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Whale Watching in Puerto Peñasco

It  is that time of the year when the whales once again make their appearance in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. However the main Whale Watching usually begins the end of January/March. It is absolutely amazing to see these gentle giants swim close enough that they can be seen from the condos on Sandy Beach.  In this area we have Humpback and Fin whales.  While you are in Rocky Point any time in the next couple of months, do yourself a favor and take advantage of one of the Whale Watching Trips.  Along the way you are also likely to have the Dolphins accompany you and they do put on a show as they weave back and forth under and around your boat.  Recently a couple of small whales have been sighted just off shore, but we will be in full swing to Whale Watch within a couple of weeks or so.  When we see them is up to the whales.

You can choose whatever type of craft you would like to go out on.  The following are the ones that offer not only Whale Watching, but they do Sunset trips, Bird Island trips (here you can enjoy the antics of the Sea Lions and their pups and a vast array of Marine life) or Fishing Charters.

Whale Watching on the Sea of Cortez.

Whale Watching
Join the fun on the Eco Fun

Eco Fun
Whale watching with Eco Fun

1) Eco Fun is a 81’Catamaran that provides not only great picture taking opportunities  but also has a complete open bar and 2 different snacks.  You will not be disappointed with service of the crew. $45.00 USD pp for adults, $35.00 USD guests 11 years to 17 years and $25.00 USD for guests 3 years – 10 years. Maximum people for Whale Watching is 80.  This is a great boat to do the Bird Island tours on so that you can swim with the Sea Lions and their pups and see Bird Island up close and personal.  They carry on board Kayak’s as well for your pleasure.  The sales office is located in the Baja Cantina Hotel on Matamoras in the Mirador area or phone them at 638-388-9699 or send an email to

 Pancho VIlla 1

Whale watching
57′ Pancho Villa Whale Watching

2) Pancho Villa Charters:  Climb aboard this 57′ California yacht and sit back and enjoy.  Pancho Villa Charters is a 12 year old family operated business and is named after the famed Franscisco “Pancho” Villa who was one of the most notable figures in the Mexican Revolution.  It has recently under gone a remodel. It is available for Whale Watching, fishing, Wine Wednesday Sunsets and private charters.  They personally meet with the client to make sure they get the most desirable trip ever and will cater to food and beverage preferences of the group. Whale watching is $50.00 USD pp or a 3 hour swim cruise.  Want to go fishing it is $80.00 half day and $30.00 USD for the 2 hour sunset cruise or bay cruise.  To make your reservation call 602-904-1700.

Del Mar
Whale Watching Up Close and Personal

3) Del Mar Charters: This 42′ Catamaran  is ideal for Whale Watching going out in small groups.  This catamaran holds a minimum of 4 passengers and a maximum of 18 which is ideal for picture taking.  It features lots of deck space for walking around as well as a net that will hold 8-10 people.  Until sighting is in full swing they will not be taking any reservations.  At the time of this writing the cost is $45.00 per person and it includes water, soda, margaritas and bottled beer.

They also offer trips to Bird Island and the cost for it is $90.00 per person and it includes snorkel gear, water, soda, margaritas, bottled beer and a burrito for lunch.  Plan on a 4-6 hour trip. Here you can snorkel, swim or kayak with the Sea Lion pups.  You can also choose from a day sail or sunset cruise.

Along with all of this you may opt for a fishing trip that will take you out up to 10 miles.  They have 26′-29′ boats that is $310.00 for up to 5 people and $50.00 extra for each additional persons up to a max of 7.  They provide everything from fishing license plus all the equipment to fish.   Drinks and snacks are not provided but you can bring your own.  For more information go to their face book page or email them at

Although you will NOT see Orca’s near Puerto Peñasco, they were recently sighted near to Puerto Lobos south of Rocky Point.  They also visit once a year and as you can see from the pictures from and arturo’sdiving& they really put on a show.  These big guys were recently spotted by a group of divers from Rocky Point.

Jumping waiting to prey for food.

Orca’s in Puerto Lobos

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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RV Caravans to Puerto Penasco Part 2

In the previous blog about RV Caravans coming to Puerto Peñasco, we touched on how these groups get here and where they come from.  In part 2 we will be addressing several things to do once you are here as well as what you can and can not bring into Mexico.

After sitting down with Charlie and Geri Sing from The Rambling Suns RV Club  (Sun City Elk’s Lodge 2559 who will be the hosts for the trip in October of 2018, one comes to realize that there is a lot of planning that has to go into these caravans when you have a minimum of 20 RV”s traveling together and not just to and from Rocky Point.  These trips have to be planned far in advance in order to get the reservations at the RV parks.  As stated previously, at one time there were 9 RV parks in Puerto Peñasco and now there are 2 large ones that are on the water that can accommodate that many rigs plus all the other rigs that are already there.

El Tapeo for wine tasting

So now the 20 plus rigs from the Sun City Elk’s Lodge have arrived at Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach and have set up home for a week.  What do they do next?  Usually at the end of the day there is a social or happy hour, followed by an evening pot luck dinner with lots of conversation going on.  These groups are made up of folks of all ages so there is something for everyone.

Here is a  list of suggested things for them to see our city and everything we have to offer.

1)  Tour the Pinacate Biosphere where they will see where Apollo 11 astronauts trained for the Moon landing.

Pinacate Biosphere
View from visitor center

2)  Be adventuresome and go Zip Lining

3)  Golf? Las Palomas, Mayan Palace or Laguna Del Mar will not disappoint the beginner or avid golfer.

4)  Fishing? Go out with Capt. Adolfo Perez on his charter boats or if you want choose one of the Pangas.

5)  Sunset Cruises? Choose from Senorita Rita, Intrepid, Pirate Ships, Eco Tours or About Time are just  few of the  choices.

One of our many sunset boats
Rey Del Mar (The Pirate Ship)

6)  Tour the Oyster Farm for lunch, they also serve shrimp, clams and fish.  You can take a tour for this event.

7) City Tour join Russ Black on a great City Tour.

8)  Julio Mesa Shell Artist, he will come to Playa Bonita or go to his shop and see him at work and learn how much goes into the pieces of art.

9)  Satisfied Frog the end of the Malecon great food and right on the water.  Yes it is the Satisfied Frog from Cave Creek, AZ.

10) Cholla Bay: go out in the bay and find sand dollars or go to JJ’s and have a cold beer and enjoy the tide swings which can be huge.

11) Shopping anyone?  The shops on the Malecon, Mercedes Rusticos in the Old Port ( a must stop) and Rodeo Drive are all great choices.

12) Old Port: Check out Boo Bar, Shark Bite, Blue Marlin, Mr. Amigo’s or the Tequila Bar for lunch or a cold beverage.

Stunning views
View from the Malecon

Picture yourself here!
Puerto Peñasco Sunset


13) Need dental work done?  Imagen Oral, Dr. Yamamoto are just a few for you to choose from.

When you are coming to Mexico, make sure you have insured your rig and tow vehicle if you have one. This can be done from the USA either on line  from several different companies. But it is a must!!

When you are in a caravan, as you enter into Mexico, you probably will all get the green light, which means proceed slowly.  If you are traveling in groups of 3 or more, you may get the red light which means stop or they may just wave you on through.  If you travel with your fur babies be it dogs or cats, have their shot records handy (they are looking for the rabies shot).  If you are coming for more than a week and need a large bag of dog food, chicken is allowed but no beef.  An example is the 38 lb. bag of Kirkland Chicken is allowed if it is sealed.

Here is a partial  list of things that you can not bring into Mexico. The whole list is very long, so this gives you an idea.

Plants, eggs, dairy products, beef and pork products.  Depending who’s list you are looking at, these can change.  If you are coming at Thanksgiving, you are allowed  one turkey per vehicle (as they recognize this is a big American holiday).

You can bring in 6 liters of wine plus the 3 liters of alcohol, but remember you can only take 1 liter back into the USA.  Again with Sam’s Club in Rocky Point, there is no need to haul down a lot of stuff.  You can buy cases of bottled water, chicken, meat, pork, cheese, eggs  at Sam’s or Ley’s.  The town also features the best FRESH SHRIMP and FISH, a lot of great fresh produce markets and a couple of butcher shops.  Remember if you are a meat eater, some of the best beef in Mexico is raised in the State of Sonora.

If you have any questions about what you can and can not bring, please feel free to email me at and I will provide you with an answer.  Maps of Rocky Point are available, just send an email.

So come on down, sit and relax and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer.  The people are friendly, no traffic congestion, great food, warm weather, beautiful clean soft sandy beaches and sunsets.

Ride the hoses on the beach
Horse back riding

Activities/Excursion Directory for Rocky Point

There are several different business that offer a variety of activities, excursions, and tours in Rocky Point. Here is a list of some of the businesses that will make your vacation in Rocky Point even better:
RussBus Van Tours
Russ Black is an American who has been a Puerto Penasco local since 2007.  Finding his niche, Russ Black started Penasco Recreation Company and has began offering tourists something called RussBuss Van Tours. Russ Black described RussBus Van tours as “RussBus Van Tours are designed to help you get to know the area a little better while having fun with your family, or friends. Your tour guide is me, Russ. Picture1And  I absolutely love this place! My wife and I have discovered some pretty cool corners of Penasco! I think that you should know them too.” If it is your first time visiting Penasco, RussBus Van tours might be exactly what you need to familiarize yourself with the area. There are 4 different kinds of tours offered by Russ Black, so be sure to check and see which one most interest you. To find find out more info about tours and pricing refer below.

You can contact Russ at:

MEX Cell: 011-521-638–113-4591
 MEX Office: 011-52-638-388-5004

EcoFun Rentals

EcoFun Rentals is a company in Rocky Point that gives you the chance to rent any beach equipment you might need during your trip to Rocky Point, book an exciting adventure in the Penasco area, or try a unique activity such as the V-Flyer trampoline. EcoFun Rentals has done a great job of covering a tourists needs and offers rentals such as: Kayaks, snorkeling equipment, ATVs, boogie boards,  and bicycles. 1If you were looking to book an excursion in Rocky Point and go for an adventure EcoFun Rentals offers city tours by van or ATV, tours to “El Pinacate Biosphere”, trips to San Jorge Island (seal island), or a beautiful sunset cruise in the Sea of Cortez. At certain locations EcoFun Rentals offers tourists the chance to play on the V-Flyer Trampoline, or test your climbing skills on the fiberglass rock wall. Use the contact information below to find out more information about what hotels in the Rocky Point area offer these services and rentals and where to go to book your next tour.
Call EcoFun Rentals: US (602) 635 – 3736 or Mexico +52 (638) 388 9699
Rocky Point SUP Rentals

What does SUP stand for? It means “Stand Up Paddle board.” Stand Up Paddle boarding is a new hobby that has been sweeping the nation for the

Stand Up Paddle

past few years now. It offers individuals the same sensation of surfing (riding a wave while standing up on a board) without the difficult learning curve of learning how to paddle with your arms and properly stand up on a surf board. On a paddle board it still feels like you are surfing, but you use a paddle to maneuver yourself through the waves. Paddle boarding is an incredible work out and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Puerto Penasco usually has calm waters and has great conditions for a family to go out on their first paddle boarding adventure. If you get tired on your
paddle board you can always sit on it and act as if it were a regular surf board. These boards are usually “longboards” and are much easier to stand and balance on than the typical short surf boards you see the surfers riding on television.
Call for more info: +52 638 384 4248
Kayak Rocky Point
Kayak Rocky Point is a great business in Rocky Point! If you want to rent a typical paddle kayak, a pedal kayak, or a sail kayak this is the place you want to go. All of the kayaks are Eco friendly and can be delivered directly to your beach house or condo. Kayak-Bird-Island-Rocy-Point If you aren’t familiar with a kayak and just starting out, no worries, they offer lessons for an hourly rate. With Kayak Rocky Point you can also book guided tours to local estuaries, fishing tours, kayaking and snorkeling excursions, kayak sunset tours, or just general usage. Rates are available by the hour, day, weekend, or weekly rates.
Call for more info: +52 (638) 103-2038
CEDO stands for Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. This is an organization who’s mission is “to empower coastal communities in the Northern Golf of California region with the knowledge and tools to create sustainable livelihoods that exist in concert with the surrounding natural and multicultural environment.” Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 4.29.25 PM If you are interested in helping the environment, but also want a chance to experience some new parts of nature you haven’t seen before, CEDO is a great way to do both of these things. CEDO has several events organized throughout the summer for people to participate in if interested. For example on June 19th for example on June 19th CEDO is organizing a hike for newcomers in Morua Estuary; you will learn about the diversity of life found in this estuary such as fiddler crabs, snails, fish and birds. When asked about CEDO, Dr. Ezcurrza only had kind words to say: “By promoting environmental awareness, disseminating knowledge and encouraging participation, CEDO is a fundamental force driving civic dialogue and transparent decision-making. CEDO has been the promoter of a vision: the vision of an open participatory society consciously building its own future.” For more information about CEDO, the different events and talks they host, or further contact information visit their website:
Visit the Tequila Factory
Mexico is well-known for it’s tequila, so why not take some time to visit a place where tequila is made? The Tequila Factory in Rocky Point is a 3 generation family owned business that makes some of the most unique tequila in Mexico! This tequila is made with no added chemicals and 100% blue agave. When you visit the Tequila Factory you can do a few different things. tequila_products1You can take a tour of the facility and have a chance to ask questions about the processes that are undergone in the factory. You can do tequila tasting and have the chance to taste 6 different types of tequilas (9 flavors) and to finish off the day you can take a photo and be added to their photo wall. The Tequila Factory is open daily from 10am – 6pm and can be contacted directly at 638) 388 0606. Their address is Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Sonora, Mex. Blvd. Juarez & 12th Street, in Plaza California.
yogaRP copy
If you love doing Yoga then you’ve come to the right place. What better place to find peace and tranquility than next to the beautiful Sea of Cortes? Yoga sessions are offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7:30-8:30am in front of Las Palomas resort by Avril Sangeeta. Come relax and sooth your soul with us!

Kayaking in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is not only margaritas and sunsets with an ocean view, well… there is a lot of that, but there are many activities you can do in Rocky Point’s calm waters of this beautiful beach town. One popular activity we present to you today is Kayaking.
What is Kayaking? Kayaking is the use of a kayak to move across the sea, river or any water surface. A Kayak is very similar to a canoe with the difference in the sitting position a Kayak is where the paddler faces forward, legs in front using a double bladed paddle.

Kayaking in Rocky Point

Kayaking in Rocky Point is a very easy thing to do. You don’t need to be an expert, the convenient location of Rocky Point in the northern part of the state of Sonora, makes the water currents very calm and there are no big waves, thanks to the Baja Peninsula that blocks a big part of the Pacific Ocean making it great for this kind of activities and also for water skiing and other water sports.
There are several companies that rent Kayaks in town you can rent one from an hour or for a week whatever works with you. They can even deliver the Kayak to your resort of choice. Kayaking in Rocky Point is very safe and the experts will guide you through a safety course with all the information you need to know about the local sea, weather, tides and currents. Of course you also get a life jacket with the rent of your Kayak!

You can Kayak the coast of Rocky Point from la Choya to Sandy Beach or any route you choose, you can ask the experts any question about this and they will help you to adjust any detail to your liking. You can cruise around Rocky Point with your Kayak and even go fishing on it, most Kayaks have fishing pole holders.
You can use a Kayak to tour Rocky Point and  go Snorkeling, but if you rather have a guided experience, some companies also offer guided tours one of them is:
Contact they can take you to a guided tour like fishing to the local reefs, Estuary Tours, Sunset Tours, Snorkeling, sightseeing and family fun tours.
Prices Ranging for the tours from $11 to $35 USD.
For More information please Visit:
There is another company called you can contact them for more information about Kayaking they also offer: Scuba diving Courses, Snorkeling, Charters, Bird Island Diving Charters, Fishing Charters, Ultralight flights & Sunset Cruises
For More info about Sonoran Scuba:
PADI Dive & Activity Ctr.
Sonoran Sea Resort
Road to “La Choya” Km. 3.5 (about 2 miles)
Zip Codel: 83550
Phone Number: (638) 382 8251 ext. 2100

Bird Island in Rocky Point: Fun under the Sea of Cortes

Bird Island Rocky Point Sea of Cortes
Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico

Isla San Jorge is located just 43 kilometers from Puerto Penasco Sonora, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations today, located in northwestern Mexico in the Upper Gulf of California. The island is also known in English as “Bird Island” and is part of a group of islands in a protected area in the Sea of Cortes.
Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is best known for housing a colony of about 2,500 sea lions, making it the largest colony of its species in Mexico. Taking a trip to Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is an amazing experience. As you approach the island you can hear the sounds (barking) made by sea lions and watch dolphins escort the approaching boats to the island. During the season from November to April you can see species such as whales and killer whales traveling north of the Gulf to areas of outcrop.
Sea Lions in Rocky Point Bird Island
Al colony of more than 2,500 sea lions live in Bird Island

California sea lions like to play on the reefs, or sunbathe on the rocks and visitors can easily watch as they interact with nature and each other. Being able to see enjoy these mammals in their natural habitat has proved a great attraction for locals and foreigners in the region.
You can carry out various activities on your trip such as taking a boat trip to the island, fishing, snorkeling and diving, and also a simple stroll through the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortes can be unforgettable.
There is opportunity to do this ride in private boats but other methods of transportation such as kayaks and rides in speed boats are offered to wander around the island. You can always find your preferred service to get the best benefit from this experience.
Kayak Bird Island Rocky Point
Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling are some of the fun activities to practice when visiting Bird Island in Rocky Point Mexico.

For diving and snorkeling trips you will be given the necessary gear and depending on the excursion, it may include lunch and beverages.
Beyond these activities the island of San Jorge in Puerto Peñasco is also a well-known place to practice bird watching. The different species on the island of San Jorge are the penguin, cormorants, brown pelicans rub juncos ethereal and other marine species such as dolphins and whales also in season.
Bird Island is located in the beautiful Sea of Cortes, also known as the Gulf of California, and has a huge concentration of microscopic organisms and biodiversity that has earned the name “The World’s Aquarium” given by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.
This is just one of the activities you can do while in Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico, a tourist destination with a mixture of sea and desert which has much to offer its visitors. Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Penasco with amenities and world-class services, offer much more than sun and sand to its vacationers. The Rocky Point Resorts are designed to exceed all expectations of luxury and comfort, most of which are fully equipped condominiums facing the sea. Puerto Penasco Sonora, Mexico is located just 1 hour from the U.S. border and 3.5 hours from Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona and at the same distance from large cities such as Mexicali in Baja California.
Photos by: LAA
Tour Service by: ECO Fun Rentals (52) 1 (638) 110-5313 or info to