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Rocky Point Beach Photography Tips

If you decide to head out to Rocky Point for your next beach vacation (we hope you do) we recommend that you bring your camera with you. Rocky Point is one of the best places for photography and in this blog we are going to share a few tips and cool photo ideas with you.
Rocky Point is generala relatively clear of clouds and the sun is always shining throughout the day. Sunrise at the Beach If you want to get the best pictures and ensure that your pictures aren’t over exposed and over whelmed with shadows try shooting within the Golden Hour of the day. The Golden Hour is first and last hours of the day. This is the best time in the day to take pictures because of the high quality light that is typically softer and allows for relatively non-existent shadows. The Golden Hour is a perfect time to take some family pictures and maybe get your next Christmas card picture. Set an alarm for yourself, so you don’t forget to take advantage of this golden opportunity.
Another great photography rule to follow is the Rule of Thirds. If you follow this rule throughout the majority of your photos you are sure to impress everyone with your photography skills, regardless at your level of experience. rule of thirds 2 michelleThe Rule of Thirds is where you imagine that your photograph is divided up into 3 imaginary parts. Place your subject in one of these thirds and allow for the image to be filled with the rest of the space you want in our photograph. Typically it is best to not have your subject be placed in the middle third, rather in one of the left or right thirds of the photograph. As you can see in this picture the photographer has decided to place his subject in the left third and filled the rest with the ocean and sand. This allows for a more visually exciting photograph.
Also if you want to try something different and have the chance to create some awesome pictures, you are going to want to try and take some silhouette photos during the sunset. In order to create a silhouette you are going to want to ensure that the sun is completely behind your subject, so that they aren’t lit and all you can see is their black outline created by the sun on your back. Get creative with the different silhouette shots you take, there are several unique and fun ideas that you and your friends can do during the sunset. Here are a few ideas that we like:
sunset_silhouette_by_medli96-d56psdy images
We hope that a few of these tips have helped you out and good luck on your next photography adventure in Rocky Point. Feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook we would love to see your beautiful pictures.