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2017 PERRUN …1st Annual Dog Run 2017

1st Annual Dog Run will be held October 29th starting at 9:00 am on the Malecon in the Old Port of Puerto Peñasco.  The funds from this event will go to the local Pet Rescue Centers in Rocky Point.  As with many cities in Mexico, Rocky Point, is not immune to an over population of dogs and cats.  The rescue centers are hit hard especially in summer when all the mom’s have their babies.  There are always campaigns to spay or neuter your cat or dog, but it is a very difficult task to accomplish.   Now days the children are being better educated in the schools about how to take care of your forever friend, but old habits are hard to break.

Perrun Dog Run 2017

The event will be #1 a 5K run and #2 a walk.  When you enroll to participate in the run you will be looking to win either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  If you and your dog are not into running, sign up for the walk and this will be a short walk around the area.  The cost to register is $250.00 pesos and that is for the owner and 1 or 2 dogs.  The day of the event only cash will be accepted. If you just want to donate cash, you may take your donation to Rocky Vet before the day of the event and Dr. Adrian Sixto will make sure it goes where it is needed.  You may also donate dog or cat food, cat liter or toys at the event.

Rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Miss Sadie adopted at the Rocky Point Rally by Rick Busa November 2016

There are several ways to register for the events.  You can go directly to either Rocky Vet or Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa.  They are located about 4 blocks south of Numeros or you can take the road north of the rail road tracks left off Sinaloa and follow the signs.    Registration can also be done the day of the event on the Malecon.  It is important that you can show proof of current vaccinations in order to enter.  If you dog has anxiety or can become nervous, they ask that you have muzzles or e-collars for them.   The organizers do ask that you be on time in order to hear the schedule and you will also receive some gifts.

You can also go to the following sites to receive further information.
638 127 7669 (WhatsApp)
Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point
Rescue puppies waiting for their forever home.

No pet… no problem.  You can still enter to walk with other pets and their owners.  This a great way to learn about the dogs and socialize with them.  There is a 2 dog limit per person as to not over run anyone.  All dogs must be on leashes and not be aggressive.  The staff will have bags for accidents and they will pick the bags up.  There will be qualified staff members and local vets on site to talk to.

Need a Pet Sitter?
Register for the PERRUN here.

This type of event is so important to bring up the level of awareness in the dog and cat over population.  When dogs and cats are taken in by the various rescue centers, they are spayed and neutered before being adopted and have their first sets of shots.  This is the only way to stop this epidemic of pets being allowed to breed day in and day out.  One of the local pet rescues will have received well over 1000 dogs this year and is working with a group that takes the puppies to Canada for adoption.  All of these puppies and “Senior” dogs have clean bill’s of health for crossing into the United States.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Bringing Your Pet to Rocky Point

What do you usually do with your pets when you go on vacation? Is it hard for you to leave your puppy behind? Well don’t worry because if you are coming to Mexico your dog can join the family on vacation. United States and Mexican Customs and Border Patrol obviously have very strict rules as to what can be brought back in forth, but according to CPB you can bring up to 3 dogs into Mexico without paying any fees, or buying any permits. Make sure that you DO NOT bring any dog food into Mexico from the US, Mexican border laws prohibit this. Don’t worry though, you will be able to find plenty of options for dog food at the local grocery stores in town, Sams Club, Ley, or Bodega Ahorrera.
Here is a direct quote that should give you a little clearer idea of what the rules are and the most important guidelines: “You need to bring a vaccination card with all rabies certificates in order. dog-on-the-beach If you want to bring more than 3 dogs into Mexico you need to pay a permit of 1817 pesos (this amount is subject to change according to Mexican law.” When coming back into the United States there are a few more rules you must follow in accordance with guidelines that CPB has set. Make sure that the rabies certificate you bring with you shows that your dog has been vaccinated greater than, or equal to thirty days prior to entry into the United States. This certificate needs to identify the dog, confirm the date of vaccination, the date of expiration for the rabies vaccine and be signed by your licensed veterinarian.
If you have any other pets, cats, birds, etc. and you would like to find out what the requirements are to bring them to Mexico and back to the United States, here is the link with all the pertinent information: here.  Mexico is a great place to bring your dog and there are many places where your dog can run around and enjoy Rocky Point, just ensure that you are following the rules set in place by CPB, so you and your pup can make it to Mexico and back safe and sound!

This Weeks Featured Local Business: Pet Effect

This Weeks Featured Local Business; This section of the blog is not reserved only for business, we would like to include more and more foundations and other non-profit organizations. That’s why this week we present to you the “Pet Effect”
We have already talk about the Pet Effect in a previous post just to do a little recap Per Effect is a non-profit organization/Shelter fighting for animal rights in Rocky Point. The Pet Effect rescues dogs from the streets, clean them, vaccine them and spay & neuter to prepare them for adoption. This shelter also offers spay & neuter to the public in general on weekends they only ask a donation of 200 pesos (less than 20usd) for the service, this donation goes directly to help the shelter.

Pet Effect Rocky Point
Pet Effect

Pet Effect was founded in 2011 by Ariadna Zavala accomplishing to help many pets in the past few year, but there’s still a lot of work to do and the shelter needs your help. If you would like to help please contact Ariadna Zaval to this Email: and don’t forget their main site:
Money Donations are accepted but can also donate the following items:

  • Pet Food
  • Gift Cards for PetsMart, PetCo, HomeDepot & Lowes
  • Leashes
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Pet Toys
  • Beds for Dogs & Cats
  • Cat Litter
  • ID Tags

If you would rather to donate your time, you can be a volunteer taking care of the dogs, taking them out for walks or just playing with them.
For More Information Please View this Video:

Pet boarding now in Rocky Point, Finally!

Pet boarding now in Rocky Point!
We totally get it…we are pet lovers too! and it is frustrating when you have to ask for help to pet sit the fury member of your family, if you are lucky enough to have someone who would do that for you.
Nowadays, it is very common to find pet friendly hotels in the United Sates but in Rocky Point, Mexico, is not that easy as many of the resorts and hotels have restrictions.
There are only a few hotels that might take a medium size pet and will subject your reservation to a certain room type and daily charge per pet. In Puerto Peñasco, guests are not allowed to bring pets to the Resorts.

Pet Boarding Puerto Penasco
Pet Boarding

We know is hard to decide on a place that you will be absolutely sure they will take care of your pet as you would. Therefore, we are very excited to inform you that we have a new alternative for you in Rocky Point.
Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa is opening today, March 2nd, with services similar to the ones offered in the States: pet boarding, doggie day care, dog walking, pet grooming, vacation packages and play time.
We are very confident that you will feel that your pet is safe and happy staying with them. It doesn’t matter if you are a local looking for these services or a visitor to Rocky Point looking to have your pet close by during your beach vacation. Rocky Pet hotel will allow you enjoy a long walk on the beach with your dog, or visit your pet while staying at Rocky Pet.
If you wish to know further information on Rocky Pet Services you can reach them at or call 480 823 4341 local number  638 102 0585
…When using the services of Rocky Pet Hotel you contribute to dog and cat rescue in Rocky Point. Please learn more about this in the following video:


The Pet Effect

Pet Effect was founded in 2011 by Ariadna Zavala with an effort to create conscience in the community of Rocky Point Mexico about abandoned and abused pets. There is a big problem with the pet population and abuse in all of Mexico and Rocky Point is no different. Many dogs and cats are seen on the streets struggling to survive and are often badly abused by the locals even though the vast majority are friendly and lovable. It is heartbreaking to see these lovable innocent creatures treated like this when all they want is to survive and love whoever is willing to take them in.

Pet Shelter

So far we have established a shelter for dogs and have plans to expand so we can take in cats as well. With our pet adoption program we are dedicated to teaching locals the importance of being responsible pet owners and what it entails. All of the pets we rescue from the streets are spayed/neutered and receive the appropriate medical treatment they might need. We provide them with food and water and a comfortable living condition until the right person/family takes them in. With your help we can make a big difference and give these loving creatures the life that every pet deserves.
Things we need the most: Food, vets willing to help, collars, toys, volunteers, etc.
For more information you can call Ari @ 480-823-4341 or e-mail:

Pet Shelter in Rocky Point needs your help!

 EPA Shelter in Rocky Point
It is always nice to have company and an unconditional friend next to you that for better or worst will never ask for something in return but your love. There are many of these four legged friends in need of a home where to share their love, we will point you to a very special place that has been working rescuing these little buddies for the last 13 years in Puerto Peñasco: Albergue EPA Dog Shelter
Unfortunately, many people get a dog without thinking of the responsibility that means, they need care, feeding, attention and sometimes a lot of patience. When they realize the amount of work it means to have a pet, they decide to give them away, or just let them free on the streets. The problem is bigger because there’s no culture of spaying and nurturing our pets. This way, many unwanted pets end up living on the streets of Rocky Point where no one takes care of them.  
 There are very few places in Rocky Point that put all their efforts in rescuing these forgotten friends, Albergue EPA Dog shelter in one of them and is in a continuous struggle to feed all the nearly 60 dogs they have in the shelter right now.  

Since the moment the shelter was founded, all rescued animal have been fortunate enough to fall in good hands, these pets have been rescued, and now get the care of volunteers which are responsible for bathing, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them.

This shelter is in great need of your help to continue to support these defenseless animals. They need people like you who love dogs and have a big heart, you can help by giving a little of your time, which will be well rewarded for all the love they receive from these lovely pets. If you are interested to be part of this great community service be assured that you will be well received.

You can also help supporting the shelter donating money or simply food to provide for these little guys, at this moment this is one of their biggest struggles as they’re always short in dog food. Other items needed are cleaning supplies, cat litter, leashes, etc. Any donation will be greatly received.
If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, we encourage you to visit the shelter and give an opportunity to one of these little guys instead of buying one, there are many of them waiting for a nice family to give their love to.

For more information on how to support the shelter please contact Graciela Gracida, she’s responsible for keeping this place running and a certified dog therapist: or email your comments or questions to, you can also leave your post. and remember… Don’t buy a pet, adopt one!