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Puerto Peñasco Is Prospering Again

In anticipation of the re-start up of the Home Port, new businesses are opening up once again in Rocky Point. This past weekend ROCKY POINT BEST, Property Sales and Rentals opened their doors on Blvd Freemont right next to Bryan’s Sports Bar. I sat down with the 4 partners Sarina Brown, Kenny Wallace, Joseph Toland and Chris Guarino to learn a little more about each one and their collective goals. It was in 2005 when Sarina first came to Puerto Peñasco and in 2011 she and her husband Eric had a dream about owning here so in 2011 they bought their first condo. Kenny has been coming here since he was about 22 and has been in real estate for a long time here. Joseph has been coming here for about 18 years and has been a broker for 2 years and last is Chris Guarino, who recently returned to Rocky Point. Many property owners here had Chris install all their entertainment and internet services over the years. These folks are client focused and believe in strong communications. They see both “Baby Boomers” and “Millennials” as the wave of the future for Puerto Penasco.

This energetic group is very much into being involved with the community and giving back to the people that do not have much. Kenny also serves as VP for AMPI in charge of education and Sarina is the VP of AMPI. All AMPI members are licensed to do real estate in the State of Sonora and all have to have their Permanent Residency card as well. There is now a new thing where the brokers belong to APB (Accredited Professional Broker) and they have passed the exams to get this accreditation and also have to go through continuing education. We touched on AMPI and currently it has 77 agents and 12 assistant agents.

We talked about the future of Puerto Peñasco and its growth. Las Conchas has 47 homes on the market currently and I am seeing new homes going up all over in Las Conchas, which is something I have not seen in years. Recently Corona Del Sol sold and Linda Vista has people interested in it. On the Sandy Beach side of town, condo sales are strong and it sounds like one of them will be starting back up in the near future. So with TAR Airlines flying in here combined with the resumption of work on the Home Port, now is a great time to invest here in Rocky Point. Even the sluggish commercial business is picking up.

Home port in Puerto Penasco, Sonora
Home Port in Construction

September 30th we will have a visit from The Minister of Tourism out of Mexico City to make a big announcement, so we will keep you updated on that.

Chef Mickey Medina is opening his new place the end of September called Mickey’s Burger Bistro. It will be open for breakfast and lunch. He will feature breakfast burritos and sandwiches, expressos, deserts and of course “The Best Burgers in Town”. The restaurant is located on Blvd. Fremont where Jill’s Consign and Design was. His Chef Mickey’s also located on Blvd. Fremont, will continue to pump out the gourmet dinners that we are use to.

Healthy snacks in Puerto Penasco,

Another relatively new kid on the block is GREEN POINT which is located on Constitution next to Gloria’s Beauty Saloon and a block south of Ley’s. If you have not gone in and tried their cold pressed juice drinks, you are missing out. The feature several drinks cold pressed daily. If you are into juicing, I suggest you stop in and say hi and look around. You will find all the “supper foods” that you need to make a juicing program complete including such things as Gojo Berries and all the seeds like Flax, Sunflower and more. Make this your place to go every morning and you won’t be disappointed.

Super del Norte in Puerto Penasco

Just in case you missed it Santa Fe Grocery is no more, but SUPER NORTE is in it’s place. Located almost across the street from Sam’s Club and Bodega, it features some of the freshest fruits and vegetables I have seen. They also have friendly service and great prices.

Some come down and enjoy the beach and sunsets in Puerto Peñasco.

TAR Airlines and other happenings in Puerto Peñasco

We have spoken a great deal about TAR Airlines and now it is a reality. The first flight arrived from Ciudad Juarez last week and was full.  The first flight from Puerto Peñasco to the capitol of Sonora, Hermosillo left this week and from all accounts it appears the airline will be a success. They are still offering promotional fares so check it out.

Also we have talked about the Xpress Cross Border crossing. Today we are sharing a video for you, so if you or friends are coming to Puerto Peñasco from the west coast and are flying on TAR out of Tijuana, Baja Norte, please see the video as to how to get to the crossing.  It is a mere 1 hour flight to Puerto Peñasco on their comfortable 40 seat planes.

On another subject, we now have a new grocery store on Benito Juarez where Santa Fe use to be. It is called SUPER NORTE. I decided to go yesterday…. GRAND OPENING… not the time to go as it was packed.  Reminded me of the opening of LEY many years ago, OMG.  But I am happy to report that this chain is from the northern part of Mexico (Hermosillo) is great.  They have  the freshest produce I have seen in many years here and the presentations of the produce is wonderful. They have a small liquor department and large beer cooler.  I could not get to the meat or bakery area as there were so many people, but I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and check it out.  Great prices and friendly service, that is what we have been looking for.  Bought a small whole watermelon that was so heavy I could hardly carry it as well as BIG Limons and green chili that looked like it came from New Mexico.  The only thing needed is a smooth parking lot for the carts to roll smoothly on, but hey we can’t have everything.  Hopefully after the huge storm we had here last night, the roads will be dried out enough to go tomorrow.

Super del Norte in Puerto Penasco

Don’t forget to watch the video and like and share.  Come visit us today and enjoy our piece of PARADISE.

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