with a German Chocolate-Pecan Pie and a berry pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, popovers and a fruit salad.  Have I gotten you excited about coming here for Thanksgiving?  I hope so!

 If you like your stuffing with oysters, you are in luck here in Puerto Peñasco  as they don’t come any fresher.  Another nice addition to your tradition is to make fresh  from the Sea of Cortez  shrimp, that can be served cold or as a side dish.  As the owner of The Blue Marlin always says “Our shrimp slept in the ocean last night.”   While you are at it add steamed clams as an appetizer.  If you do have some left-overs, just heat and add  them to some freshly made tortillas that are available 1 block north of LEY’s on the right hand corner in a little white house.  Life does not get any better than days spent in Mexico celebrating with family and friends.

While you are sitting on the beach, do check out what the beach vendors have for sale.  On Thanksgiving weekend there will be the annual Art Festival in Las Conchas and events going on all over town. Great time and place to do your Christmas shopping.  Getting tired of turkey? Check out some of wonderful Taco stands or great restaurants we have in Puerto Peñasco Mexico.  Go down to the Malecon (Old Port) and stop in some of the local watering holes like Boo Bar, Satisified Frog or Mr. Amigos.

Chili Cook Off in Rocky Point
November 28, 12:00pm

Please watch our blogs for upcoming events and we will be doing Q & A videos near the end of the  month, so send me those emails and I will answer your questions. Have any pictures of your traditions here, please send them to me as well.  Remember keep those LIKES coming.

We hope you come and join us and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week or weekend.  Remember drive slowly when coming through Sonoyta (25 mph) and  hopefully our new overpass north of town at the intersection with the Mayan Highway will be open to traffic.