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Frequently asked questions about travel to Mexico.

Viva Mexico

It seems we get asked the same questions several times a week about travel to Mexico and bringing pet, etc. So here you will find what you need to know.

  1. To travel into Mexico if you are staying over you 7 days, each person is suppose to stop and get a temporary visa.  Almost no one does it as they really aren’t checking. f you are bringing in pets, you need to have a current vaccination card for them as they are mainly concerned about the rabies shot.  Not being able to provide one may send back to the USA.  A certificate of health is only good for 7 days so if you are planning on multiple trips, it would get very costly. Having proof of the shoots will be fine.
  2. No you don’t need a passport to get into Mexico, but it is the law that you have one to renter the USA.  Here again the border people are currently letting you cross with a birth certificate and a form of government ID.  The problem is, if there are several people in the vehicle and everyone has to hand over those documents, you are holding up people behind you that have their passports and generally holding up the line  The border people will give you a stern talking to and may send yo to the secondary checkpoint.  Getting a passport card is very inexpensive and will work for ground travel into Mexico, if asked, but not flying out of the USA.  Currently it is an 18 week delay to get new passports and almost as long for a renewal.  So if you are planning on doing several trips a year, get the passport or passport card.
  3. Once you in Mexico, you will get either a red or green light. If you get the red light customs may ask you to step out of the vehicle to look through it.  There are times when you get the green light and they still ask you to look in your car. Make sure the ladies take their handbags with them.  After they are done, you will pull forward to a military checkpoint, they may or may not ask you to pull over, again do not leave money or purses in the vehicle.
  4. When driving through Sonoyta, DO NOT SPEED. Most of the way through the town is 40 KLM or just under 25 MPH and in a couple of areas it will drop down to 25 KLM.  Be alert for stop signs as many are placed in the center of the road and not on the right hand side that tourists are use to.  Either of these infractions will probably get you a ticket.  DO NOT pay the officer but ask to go to the Police station to pay, this is the only way corruption will stop.  If you feel you have done nothing wrong you can ask to speak to the Chief of Police to plead your case, as he is trying to clean up the corruption.
  5. If you are hauling toys or have a toy hauler, make sure you have the registrations for all toys in your name if they are yours and also for the vehicle and trailer hauling them.
  6. Once you are through Sonoyta it is an easy drive to Puerto Peñasco of approximately 60 minutes on a nice 2 lane road.  Remember the speed is 90 KLM not MPH.  There are a few areas that mind the signs and do not pass.  You now are on your way to have a fun vacation in one of cleanest, prettiest beach cities in all of Mexico… Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico.  So enjoy your time.
  7. Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson. 

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Come to Puerto Peñasco

July 4th

The United States/Mexico border is open and people are flocking to the beach.  Memorial Day weekend found the town bustling with people from Arizona, California and Texas.  The RCPM just had their concert and the town was packed.  Post Covid 19, Sunday would find long waits at the border.  Now it appears the tourists started going home on Monday instead of Sunday.  Monday is the old Sunday but now many are going back on Tuesday morning.  If you are planning on coming down over a weekend, be prepared for long lines at the border on these days. You will also find long back ups coming into Mexico as many times they are searching every car entering.  Although an inconvenience to those coming in, they have found several vehicles carrying guns and ammo (which is the reason for the search).  Just be patient, it will be worth the wait.  The beaches are spectacular with clear blue water and clean soft sand.

Puerto Penasco Sunset
Sunsets in Puerto Penasco

Here you will have beachfront condos and homes to choose from for your visit of all sizes.  There are so many activities to choose from for you and your family…. 3 major golf courses, deep sea fishing, zip lining, horse back riding, sunset cruises, shelling or just sitting and watching the water go by.

Despite the economy being shut down for most of 2020 and part of 2021, there have been many new little restaurants that have popped up all over town.  Most have only outdoor seating, but the delicious food and great service will make up for that.  You can choose from burger places, authentic Mexican food and Greek food.  Many are located in neighborhoods or part of the owners home.  Most do not serve adult beverages, but you are allowed to bring your own.  Choose from breakfast, lunch or dinner places that will not disappoint. A few to check out La Negrita, Jessie’s, Los Mequitas Tacos (if you like Goat, try this out) and Toscos. MTZ Cantina is a larger restaurant is located by the docks is getting great reviews.  Just up from Calle 13 on Plutarco Ellis Calle, you will find a Chinese place that is always packed.  It doesn’t say Chinese food but is a huge building 2 blocks north of Dukes.  There is something for everyone in Puerto Peñasco.

The real estate market is booming, with our tourists looking for places to retire in, condos and homes for families to share or places that they can rent when they are no using them.  Encantame Towers east of Playa Encanto will consist of 3 towers and is currently delivering the first  building. Las Conchas which has a huge American  population is located a short distance from the city is seeing developments cropping up as well as a lot of homes being built or remodeled.  Many younger people with families are  moving here, as they can work remotely from home.  It is a great place to work from home as you can sit on your patio and have coffee, then work for the day and enjoy a glass of wine at sunset while looking at the beautiful Sea of Cortez instead of lengthy commutes in the big cities.

“Paradise” welcomes you home.  Spend July 4th in Rocky Point.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Summer in Puerto Peñasco… sit back and enjoy our city.

Well summer is finally here.  Fortunately thus far it has been quite pleasant.  One thing about living in Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point is that there is always a breeze off the Sea of Cortez.

Poolside at Playa Bonita

Sunset in Rocky Point
Catch a Rocky Point Sunset.

The tourist traffic has been very high for June and shows no sign of letting up for the rest of the summer.  Summer use to be considered low season and one pretty much had the beaches to themselves, but that is not the case anymore. Although we will be at the start of the humid season it is not deterring people from coming down to enjoy the clean water and beaches that this area has to offer.  Schools are out in Mexico, so many of our tourists come from all over the northern part of Mexico.  There will be anywhere from  5 – 10 tour buses parked at the various hotels and condos.

During the summer months a few of the favorite watering holes will close mid week or for the month of July, but there are still many places to go that are air conditioned or have lovely patios to catch the breeze.  Several new places have cropped up in the first part of 2018 for food.  One of newest is  Boulevard 301 which is located on Benito Juarez just south of Pollo Lucas.  It is open for breakfast and dinner and their food and service is excellent.  The presentation of the food looks just like the menu.  The currently do not take credit cards, but the food is reasonable and won’t break your wallet.  Another little treasure is La Cocina de Dona Rosa which is tucked near where Salmos use to be on Sonora.  The feature traditional food from both Sonora and the South of Mexico.  Here you will find Tamales wrapped in Banana leaves.  Although it is all great, the red chili Tamales in Banana leaves are devine.  Here you will find burritos that will serve several hungry people and they are made with the large tortillas that we call “Saddle Blankets”.  You can eat in or they will deliver to your home or business. Locally owned by Javier Carrera and Linda Soto, the food is prepared with love.  Another newcomer is Jerry’s Mexican Tacos “All You Can Eat”  which is located on Calle 13.  It is getting some great reviews and has been open just a short time.  Jerry also has a catering service and has been in Puerto Peñasco for many years.

Boulevard 301
Recently opened Boulevard 301. Food is as good as it looks.

Jerry’s Mexican Taco’s “all you can eat”

These are the best Red Chili tamales I have ever had and wrapped in banana leaves Photo courtesy Linda Planted

Once you arrive in Rocky Point, there is a lot to do and see.  Love to fish?  Try Pancho Villa Charters, Big Momma or go out with Aldofo Perez on one of his boats.  All of them will provide you with a memorable day of fishing.  There are many sunset cruises to go on, so check with your hotel or condo front desk to see what will best fit your needs.  You can choose from catamarans,  cabin cruisers, Pirate Ships or sail boats and you won’t be disappointed.  If you are not fond of large groups I would recommend the Pancho Villa, Sol Chaser or any of the smaller catamarans that sail.

Heading out for a sunset.

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa is made for fishing or sunset cruises. Photo by Kathy Fredrickson Willits

 If you are a golfer you have 3 beautiful courses to choose from.  Mayan Palace, Isla del Mar or Las Palomas.  Many have summer rates so you can save a lot but still enjoy 1st class golf courses.  You can also go horse back riding on the beaches if golf isn’t your cup of tea.

Vidanta Golf Course
Vidanta Golf Course at the Mayan Palace. Photo by Plinio Rivera

Las Palomas
A challenging beautiful golf course. Photo courtesy Plinio Riverio

Ride the hoses on the beach
Horse back riding

I would like to invite you to come down and enjoy a mini vacation or a whole week.  There is plenty to do and see, so make your reservations today.  Check out or any of the many others out there.  Choose from a beach house or condo and sit back and relax.

Real Estate
Sonoran SKY is one of the 4 Sonoran resorts to choose from

If I may add one more thing.  Barb’s Dog Rescue is always in need of dog and puppy food.  The intake of puppies is huge and they eat a lot.  You can bring a bag down from COSTCO or buy it locally or if you want to donate money to buy it, let me know and I will take responsibility for getting it to her.  If you get bored while on vacation, go out and play with these fur babies and show them that they are loved.
Cute puppies
The little cutie on the left is looking for you! Please check them out.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Whale Watching in Puerto Peñasco..Part 2

We recently did a blog about Whale Watching in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico and suggestions on which boats do Whale Watching tours.  I included in that information things about  fishing charters and sunset cruises that these 3 companies do. By all means these are not all the boats that do sunset cruises or fishing trips.  There is the Big Momma, they also do fishing charters and  The About Time.

Pancho Villa guns drawn
Photo by Ole

This past week we had the opportunity to go along the owners of the Pancho Villa as it was the owners birthday.  We boarded the boat at 11:30 and took of at noon on a beautiful sunny day (of which we have many) and headed out of the harbor.  As soon as we boarded the boat, we  got to make new friends.  One couple lived not far from where I came from in Wausau, Wisconsin, several others also live here full time, so lot’s of story telling about how we have seen this sleepy little fishing village evolve.  We went along at a comfortable pace and the Pancho Villa is a very comfortable vessel.  Several years ago it had the back of the boat extended so there is ample room to move around as well as sit in some comfy Adirondack style chairs or go on the deck or sit with the captain.

Whale Watching
Guests on the Pancho VIlla searching for Whales

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa is made for whale watching sunset cruises or fishing.
(Photo by Mike N Samantha Bosnick)

We were out 5 miles when the cry “there she blows” came and sure enough just ahead was a huge whale. She seemed to almost be circling us as it would dive down and then come up again.  It is breath taking to see these giant creatures of the sea and this one seemed to love to play hide and seek.  Look closely and you can see the Pinacate Range in the back ground.

Whale watching
Amazing the grace of somethin this large

Whale Watching
“There she blows” and there was the elusive huge whale.

Whale watching
Some of the Shrimp boats that bring in our precious shrimp

Our next venture was on the Sol Chaser with is owned by the same folks that have Eco Tours. The Sol Chaser came from Mazatlán and is a 54′ catamaran which has been retrofitted with a new bathroom that has easy access to it.  There is comfortable  seating on the side, on the bow and with the captain that is covered.  It featured an open bar as well as chips/salsa and a vegetable platter.  On this trip we did not see the elusive whale nor did any others that were out.  However, at about 9 miles out, we got to be a part of the dolphin show.  There were at least 30 or more and they decided to entertain us.  Everyone was trying to get photos and videos as they played and jumped in front of us with sometime 5 jumping out of the water together. On this trip we met people from Kansas and Michigan(but now reside in Prescott. You never know where your partners on the boat  come from to see Puerto Peñasco community.  It is always our pleasure to when asked, be able to give them accurate information on the town and places to go and things to do and see.

Whale watching
The Sol Chaser is the newest arrival to the Eco Tours boats

Sol Chaser
Barb and Bob from Kansas enjoying the Sol Chaser

Sol Chaser
Jeff and Lisa enjoying the trip. From Michigan and now Arizona

Dolphin Time.. what a show that went on forever.

Dolphin watching
Dolphin entertainment as seen from the Sol Chaser

I hope you enjoy some of the photos of the people having a great time enjoying the weather and the water as well as watching  the whale and dolphins.  Hopefully they will hang around longer if the water and temperatures start to warm up.  The whales come into the Sea of Cortez because of the warm water so they have not been as plentiful as other years.  On February 14, they were again spotted, so we know they are here.  Call one of the companies doing the tours and make your reservation as they do fill up fast.  Even if you don’t see anything, it is so nice to be out on the water and making new friends.

Whale Watching in Rocky Point vs. San Diego!  Rocky Point is a mere 3 1/2 – 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson where as San Diego is a 6 hour drive.  Rocky Point has little or no congestion on the roads … you know the freeways in San Diego.  But the best part is that you can go out on small  intimate boats vs boats carrying 150 people.  So it is a win for all, short drive, no heavy traffic and everyone can see the whales up close and personal. So don’t let whale watching pass you by in 2018.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Great restaurants in Puerto Peñasco! Part 1.

One questioned that is most asked is “where do we get great food” while we are in Rocky Point?  Years ago there were not that many restaurants, much less really good ones. Over the years that has changed and there are new ones opening constantly.  We have great seafood restaurants, Italian and Chinese restaurants.  Recently we had Empanada’s de Argentina open(located behind Capone’s)and currently opening is Cayena Bistro serving food from Venezula.  It is located on the way into the Old Port where Ramon’s use to be.  We have several Mexican resturants such as La Curva , which is one of the oldest in town and Lolitas,which is located on the road that leads to the Mirador area.  Most restaurants in Rocky Point serve freshly caught fish and shrimp and they are  served in many different styles.

Here you will find a list of the ones people love the most and telling you what they serve as well as to where they are located.  Trip Advisor rates most of these in the top 10 in Puerto Penasco with 4 1/2 -5 stars.  These are restaurants in the Old Port as well as Blvd Freemont. There are many more, but these are the ones most people talk about.

Shrimp in Rocky Point Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

1)  Blue Marlin.  This restaurant started over 20 years ago as a smoked fish shop and over the years has evolved into a full scale restaurant.  One of his most popular items is the Coconut Shrimp which is served in a hollowed out coconut shell.  The creamy cilantro sauce is one of the best anywhere.  Want some great Baja style fish tacos for lunch?  Look no farther than the Blue Marlin which is located in the Old Port on the side street down from the Catholic church and Thrifty’s.  Here you will find a nice wine list as well.  The owners motto is “Welcome Home”.  Credit cards accepted.

The Satisfied Frog
Great food and great view.

2) The Satisfied Frog.  Yes this is the same Satisfied Frog from Cave Creek, AZ.  Here you find a diverse menu and they have daily “specials”.  They have wood fired pizza’s, BBQ ribs, Mexican food, fish and shrimp baskets.  They are best known for their Sunday Special which is a whole broasted Chicken for $12.00 and it is served family style complete with a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw. Here you will also find the only Strawberry short cake in town and it is served in a mason jar.  The burgers are also great and huge.  The Satisfied Frog is located at the end of the Malecon next to Vina Del Mar Hotel and sits right on the water. Credit cards accepted.

3)  Boo Bar.  Boo Bar  is located upstairs above the fish stalls.  Want a great hamburger or sliders,  or pizza, stop by this place.  Last year they added a large palapa covered patio which over looks the Sea of Cortez.  Here you can enjoy great food and cold beer all with a wonderful view.  Boo Bar probably has the best guacamole in Puerto Peñasco if anyone asks.  They are known for their fresh seafood. They also feature really good bands for your entertainment.  Boo Bar has the capability of handling large groups as well.  After you are done eating stop by their gift shop and pick up a Boo Bar flag or some of their great apparel. Credit cards accepted.

4)  Mary’s.  Mary’s has been known for it’s fresh seafood for years and is always consistent in quality.  Never have to feel bad about recommending them.

Great food, service and right on the water.
Great food, service and right on the water.

5)  Sr. Amigo’s.  Located on the right just as you enter the Malecon in the Old Port.  Great service and food.  Here you will find everything from fresh seafood to traditional Mexican dishes. Sr. Amigo’s has been around for many years and has a great following.  You will not be disappointed here. Dine upstairs or down and you are right on the water

6)  The Friendly Dolphin.  The oldest restaurant in the Old Port area  is the The Friendly Dolphin and features both Mexican cuisine as well as seafood.  It is located as you are coming out of the port across from Mercedes Rusticos.  If you are lucky enough you may even have the owner break out in a song.

 7)  Pane y Vino. Pane y Vino is owned by Chef Luca.  Fine dining here and you will find a great wine list to accompany your gourmet dinner.  They serve classic Italian, fresh seafood and great steaks.  After dinner, enjoy a decadent dessert while watching the city lights come on as  the sun sets. The food, service and view are really wonderful.

8)  Casa de Capitan is next to FISH and has Mexican food as well as seafood.  This is a great place to enjoy a margarita while watching the Rocky Point Sunsets.  This restaurant has been open for 24 years and going strong.

6)  Chef Mickey’s Place International Cuisine on Freemont.  This is indeed a fine dining restaurant and it is located on Blvd. Freemont just east of Sinaloa.  Known for the Tequila Shrimp, Pecan crusted fish and many other creative entrees.  The most popular appetizer are the stuffed dates. Mickey does a great job with the filet.  For that sweet tooth, try any of the home made desserts.  You will also find a nice selection of wines at this place.  No credit cards at this time.

Looking for a great breakfast check out these restaurants.

1)  Kaffee Haus although is not in the Old Port but is on your left as you are heading into the Old Port.  It has been open since 2004 and has been a success since the day they opened.  They are open for breakfast and lunch only.  Trip Advisor has them at 4 1/2 stars.  No matter what time of the day or what day, plan on a wait unless you are there when they open.  Best Chiliquilles anywhere and the burgers are excellent.  They also feature daily specials and are well know for their Apple Strudel with Whiskey sauce.  Here you can also buy several little bakery specialty type desserts.  NO Credit Cards.

Sports Bar and Restauant
Sports Bar and Restauant

2)  Latitude 31.  Along with great breakfasts here you can get a great meal any time of the day.  If you want a great Thanksgiving dinner and don’t want to cook at home, this is the place to go.  Always consistent food and service, serving American, Mexican and seafood.  Again, you will find something for everyone there.  Great place to catch sporting events. While you are there, check out the little gift store downstairs if you are looking for something from Mexico at reasonable prices and good quality. Also  a recipient of 4 1/2 stars and credit cards are accepted.

3)  Candy Cake.  This little place started as a bakery and cake maker.  They are known for their delicious cakes.  It is located near the baseball stadium.  A few years ago, they enlarged the bakery area and started serving breakfast.  It is a breakfast like you would find in the south of Mexico and full of flavor.  It is usually packed with both locals as well as our winter visitors.  Treat yourself and go by to have your taste buds treated.

4)  Pink Cadillac.  This restaurant has been open for years and is located in the Mirador area of Rocky Point.  Besides serving really good American diner style and Mexican breakfasts, they have daily features as well.  If you love liver and onions, then this is the place for you.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and also have a full bar.  A must place to try.

Great pizza, fresh fish and good drinks.
Great pizza, fresh fish and good drinks.

5)  Capone’s.  Although best known for their pizza, burgers and fresh fish, this is a place to go if you want the best eggs benedict around.  They have about 10 different types and all come with beautifully fired potatoes and great refried beans that are served in a little tortilla cup.  They also have a traditional breakfast menu.  They usually have a nightly feature and many times is a fresh from the boat fish and they have a great clam bucket.  Full bar here and credit cards are accepted.  If you are planning on going on a weekend, get there early as it seems to be a meeting place for old friends and families.

6)  MicMickey’s Burger Bistro.  Chef Mickey opened MicMickey’s the spring of 2017 for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you are wanting a huge burger with green chili, this is the place to go.  It comes with a whole Hatch style green chili, cheese, grilled onions and fries.  It is one of the best around.  You can get both American food as well as Mexican specialties.  They serve an outstanding fish basket as well as a shrimp basket and also fresh made sweets.  There is something for everyone.  Good food, good prices and good service will keep you going back.  There is outside seating on the patio as well as inside and it can accommodate business groups.  NO credit cards.

Chili en Nogada

What a great way to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.
What a great way to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7)  Don Julio’s. It is located on Blvd Freemont just past Sinaloa on the right.  It is a  Hacienda style building  with large sculptures out front.  Their menu is traditional Mexican and it is very good.  They also have a Mexican buffet as well as a full bar.  There is also an out door patio to have a drink on. Not sure if they accept credit cards.

8) Bryan’s Sports Bar. Located on Blvd. Freemont in the plaza on the right before you head to Las Conchas.  Another super place to catch those sporting events.  They have nightly specials from wings to sliders to prime rib.  You won’t be disappointed in the food.  Bright and cheer sports bar décor.  Give them a try.

These places will  keep you busy trying out new things and meeting new people. In Part 2 of dining out we will touch on everything from Calle 13 to Sandy Beach.  So watch for it coming soon.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Upcoming Fall Events in Rocky Point

Labor day is the last big weekend in Rocky Point before Thanksgiving. If you need a hotel or condo, better hurry as they are going fast. The weather can be a little hot, but hey, you have the Sea of Cortez to cool you off.

Chili en Nogada Mexican Dish

Many of the full time residents will be making their way back for the winter in September. If you are going to be back in Puerto Peñasco, please remember the annual Black and White Ball will be held September 30th at the Puerto Penasco Convention center. All proceeds go to DIF. For only $55.00 pp you will be treated to a wonderful dinner, dancing and the crowning of the Queen. Come see your friends and catch up. This is event is for anyone and everyone. If your hubby doesn’t have a tux, don’t worry, suits or sport coats are OK. 

Queen of the ball
Crowning of the 2016 Queen

October seems to be the start of the RV’ers who make there winter pilgrimage to Puerto Peñasco. Many of the “snow birds” make their reservations a year or 2 in advance, so don’t be left out… make yours today if you are planning on being here for a few months.
RVing in Mexico
RV’s and condos

October 30th is Halloween and in the RV parks like Playa Bonita, you will hear the children wandering around saying “trickey trickey”. No need to haul candy down unless you want as there are several places you can buy large bags of those sugary treats. As with every year, please be cautious that night as many of the children as well as the parents dress in dark clothes and it is very difficult to see them.

Another large event in October is Dia de la Muertos or Day of the Dead. The alters will be set up in the Rodeo Drive with celebrations going on all over town. This is a very special event and you can read about it in the next blog. 

Dia Los Muertos Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

day of the Dead Altar
Photo by Beverly Arrowood


The Mermaid Markets will resume in Shrimp Park in fall and is the 3rd Saturday of the month, so watch for the details. This is a great place to do your Christmas Shopping. 

Mermaid's Market Pirate Extavaganza
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The 17th Annual Bike Rally will be held November 9th – 13th which is over the Veterans Day weekend. The crowd is expected to be even larger than 2016, so get those hotel, condo or beach home reservations in now. Registration for the 17th Annual Rally will once again be held at Barklin’s Circle K just south of the overpass north of town. Stop by and register and get you official registration packet filled with goodies from local merchants. Here you will find the OFFICIAL shirts etc. The official registration is on the left side of the gas pumps, so come on over and register and say hi.  Registration is only $20.00 USD or $350 pesos.

Ride on down to Rocky Point
Get ready for 2017 Rocky Point Rally

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Come volunteer and rescue a puppy from Barb’s Dog Rescue

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Welcoming riders from Lake Havasu and Canada.

November brings families together to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Old Port will be bustling with people and the Playa Bonita RV Park, The Reef and Playa Del Oro will be filled to capacity. Once again, if you have not made a reservation, now is the time.

Puerto Penasco has something to offer for everyone in fall due to the beautiful climate.. warm days and cool nights. We invite you to come down and spend some time. Whether you want to golf, fish or just relax in your beach chair and watch the water go by, life does not get any better.

Boat Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise

Please remember we are just a short 1 hour drive from the US border and we are safe. Mi Casa es Su Casa, so come down and enjoy our piece of Paradise.  Spend some time trying our fantastic restaurants and enjoy the Sea of Cortez Shrimp.

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RV Caravans to Puerto Peñasco..Welcome Part 1

Back before the days of the condo boom  RVing was the way to go.  There were RV’s coming and going constantly.    They came in groups of all Winnebago’s, Prevosts, Allegro etc.  At one time, it was not unusual to see 30-40 Prevost’s  in a caravan and that meant a lot of money on the highway.  Sometimes  a group of single women would drive down and stay for a week or two.  In most cases the ones coming from Arizona, the West Coast and Rocky Mountain areas met up at the Elk’s Lodge in Gila Bend.   From there they would come down in small groups to cross into Mexico.  They came from Elk’s Lodges, FMCA, Escapes, Good Sam and other clubs.

View to the Old Port.

Shop, relax and enjoy Puerto Peñasco

RV Caravans Playa Bonita (6)

In those days, many of the RVers  made friends with each other and then over the next few years they would all plan their trips together.  Friendships were made at Manny’s Beach Club with the locals that had moved here from the USA.  At that time there were 9 RV Parks starting in the Mirador area with Playa Elegante, San Rafael, Playa del Oro, Senorial, Playa Mirador, Playa Miramar, Sunrise and Playa Bonita and The Reef rounding off on Sandy Beach.  Many of the folks spent at least 3 -6 months in Puerto Peñasco and loved calling Rocky Point home for that period of time. Now there is only  Playa del Oro and Playa Bonita. The Reef is currently not taking reservations at this time.

A Rocky Point Sunset

What more could they ask for?  Beautiful  warm sunny skies, stunning sunsets, fishing, sitting on the beach, mingling with each other or just going into town to shop.  They also would caravan in their vehicles for day outings to Caborca and Pitiquito to go leather shopping and have lunch.  I personally was delighted to always go with them and show them around.  In those days, once past the Mayan Palace area it was dirt road for many miles.  Sometime it was smoother driving in the desert rather than struggling with the ruts.  In some places the road had 4 lanes going each way.

Before the new coastal highway from P.E.Calles (which now leads to El Desemboque, Puerto Libertad, Punta Chueca and Kino Bay) you could drive through the asparagus fields, snow pea fields  and Thompson grape vineyards  and buy a case of which ever you would like directly from the processing plant.  Within that area there was and is so much agriculture grown including olives, pecans  and citrus as well as cattle ranching.  The folks in the RV’s loved to stop by a local ranches  and buy the fresh citrus they could offer.

Back to the caravans.  Many of the groups consist of 20 or more rigs, so getting through the border was not easy.   Now a local Rocky Point businessman Russ Black (organizer of the Mermaid Market) has a program that will meet the caravan on United States side of the border and then they have a police escort to get everyone through Sonoyta in an orderly fashion.  If you are interested in bringing down a caravan and would like the information for Russ Black  send me an email to and I will get it for you.  If you a Wagon Master and would like information sent to you again please let me know and we can bundle some things up and get them delivered to you.

Take a Sunset Cruise every night of the week.

There are some things you do need to know about what you can and can’t bring into Mexico. No need to haul a lot of groceries, as there is Sam here as well as 2 great butcher shops and numerous FRESH produce markets.   Please follow Puerto-Peñ blogs this month as we will publish this list.  It like everything else is subject to change.  As of this blog, one group from the Sun City Elk’s Lodge is already making plans for their 2018 trip.  Planning to bring a large group down, start planning now as the RV parks are filling up rapidly.

For the first timers coming here, there is really a lot to do and see, so I hope you will take a day or 2 and look around.  Bring your golf clubs or fishing poles and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer or just sit in your chair and watch the water go by.  Once you are hooked on Puerto Peñasco, you will want to return every year.  If you have any questions or comments that need immediate attention email to

Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Written by Nina Mier
Translated by Eddie Wharez
A few days ago, Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora & Bar, a very sui géneris restaurant opened its doors to the public. Bacanora is the base for all the dishes prepared at the restaurant. Bacanora is a 300 year-old artisan agave-derived liquor originally distilled in the Sonoran side of the Sierra Madre.
The menu in this first opening season is typically Sonoran, prevailing beef, seafood and soups from different parts of the state, flour tortillas, exclusive drinks, original desserts among other dishes worth of your tasting, excellent service, awesome views, enthusiastic people, warm atmosphere, cleanliness, fair prices, where you will be personally served by the business partners Carmen Martens, Martín Martínez, Jorge Bonillas and Eddie Wharez along with their staff.
The dishes, named after our Sonoran jargon, have names like Del Norte (From the North) -Alambre norteño (Northern style beef fajitas, onions, peppers, all grilled, served over a skillet with hot layer of cheese on top), Del Rancho, Sonoran style arrachera, rib eye “El Elegante” (as the volcano in the Pinacate area), Chicken “Yaqui”, Molcajete de Bacanora, Parrillada Sonora Querida.

Bacanora Grill & Restaurant

From the Sea of Cortes: Old Port Shrimp ceviche, Shrimp or Octopus Cocktail, Shrimp or Octopus Molcajete, Catch of the day, Bacanora Shrimp, Breaded Shrimp, Traditional Seafood Enchiladas, Breaded fish filet, Peñasco seafood platter (for two).

Bacanora Grill Seafood

To begin: Sabor a México (platter served with quesadillas, sopes and burritos), Melted cheese, Shrimp or marlin-stuffed peppers, guacamole.

Bacanora Grill and BAr

Salads: Tomato and panela cheese salad, chicken caesar salad with their house Bacanora-chiltepin dressing.

Salad in Rocky Point Grill

Soups: Caldo de queso (potato and cheese soup), Classic soup, Tortilla soup, Chilpachole (seafood soup).

Soups in Bacanora Grill

Tacos: Governor taco (shrimp taco), Shrimp Lorenza (marlin or shrimp tostada with melted cheese)

Bacanora Grill Tostada

The dishes have been carefully chosen by the owners, well-known chefs in town helped in this process, one of them was Neftalí Ponce Hernández, executive chef at Mayan Palace, and chef Gustavo Gutiérrez who is in charge of the every day operations.
The restaurant is located in the marina area (docks), its ocean view and fresh breeze are just a plus; its fan page on facebook is: Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar. The address is Recinto Portuario Ave. and 3 street, Colonia El Puerto (Old Port Marina). Tel. for information and reservations is 638 690 7777. Business hours: 1 to 9 p.m. However feel free to make a reservation even in different hours for your special events.
There hasn’t been an official opening yet, it seems the owners are thinking of “5 de mayo” as the distributing company of bacanora might come for an official tasting, regardless of when they decide to do the opening, they will notify media members and special guests.
Bacanora Grill’s menu will be changing from time to time, in fact, there will be a buffet day of “tacos de guisado” tacos made with different Sonoran dishes, the buffet will be for a reasonable price so everybody can enjoy this Mexican delicacy. Be on the watch since this business is led by first level professionals, entrepreneurs, native and residents of Puerto Peñasco who in good and bad times are always supporting social, business and cultural causes, people who are always busy doing something.
From Blog we send them the best to them and their staff because we know about their professionalism, their amiable service towards the community and their large contribution to Puerto Peñasco in so many aspects. Success is assured. Always the best!
Marginal note: Attention! New restaurant! Their secret? The base for all their dishes and drinks is Bacanora! A delight! Something exotic and out-of-this world!
Personally served by their owners: Carmen Martens, Jorge Bonillas, Eddie Wharez and Martín Martínez. Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar… The best for today! Located in the Marina area, an spectacular view! In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, please come in.
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How to Make Rocky Point Shrimp Ceviche

One of the things you plan ahead when taking a vacation is to visit as many restaurants as possible to try the different kinds of dishes of the place to visit.  Here in Rocky Point is a must to try out the many different sea food places around town, even though on their menus you can see most of them offer the same dishes you must remember that not everyone has the same style or taste when cooking.

Ceviche Rocky Point Mexico

In Rocky Point one of the main rental services is for condo resorts, where you can find a full equipped kitchen in every unit, that gives you the advantage to cook you own meals and that way save a lot of money instead of going out every day of your vacation.  One of the main sea food item to try out in Rocky Point is shrimp, and you can prepare them in many ways but one of them and one of the most popular is to make shrimp ceviche (do not mistake it with shrimp cocktail) if you do not know how to make it you can ask anyone at the fish market at El Malecon and you will be able to get it.
Next I will give you the one shrimp ceviche recipe that my family has been making for years (even decades).
-2 pounds of shrimp
-3 medium tomatoes
-2 red onions
-4 celery stalks
-1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
-1/2 litter of clamato juice
-10 lemons
-White vinegar
Dice the shrimp and onions and put them together in a bowl, squeeze the lemons and pour the juice on the shrimp and onion as well as two tablespoons of the white vinegar mix it and let it sit for about an hour or until shrimp gets “cooked” (the meat will take a white-ish color”.  Dice the tomato and the celery and put them together in another bowl adding the ¼ cup of chopped cilantro.  Once the shrimp is ready drain the lemon and vinegar mix.  Mix the shrimp with the tomatoes, celery and cilantro and pour the clamato juice, give it a stir and listo!
You can either put the ceviche on a baked or fried corn tortilla or on saltine crackers, also as a garnish put some avocado on it and a little bit of hot sauce and of course don’t forget to get some cold beers to completely enjoy this dish from the balcony of your condo admiring the wonderful view of the Sea of Cortes.
If you decide to try it out and make it let us know or post a picture of it.
Packy Uriarte

Blue Marlin great restaurant at the Old Port

One of the most popular restaurants in Rocky Point and also favorite for visitors.  Blue Marlin in Puerto Viejo is located in the newly renovated Old Port, and from this location, you can enjoy incredible views of the harbor. The restaurant is located in one of the more traditional walkers to walk toward the Church of the Port. Blue Marlin offers variety of dishes based on seafood, and a great atmosphere that characterizes this area Pueto Peñasco.
“Combinacion Neptuno” is a delightful dish of 4 courses: Some say a picture says more than 1,000 words enjoy this great ones…
Salad Blue Marlin
Choice of Salad or Soup as first course

Clams with buttery garlic alioli sauce as a second course

Breaded Oysters
Breaded Oysters as a third course

Main Course
Combinacion Neptuno’s main course, shrimp and fish in various presentations

Amazing View from the Blue Marlin deck