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This Week Featured Local Business: Tequila Factory

This Week Featured Local Business is Tequila Factory.
Tequila Factory is much more than a simple Liquor Store is an Experience. You can find all the best brands of Tequilas, and also their very own Manny’s Beach Club Tequila which is produced in the small town Tequila in the Highlands of the Mexican State ‘Jalisco’. You can also find other products like Agave syrup and flavored Tequilas like Peach, Raspberry, Apple, Chocolate and many more.
Tequila Factory also sells other hard to find tequilas like Tiquilito (Artisan Tequila), Peñasco Tequila and the now famous Mexican Moonshine by the singer songwriter Roger Clyne. And don’t forget to ask for a  very special tour and Tequila Tasting (free) with Fernando where you will learn a little about the history of Tequila and the differences between Silver, Reposado and Añejo.
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Tequila Factory is Open from 10am to 6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
For more information please visit:
Phone Number: (638) 388-0606
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Getting to Know the Rocky Point Nightlife

If you love to party, meet new people, dancing, drinking, going out and cutting loose there is definitely a scene here to get comfortable and enjoy the night. With spring time being just around the corner, night life in Rocky Point is one of the wonderful things you can enjoy on your vacation.  El Mirador which is considered the main strip for clubs is the place you want to check out.
Some night clubs have special guidelines in order to get int the club. Dress conservatively for the culture. Wear the right clothes and shoes, many times we have heard of people not being able to enter a club because of not wearing the right shoes.  Sneakers in these types of clubs are a big no-no.  Security can get a bit strict when it comes to that.  Always make sure to have a picture I.D. even if you’re of age, and most important of all make sure to have money for drinks.  For women don’t carry a purse, but do carry money, credit cards, and I.D. in a small waist belt if possible. Now don’t forget to have your cell phone fully charged for that right picture moment or to add fellow clubbers phone number to your contacts.  There have also been moments when clubbers even carry small personal or business cards. A wise decision for those that have much more experience in the night life scene.
pink cadillac rocky point
Once you enter the club the dance floor is calling your name, don’t dive out onto the dance floor. Relax; give yourself time to check out what’s going on.  Buy yourself a drink and listen to the tunes from the dj. Let your body feel the music’s rhythm, get that dancing mood started for a fun night ahead.  Never drink too much, if possible drink less than what you would at home.  You want to maintain a straight posture in any case a surprising situation comes up. For a word of advice make sure to always notice where the exit signs are in any case something goes wrong you know where to head out to.
Don’t forget to stop by the taco stands that are usually always in front of the clubs after a night out with friends.  So go enjoy the night life scene in any of the clubs Rocky Point has to offer and always remember to be safe.

Rocky Point Night Life

When the sun goes down in Rocky Point there is a change of pace. Instead of the laid-back beach bum attitude, people get dressed up and ready to go dance and party at the clubs that surround the resort area. There are several clubs in Rocky Point, but I will share what I believe were the most fun and also most safe when I was there for Spring Break this March.
The first club I went to in Rocky Point was Changos. Changos is the most convenient club of them all because it is only a 2-minute walk from La Princesa, Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Sun and a very short drive from any other resort in the area. The music from Changos can be heard all along the beach and entices vacationers to come check out the fun. When I was there for Spring Break they had a massive stage set up outside with a DJ booth and a dance floor area. Everybody was always out there having a great time dancing with friends. When you wanted to get a drink you would walk inside to the bar and find a packed house. Waiting for a beer or a tequila shot was not a problem because you could make friends with the other people that were there also waiting. Prices at Changos are very reasonable with shots, beers, and mixed drinks ranging from $3-$8 depending on what you want to drink. The atmosphere in Changos is great and it is a family friendly environment. If you want to hang out in Changos, but not around all the craziness, simply walk over to the tables outside on the patio and enjoy the music from afar.
changos-logo                            wrecked-at-the-reef
The next club that we went to in Rocky Point was Wrecked At The Reef. We went to The Reef for our friend’s birthday party and had a blast! As soon as we got there we went straight to the dance floor where there was a live band playing all kinds of great Spanish rock songs and covers. Wrecked has a very different set up than Changos. With couches and areas for people to lounge, it provides for a more laid back atmosphere than Changos (which isn’t a bad thing, just depends what you are looking for). There is also a great area outside where you can go enjoy the cool ocean breeze and escape the loud music. Walking to The Reef is not recommended, but definitely possible. I walked all the way from The Reef with a friend back to my resort, La Princesa, and it took me about an hour. I started walking along the beach I didn’t realize how long it was going to take me, but it was worth the gamble. Being out on the beach in the middle of the night when there is nobody around is a very cool experience and if you like walking I absolutely recommend making the journey.
Make sure to go check out these clubs and the nightlife in Rocky Point next time you are there for vacation and remember, never drink and drive! There are taxis all over the place, so make the smart choice and make sure you get home safe.