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Rocky Point January News 2017

January has turned out to be full of positive news for Puerto Peñasco. Last week the head of Tourism for Mexico, Enrique de la Madrid along with Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich and Hector Vasquez, head of the local OCV office (Convention and Visitors Bureau) held a conference where they spoke about the impact on tourism in Puerto Peñasco with the 2 million plus people that visited the city in 2016.
In January, Arizona TV Channel 5 did a great piece on the city and the port. Yes, the port will resume once again and the first ship is expected should depart in 2019, with the terminal to be complete in 2018. Governor Pavlovich has put forth a great deal of effort in making sure this project moves forward and gets finished.
Rocky Point as it is known, has a huge Tiburon Baseball team following and the old stadium was usually pretty full, despite the fact that it was in terrible condition. Starting the end of 2016 all that has been changing. There has been an infusion of over $30 million pesos to renovate the stadium. The roof is being re-done along with plumbing, infield work, stadium seats and more and will now also have a sleek modern look. If you are a visitor or a resident, go out and show your support once the season begins. You will be guaranteed a fun time.
Westwind Air Services will start flying into Puerto Peñasco February 10, 2017 from Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix it was announced recently. Their fleet consists of Cessna Grand Caravan planes that seat up to 9.

Caravan Flights Rocky Point

You have 2 options to the flights. Option one is the flight only which is $325 per person round trip or if you want to just fly to Puerto Peñasco, you can but it will still cost you $325.00. There are no one way north bound flights as it is not allowed by regulations. South bound flights are on Fridays and North bound flights are on Sundays. It is a 75 minute flight going and an 1 hour and 45 minute returning as you will clear customs in Tucson. If there are clients in Tucson, you may land there to pick them up and then continue to Rocky Point.
Option 2 is in conjunction with the Peñasco del Sol Hotel. The hotel is located right on the water and has been recently renovated. It features a lovely bar area, great restaurant, beautiful pool area with a man made type beach (if you don’t want to sit on the beach) and is within walking distance to several restaurants. It is $437.00 per person round trip. This includes the flight, RT transfers between Mar de Cortes International Airport and the hotel, taxes, breakfast, welcome cocktail and a two night stay at the hotel (no balcony rooms) and a City Tour. Upgrades are available if there is availability.
For more information about what you will need call them at 1-888-869-0866 or go to So now you have no excuse not to visit.

Penasco del Sol, Rocky Point
Hotel Penasco del Sol

Big Week In Rocky Point!

This has been a very exciting week for us in Rocky Point! A few positive and exciting advancements have happened for Rocky Point throughout the week of June 17th. The first of them being, Aeromexico’s new flights, that depart from either Las Vegas or Hermosillo, officially had their first flight land in Rocky Point yesterday, June 19th. Everyone is excited because these new flights are going to give tourists a new method of transportation to come to Rocky Point that is both affordable and quick, which will hopefully bring more tourists and stimulate the local economy. For more information about when these flights are scheduled click here. Be sure to reserve your flights quick because seating is very limited on these flights.
Another exciting advancement for the Rocky Point community is that the natural Pinacate biosphere has now received a listing on the World Heritage list! If you aren’t familiar with what being on the World Heritage List means, during Tim Jaeger’s delegation tot he World Heritage Committe he describes the honor as being “inscription of this spectacular site on the World Heritage List is extremely welcome recognition of its significant values and impressive local conservation efforts.” El Pinacate is a very popular tourist destination and thanks to the respect people have shown and efforts by local groups to maintain this biosphere, Rocky Point has now earned this listing. Jaeger went on to say “We hope the attention generated by such recognition will help consolidate its conservation for future generations and further increase existing ties between authorities, NGOs, scientists and indigenous peoples in the bordering American part of the Sonoran Desert.” El Pinacate has been around for thousands and thousands of years and we hope it is around for thousands more, so several generations can enjoy it’s beauty.
El Pinacate has 2 very distinct landscapes and offers it’s visitors something different to the East and to the West. To the west you will find a home to 540 species of plants, 44 different species of mammals, over 200 species of birds, along with over 40 species of reptiles and amphibians creatures. The most popular part of El Pinacate, you will find to the east, and it is the massive dormant volcanic shield that was created by the eruption millions of years ago. There are companies in Rocky Point that offer guided tours through El Pinacate and will also share a brief history and some facts about the terrain.