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Frequently asked questions about Puerto Peñasco

There are several Face Book groups on Puerto Peñasco and the same questions keep being asked, so here are some questions asked the most often.

  1. What time does the border close?  Currently the border opens at 6: a.m. and closes promptly at 8:00 p.m.   It does not matter if you are inline, it will close.  This applies to both entry to Mexico and entry to the United States via the Lukeville / Sonoyta crossing.
  2. How much alcohol am I allowed to bring into Mexico? You are allowed to bring in 3 liters. of alcohol or 6 liters of wines, which equates to 8 750 mil bottles per person.  You are allowed 1 liter per month going into the USA.
  3. Can I bring in meat? All meat from hoofed animals such as beef, lamb or pork are allowed if they are in their original package and are frozen.  This is not guaranteed as it is at the whim of the crossing guard.  Technically no dairy products and produce are allowed.  The same rule applies to returning to the United States and they are strict on the enforcement of these rules.  You are allowed to bring back 50 pounds of shrimp and fish to the USA with no issues.  There really is no need to bring anything with you as we have 2 great meat markets that will cut your steaks fresh to your liking or grind hamburger fresh the way you want it.  Things such as butter, cream, milk and cheeses can be gotten at CS Foods or Sam’s Club.  At CS they carry a variety of things that  can not be gotten at other stores like frozen pies, frozen salmon, Jif or Skippy peanut butter, frozen rye  bread as well as other breads, fresh sourdough bread, 3 kinds of frozen bagels and so many more items.
  4. What do I need to bring to bring my dogs or cats down.  You are allowed to bring 2 dogs and cats per car and have your vaccine records handy. Mexico is mainly looking for current rabies records.  Be aware that most condo rentals do not allow pets.  If you need to board your pet, Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa is excellent with clean modern kennels of all size.  Bring only enough food for your stay and again chicken, turkey or fish  only.  If you are staying for an extended time frame you are allowed to bring up to 1 – 50 Lb. bag.  If you need a vet Dr. Adrian Sixto is excellent and is located on Blvd. Freemont or you can also use Serviceos Medicos on Sonora Blvd where Dr. Felix is located and he is very knowledgeable.
  5. Should I bring pesos from the USA or US dollars? You will get a better exchange at the Cambio (money exchange houses) here to buy pesos. Most larger business take credit or debit cards as do the gas stations.  If bringing US dollars, bring the cash in different denominations not all $100 bills.  Smaller businesses may not be able to cash a $100 bill.
  6. Should I be aware of anything when crossing the border into Mexico? You will stop prior to entering where you will get a red or green light.  If you get the green light you should be able to proceed straight ahead, however, there are times they will still stop you.  If you get the red light you will be asked to stop and they may want to check your vehicle and/or asked to step out of the vehicle.  If that happens, make sure you take your cell phone and for the ladies their purse.  There currently are military at the border doing the checking. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO OVER 25 kilometers per hour. If you get stopped for speeding do not pay the officer but ask to go to the Police department. DO NOT BRING GUNS, LIVE ROUNDS OR SHELL CASINGS  as they are illegal and you will spend some time in jail.  When you stop of a stop sign, do a full 5 second stop not a rolling stop.  This 5 second stop applies to driving in  Rocky Point as well.  These are some of the most asked questions, but if you have anything else, please contact me at the information listed below.
  7. Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.  Don’t forget to share us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Feel free to contact me via email or phone at 623-298-4284.  If you any questions Contact Us at or

Dog Rescue Never Ends

Barb’s Dog Rescue has been rescuing dogs for over 20 years and this is a never ending job.  Summer is the hardest time for the rescue as the winter visitors who volunteer have gone home, thus they are short handed, but also what is more important as they can’t find the dog food needed for the mom’s and puppies.  We have to rely on having people bring the puppy chow down case by case.  The Why Not Travel Store has been generous in giving a space for food to be dropped off and then transported to Puerto Peñasco.

At any given day there are over 350 moms and pups.  That doesn’t include the ones that good Samaritans drop off, that have have found injured or badly malnourished and dehydrated.  It cost about $1000 per week for dog food alone and that does not count the medical attention that is needed.  Every dollar that is donated goes to everything involved with the dogs.  In summer, the water is not reliable so it needs to be trucked in to keep fresh water for these sweethearts. The electric costs are very high here in summer and the mom’s and newborn puppies need to stay cool. These are just a few of the major expenses every week that keep are needed to keep the doors open.

It is so rewarding to see the abused dogs flourish once they come to the rescue knowing that they are safe and will receive good food, clean water, a soft and safe place to sleep, but also loving hands to hold them and not abuse them.  If you are in town, you are invited to stop by and give puppy  love.

There is a constant need for dogs to be transported to their adoptive families or the partners such as HALO while they wait to be adopted.  If you are traveling back to Phoenix or Tucson and would love a furry travel companion, please contact the rescue to arrange to transport a couple.  Barb’s provides all the papers and shot records for you to take them across the border to their destination.  Transporting them allows the rescue to make room for more new arrivals that need help.  All dogs are also spayed or neutered before leaving the rescue. Remember there is never a charge to adopt a dog, but donations of either food or cash are welcome to continue the work of the rescue.

If you are thinking of getting a new furever family pet, please check out all the energetic puppies as well as senior dogs that reside at Barb’s Dog Rescue that are available.  They can be visited from 10 am to 2 pm every day of the week.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Amador Dental Care has moved to a new location

The Amador Dental Clinic has opened it’s doors in a new location. Dr. Shirley Amador Garcia and her husband Paul Amador Chong opened on Blvd. Freemont in the Plaza del Sol Center early August.  As you  know Dr. Shirley is a General and Cosmetic dentist and Paul is a Registered Dental Hygienist.   This is the center that Chef Mickey and Mic Mickey’s is located in.  The new office is on the left side of the center facing Blvd. Freemont.

Dr.Shirley Amador and her husband Paul Amador Chong in fornt of their new office

You will still have the personalized service as you received before or even better as they believe in dental care with a heart.  When you go here, you are treated like family.  They are committed to your dental health.  Every morning they have “huddles” with the staff to make certain that patient is #1.  They work with and train the front desk to be accurate, so that the patient doesn’t drive to Puerto Peñasco only to find there appointment was not entered in the log.  Because of their work ethics they treat the staff as equals and that way everyone is working as a team.

Paul Amador
Paul Amador greeting one of his old patients at the new location.

This is state of the art dental X-ray equipment

In their new location, with the help of a new machine, they can do total Panoramic x-rays that acts much like a MRI machine. It scans the entire mouth both top and bottom and can detect TMJ, infections, bone issues, sinuses and more.  It is totally digital and non-evasive as far as radiation goes.  When it is finished, it will show your whole mouth on the computer screen that is in each office.  This in conjunction with conventional X-ray photos will provide a total picture of your mouth and gums.  They also use a smaller camera unlike the  old camera’s that had a big piece of X-ray material to get into your mouth.

Amador Dental Care
Hand held X-ray

The facility has a total RO (Reverse Osmosis) system that meets the highest standards thro0ughout.  While you are having your dental work done, they have over head televisions watch to take your mind off of things and relax.

Dental Care
Sit back and relax while getting your teeth cleaned or any other dental procedure done

This husband and wife team have been together in this field for over 12 years. They met in dental school and the rest is history.   They have 3 other doctors that will come and preform specialized dental procedures. They have Dr. Raymond Lopez, Endodontist who specializes in root canals, oral surgeries will bring Dr. Adrian Brau from Hermosillo and Dr. Andreas Garcia who is a Periodontist in Mexicali.

Dr. Shirley and Paul also volunteer at the Rocky Medical Clinics in the San Rafael area when they hold dental clinics as they believe in giving to others less fortunate.

Please give them a call or stop in and see the new facility and make your appointment to make that smile even more beautiful.  You may reach them from the USA at 602-773-1058 or in Mexico at 638-388-7308. Their email is

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Important information for U.S. citizens!

Smart traveler enrollment program logo

Recently the U.S. Consul General from Nogales, Virginia Staab and the Consular Section Chief, J. Michael Harvey  put on a presentation for all U.S. citizens living in Puerto Peñasco.  They covered a lot of issues that were of concern to many in the crowd such a Bank Trusts and buying property in Mexico.  They also stated that they are going to try to have meetings every 3 months.

One of the most important things they informed the group about is a program called STEP or Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.  This is a free service and your information will not be shared with anyone other branch of the United States government such as the IRS, etc.  What this program does is to let the U.S. Consulate know that you are either living or visiting abroad by registering at the nearest U.S. Consulate. By registering you will receive important travel warnings and other safety conditions in your destination country in order to help you make informed decisions about your travel plans.  It will help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency, whether it is a natural disaster, civil unrest or a family emergency.  It will also help family and friends get in touch with you in case of an emergency.

In all areas of Mexico where there is a large population of American’s living you will find people that are volunteers for the U.S. Consulate and they are referred to as Wardens.  The job of these volunteers is to help you or a loved one in case of emergency.  For example if your child who might be here on “Spring Break” should get hurt and is taken to the hospital or clinic, the U.S. Consulate will notify the warden who then goes to see what the person needs.  They will be asked to sign a Privacy Act form, so that the warden can give you as a parent all the info on the injured person.  This can relate to auto accidents or anything effecting a tourist or resident in Mexico. In Rocky Point there are 2 people to contact, one being Rick Busa and the other is myself Beverly Arrowood.  Although we have not had to be called on very often, know that we are here to help when needed.

To register simply go to or for a specific country like Mexico go to  It is very simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes.  You can register individuals or groups traveling to Mexico.

You can also reach the U.S. Consulate General in Nogales during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) by dialing 01-81-8047-3145 from Mexico or 011-52-81-8047-3145 if calling from the U.S.  For emergencies out side of the normal business hours or weekends the number to call from Mexico is 001-619-841-3203 and if calling from the U.S. 1-619-841-3203.

If you would like information on the services provided by the U.S. Consulate General in Nogales you can reach them at

Stunning winter sunsets in Puerto Peñasco, Mexicocase of

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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2017 PERRUN …1st Annual Dog Run 2017

1st Annual Dog Run will be held October 29th starting at 9:00 am on the Malecon in the Old Port of Puerto Peñasco.  The funds from this event will go to the local Pet Rescue Centers in Rocky Point.  As with many cities in Mexico, Rocky Point, is not immune to an over population of dogs and cats.  The rescue centers are hit hard especially in summer when all the mom’s have their babies.  There are always campaigns to spay or neuter your cat or dog, but it is a very difficult task to accomplish.   Now days the children are being better educated in the schools about how to take care of your forever friend, but old habits are hard to break.

Perrun Dog Run 2017

The event will be #1 a 5K run and #2 a walk.  When you enroll to participate in the run you will be looking to win either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  If you and your dog are not into running, sign up for the walk and this will be a short walk around the area.  The cost to register is $250.00 pesos and that is for the owner and 1 or 2 dogs.  The day of the event only cash will be accepted. If you just want to donate cash, you may take your donation to Rocky Vet before the day of the event and Dr. Adrian Sixto will make sure it goes where it is needed.  You may also donate dog or cat food, cat liter or toys at the event.

Rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Miss Sadie adopted at the Rocky Point Rally by Rick Busa November 2016

There are several ways to register for the events.  You can go directly to either Rocky Vet or Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa.  They are located about 4 blocks south of Numeros or you can take the road north of the rail road tracks left off Sinaloa and follow the signs.    Registration can also be done the day of the event on the Malecon.  It is important that you can show proof of current vaccinations in order to enter.  If you dog has anxiety or can become nervous, they ask that you have muzzles or e-collars for them.   The organizers do ask that you be on time in order to hear the schedule and you will also receive some gifts.

You can also go to the following sites to receive further information.
638 127 7669 (WhatsApp)
Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point
Rescue puppies waiting for their forever home.

No pet… no problem.  You can still enter to walk with other pets and their owners.  This a great way to learn about the dogs and socialize with them.  There is a 2 dog limit per person as to not over run anyone.  All dogs must be on leashes and not be aggressive.  The staff will have bags for accidents and they will pick the bags up.  There will be qualified staff members and local vets on site to talk to.

Need a Pet Sitter?
Register for the PERRUN here.

This type of event is so important to bring up the level of awareness in the dog and cat over population.  When dogs and cats are taken in by the various rescue centers, they are spayed and neutered before being adopted and have their first sets of shots.  This is the only way to stop this epidemic of pets being allowed to breed day in and day out.  One of the local pet rescues will have received well over 1000 dogs this year and is working with a group that takes the puppies to Canada for adoption.  All of these puppies and “Senior” dogs have clean bill’s of health for crossing into the United States.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Rocky Vet Hospital is NOW OPEN

Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa are pleased to announce they have opened Rocky Vet Hospital  under the direction of Dr. Adrian Sixto  Resendiz.  If you are looking for a great vet, this will be the place to go.  The facility is modern complete with x-ray equipment, surgery room, wellness room for routine check ups for both cats and dogs.

Great young vet
Dr. Adrian

Dr. Adrian has taken care of our German Shepherds now for over 3 years and is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable  young vet. They have a complete dispensary of medicines as well as 2 different new kennel areas. One kennel area is for regular patients and the other is for pets that may have parvo or distemper so they don’t contaminate  the other animals.

Roomy kennels
Large and small kennels

Dr. Adrian has been a vet for 10 years and worked in Mexico City for 7 years before joining “Servicios Medicos Veterinarios” 3 years ago here in Rocky Point.  In his new position, the owners of Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa are very interested in his practice and to learn more about how to evolve in animal health care. There services offer General Physical Examinations, General and Specialized Surgery, Internal Medicine, Hospitalization, Laboratory and RX, Emergency and more.

New X-ray
Modern x- ray equipment

If you haven’t been to the facility, they are located on Calle Cypress #1B enter Calle Rosas (12th de October) y Calle 10.  In other words there are 2 ways to get there.  First is to get on Sinaloa if you are coming from Freemont and as soon as you pass over the railroad tracks, make a left and go down about 3 blocks and you will see the sign and make a right.  The second way is to take the street to the right of “Numeros” and go south for about 3 block, make a left and then the 1st right and it will be down about half way to the tracks.  Their phone number is 638-102-0555 (24 hours)  or   you can email him at  You might want to go and check out where it is and how to get there in case of an emergency. Their hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm.

Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa also do an excellent job at grooming you fur ever friends.  Our Tucker and Frida actually look forward to going there for grooming and Dahlia is so sweet with them.  Their number is 480-823-4341 or 638-102-0585.  They also have a reward program after 6 grooming’s you get the 7th one FREE.

Rocky Medical Center: The Doors Are Open

It is official, Dr. Jesus Gonzales,M.D. and his wife are back from visiting their children and grand children in Texas and New Mexico and he is ready to see his patients. Please take time and stop by to see the great facilities and equipment he has to treat you or any friends that you have who may fall ill or get hurt. Rocky Medical Center is located on Benito Juarez, just south of the Coca Cola Plant on the right hand side going north. You will enter between 2 arches and wind around to the large building on the left.
The goal of Rocky Medical Center is to provide the best medical care in Puerto Peñasco and remember Dr. Gonzales is bi-lingual as is his wife and staff.

Rocky Medical Center
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

He is currently installing the basic X-Ray equipment and will have a complete Imaging Center, Digital X-Ray, Ultra Sound and as far as I know the only CTSCAN in this area. As I stated previously there will be several doctors on staff for everything from child birth to plastic surgery and dentistry.
If you are currently living in Rocky Point, I would encourage you to stop by to visit and if you have a doctor in the USA, please bring your medical records along, so that he can have a full profile on you. I believe it is a great idea to sign up for the annual Rocky Medical Service Membership Plan that he has available and it is very reasonable for either, singles, married or families. Dr. Gonzales believes in preventive medicine so by having your records, he will know your history.
Rocky Medical Center
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

It is a good idea to stop by and visit, so that you know where it is and how to get there in case of an emergency.
If you are planning on attending the Rocky Point Rally, you might want to purchase the weekend policy that will be available and it can be gotten either at the registration area at Barklin Gas/Circle K or stop by the Rocky Medical Center on your way in.
If you would like to set an appointment with Dr. Gonzales, you may do so by calling his cell 638-110-1898 or the Rocky Point Medical Center direct at 102-0739.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Rocky Medical Center
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

If you have any questions about Rocky Point or Hotel & Resort Reservations Please Call:  1-800-997-9431

Rocky Medical Center in Puerto Peñasco

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Manuel Palacio the person behind Rocky Medical Center to talk about the center and Rocky Point in general. We laughed as I reminded him when we first met, I didn’t have gray hair and we laughed. I asked him why he decided to build the facilities which included a luxury spa and complete medical and dental facility. He, like myself and many others who know that you can’t just rely on tourism, felt that Puerto Peñasco needed something more to attract people. That in theory that was great, but then came the market crash. He opened the operation just prior to the crash and so it took it’s toll, as did condo sales and other tourism related businesses here.
Fast forward to today, we will still rely heavy on tourism and with the cruise ship departure port moving forward, but we have to look to other avenues to attract people to Puerto Peñasco. As we all know the cost of medical, dental and prescriptions cost a fraction of what they cost in the United States. So why not lean towards the medical field? This facility can do plastic surgery and already has 2 accredited doctors that come here from Hermosillo and Caborca to perform such operations and another plastic surgeon who has the foresight to come here and leave Mexico City, D.F.

Surgery Room in Puerto Penasco
Surgery Room
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

At the time of this article, they have on staff a General Surgeon, Dr. Jesus Antonio Rubio Alvarado, Dental Surgeon is Dr. Lucero Moreno Noriega, OB/GYN is Dr Miguel Angel Perea Ruelas, Plastic surgeon is Dr. Ramiro Espinoza Mata and Doctor of General Medicine is Dr. Jesus Gonzales, Gaytan.
The dental program is up and running and by appointment only, the dentist will meet you there to take care of your needs. No more making an appointment and driving down here only to find the dentist went out of town for a few days. Should you need extensive work, they will have available suites to stay in. You can just sit back and relax in one of the 4 suites that are currently being finished.
Surgery Room in Rocky Point
Surgery Room
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

In addition to the above mentioned rooms, they have an additional 14 rooms to act as the place where the doctor examines you, just like the United States. There is a lot of room for expansion on the grounds as well. Somewhere down the road, they may me able to offer an extended care facility for folks that want to live here, but don’t want the idea of owning a home or condo.
Now with the addition of Dr. Gonzales formerly of the Sandy Beach Medical Center, they can offer 24/7 care. Manuel expressed the need for such a thing seeing the amount of tourist traffic we receive every year.
Birthing Room in Puerto Penasco
Birthing Room.
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

In addition to the maternity room, where during the past year they have had many women giving birth there is a general surgery room as well.
In regards to Plastic Surgery that also is by appointment only. The clinic is open 10-6 daily and you can come by to make the appointment or call (638) 102-0739 or email to
I think from the pictures posted here, you can see this is a first class center and will only get better as we add more doctors.

Medical Center in Mexico

Exciting Medical News Flash

Sandy Beach Medical Center is joining with Rocky Medical Center to provide you with the same excellent and professional care as in past years. It is located on Benito Juarez just south of the Coca Cola plant on Benito Juarez. Medical care is open to anyone with a medical condition or accident and Dr. Jesus Gonzales-Gaytan, M.D. is fluent in English and Spanish as is his staff. There will be doctors on staff at all times. This facility will be a full care medical center when it opens.

Rocky Medical Center
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The center should be ready to open it’s doors within the next couple of weeks. Dr. Gonzales and his wife will be on the property 24/7 to meet all of your medical needs. As I have stated previously, he saved my life on more than one occasion when I went into shock from a reaction to sulfa drugs.
Rocky Medical Center
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

He has a plan for people that reside here most of the year that gives you almost everything you need from a check up to x rays and blood work ups, EKG’s, etc. It is well worth it and it beats driving to Phoenix for something that can be done locally. At the time of this article the annual cost for an individual is $850.00 USD or $1350 for a couple living in the same household or $1650.00 USD for a family of 2 adults and 2 children 18 and younger. These prices include IVA tax. A complete list of coverage is available from or
Rocky Medical Center
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

He will be providing a Rocky Point Medical Coverage plan for medical coverage from November 11- November 15 (Rocky Point Rally) at the center for 24 hour coverage per day. You all know you insure your bike when you come down, but what about YOU? Most US policies are not accepted here and most Doctors no longer take credit cards. The reason for this is once you go home feeling good.. you DISPUTE your charge and the doctor is stuck trying to get paid.
Rocky Medical Center
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The Rocky Point Medical Treatment Plan is only $25 USD for each registrant at the Rocky Point Bike Rally. If you are planning to be in Rocky Point on that weekend, and decide you would like to have some coverage it will be available at the Rocky Medical Center and you don’t have to be a biker. The list below is what is covered.
Rocky Point Rally 2015
The crowd waiting to register

Acute Allergic Reaction, Rashes, Allergies
Lung Disease Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis
Laceration Repairs, Wound care, Stingray
Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains
Bike, 4-Wheeler, Rhino Accidents
Cardiac Disease (Chest Pains, Angina, Heart Attacks) EKG, evaluation, stabilization
X-Rays, Basic laboratory blood work
Ambulance Services
Maximum coverage of $2,000 USD
Rocky Point Rally 2015
Oscar Palocio head of this party for now 15 years and Beverly Arrowood, Head of Registration

They will have similar programs both individual and family plans for other large holidays, so please check here and we will keep you updated.
Rocky Point Rally 2015
Great paint jobs

Again, remember The Rocky Medical Center is located just south of the Coco Cola plant on the east side of the highway coming into town. Easy to get into with a guarded gate. Even if you don’t buy any type of coverage, stop in and see the center and all it has to offer. I will be doing another blog as we get closer to the rally so that you know where and how to buy the coverage.
Rocky Point Rally 2015
Rick Busa “you want me to go where”?

Medical Care in Mexico

I am often asked about medical care in Mexico. Let me say it is probably the best I have had. What I love about it, is that I can call the doctor when I am sick and get in the same day and generally within a short time frame. Office visits are $300 pesos or so or about $22.00 USD. We have one of the best internal medicine doctors in Mexico, Dr. Jose Gonzales Gonzales here as well as any other specialist that one would need. In an emergency, and it is something that can not be taken care of here, you can be transported to the US border and picked up on the US side. The doctors offices are very up to date as is the hospital and if you need ex-rays or similar test they are modern also. Again prices are reasonable by US standards. I will confirm, but I am told that the Sandy Beach Emergency Center also takes VA insurance, but I have not been able to confirm with Dr. Gonzales.
Our dentists are some of the best, very well trained and reasonable. I can truly say I actually like to go to Dr. Yamamoto for dental work as his off office is so relaxing. He does not rush things and makes certain everything is healed before he goes on to the next step. Many people come here just for dental work.


Pharmacies abound through out town and all have reasonable prices, but our favorite is Santiago’s on Benito Juarez. If he does not have it in stock, you can usually get it the next day. Very good prices and English spoken very well. He always has a smile for you.
Many of our friends also get their vision checks, frames and lenses here at Botica Lux, again English spoken and very good prices and great service. Name brand frames as well as contacts. Next time you are here stop in to see them. I always carry my eye glass prescription with me as you never know if you might break something.
Please come down and check us out for all of your medical needs.

Doctor in Mexico