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Which hotels/condos offer the best swimming pools? You decide!

One of the questions that I get asked most frequently is if are staying in a hotel or condo in Puerto Peñasco, which has the best amenities and pools for a family or just my husband and my self.

On Sandy Beach every property has a swimming pool and all except the Sonoran SPA and Esmeralda have swim up bars.  Let me do a run down starting with the Penasco del Sol Hotel.  This property has a very large pool area and a shallow area for small children.  There are plenty of lounge chairs and an outside bar for your pleasure.  Next door is the Pinacate Condominiums which offer condos or villas. It features a nice pool and faces to the Old Port. Close to restaurants and shopping. From here you are only a few steps from the beach if pools aren’t your thing.

Pinacate Condos
Locate right next to the Penasco del Sol Hotel. Centrally located pool with great views.

Penasco del Sol
Penasco del Sol Hotel has a great pool areas and drinks available.

Moving around to the west you will come to Playa Bonita Hotel which has been undergoing a renovation project.  Although the pool is not huge, it is conveniently located right out the door of the hotel and is close to the bar and restaurant. The pool area features lots of seating either in beach chairs or under the umbrellas at the beautiful tiled tables. One of the first properties  in Puerto Peñasco, it has always been properly maintained and has been a local family business for over 30 years.  Across the street, you will find Laos Mar . Again it is a locally family run and oriented property.  The swimming pool is located ground level with access to the rooms and bar and wine bar named El Tapeo

Laos Mar
Laos Mar An inviting pool for the whole family

Playa Bonita
Lovely pool area overlooking the Sea of Cortez at Playa Bonita.

Now starts the row of 11 condo complexes. All if the developments have rentals except Puerto Privada.  The Sonoran SKY  is the newest of the developments.  It consists of 1 tower. Here you will find something for the whole family to enjoy.  From the small water slide to the large pool and Tiki Bar, parents can swim, have a drink and just watch the children. Lots of seating and right on the beach. It also has a Spa as well as a little store for all those things you forgot at home. The Tiki bar is open to the public.

Sonoran SKY
The newest of the Sonoran Resort Group, the Sonoran SKY

Next is Puerto Privada east and west towers.  They do not offer daily or weekly rentals but do feature a beautiful pools and landscaping. They do offer long term leases if you want to try it before you buy it.

Adjacent to that is Las Palomas Condos and Golf Resort.  This resort is quite large so you will do a little walking.  The pool area is beautiful and it features a lazy river for everyone to enjoy.  This place is very family oriented and like the others is right on the beach.  If you have a family, you won’t be disappointed here.  Pools and beach not your thing, venture over to the Las Palomas Golf Course for a challenging round of golf.

Las Palomas
COme enjoy the pool afrea and the Lazy River.

Las Palomas
Las Palomas features a very large pool area.

Next is a residential home development called Coasta Diamonte. It has a small community pool as well as tennis courts.  Again just a short walk to the Sea of Cortez.  Renting a home has it’s good points and number 1 being it is a smaller development and a little more intimate for your enjoyment. To enter the development you make a left just before Casa Blanca and the Princesa Resort.  Both Casa Blanca and the Princesa feature pools as well as a miniature golf course at Casa Blanca. Again you are only a short walk to the beach and Casa Blanca has a pool right near the beach as well within the development.

Costa Diamonte
Costa Diamonte feature private home rentals with a lovely pool area.

Princesa Resort
The Princessa was the 1st development built on Sandy Beach features great pool areas.

Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca is a quiet resort with pools, lagoons and mini golf

Now you will come to the Sonoran SPA which has a nice family pool but no swim up bar.  This resorts appeals to families who just want to enjoy and not have the sometime noise of a swim up bar and in summer time is full nearly all the time.  It is not unusual to see 5 -8 tours busses parked in the lot.  It does however, have a great little store to buy beer, wine or alcohol or things you may have left at home . It has a wonderful  gift store that carry items that are made by local artists.  Here you will find apparel, jewelry, artwork and photos of the area.  Right across the entrance to the SPA is the Sonoran SEA. This was the 1st of the Sonoran resorts to be built.  This property has lush landscaping and a one pool  for the east tower and  west tower and  features a swim up bar.  There is a restaurant on the property as well as a small coffee shop/store for your convenience.  This property caterers to families and you are right on the beach. Last in this loop is Las Palmas.  This resort is definitely a great place for families as it offer s condos as well as large beach front villas.  Over the past couple of years they have added a new pool and great waterslide for the children to enjoy.  To reach these 3, make a left where you go to Changos, Banditos and coming soon GARUFA Steakhouse.

Sonoran SPA
Sonoran SPA is a family oriented resort with a great pool area right on the beach

Sonoran SEA
Sonoran SEA features a huge pool with a swim up bar.

Las Palmas
Las Palmas has a nice pool area for the parent as well as the children and features a new water slide.

Bella Sirena is a development that consists of condo towers, town homes as well as beach front villas.  Here you will find a couple of pool area and you also have SWIM a bar and outdoor restaurant.  You can’t go wrong if you stay here as everything is close by.  Don’t want to drive, there are cabs that will take you to the restaurants or into town.  Now we come to the last of the Sonoran resorts, the Sonoran SUN.  This resort is probably the one that most people for some reason like the most of the Sonoran properties other than the SKY.  It consists of east and west towers with a great pool area and swim up bar for each side.  Walk to the beach or just sit poolside and enjoy.  Lastly is Esmeralda Resort. This development is not finished but does have rentals available and a nice large pool.  From here you have great sunset views.

Bella Sirena rsort
Bella Sirena is a combination of condos, homes and beach front villas. Pools with swim up bars.

Sonoran SUN
The Sonoran SUN with the inviting pool with a swim up bar and right at the waters edge..

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Summer in Puerto Peñasco… sit back and enjoy our city.

Well summer is finally here.  Fortunately thus far it has been quite pleasant.  One thing about living in Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point is that there is always a breeze off the Sea of Cortez.

Poolside at Playa Bonita

Sunset in Rocky Point
Catch a Rocky Point Sunset.

The tourist traffic has been very high for June and shows no sign of letting up for the rest of the summer.  Summer use to be considered low season and one pretty much had the beaches to themselves, but that is not the case anymore. Although we will be at the start of the humid season it is not deterring people from coming down to enjoy the clean water and beaches that this area has to offer.  Schools are out in Mexico, so many of our tourists come from all over the northern part of Mexico.  There will be anywhere from  5 – 10 tour buses parked at the various hotels and condos.

During the summer months a few of the favorite watering holes will close mid week or for the month of July, but there are still many places to go that are air conditioned or have lovely patios to catch the breeze.  Several new places have cropped up in the first part of 2018 for food.  One of newest is  Boulevard 301 which is located on Benito Juarez just south of Pollo Lucas.  It is open for breakfast and dinner and their food and service is excellent.  The presentation of the food looks just like the menu.  The currently do not take credit cards, but the food is reasonable and won’t break your wallet.  Another little treasure is La Cocina de Dona Rosa which is tucked near where Salmos use to be on Sonora.  The feature traditional food from both Sonora and the South of Mexico.  Here you will find Tamales wrapped in Banana leaves.  Although it is all great, the red chili Tamales in Banana leaves are devine.  Here you will find burritos that will serve several hungry people and they are made with the large tortillas that we call “Saddle Blankets”.  You can eat in or they will deliver to your home or business. Locally owned by Javier Carrera and Linda Soto, the food is prepared with love.  Another newcomer is Jerry’s Mexican Tacos “All You Can Eat”  which is located on Calle 13.  It is getting some great reviews and has been open just a short time.  Jerry also has a catering service and has been in Puerto Peñasco for many years.

Boulevard 301
Recently opened Boulevard 301. Food is as good as it looks.

Jerry’s Mexican Taco’s “all you can eat”

These are the best Red Chili tamales I have ever had and wrapped in banana leaves Photo courtesy Linda Planted

Once you arrive in Rocky Point, there is a lot to do and see.  Love to fish?  Try Pancho Villa Charters, Big Momma or go out with Aldofo Perez on one of his boats.  All of them will provide you with a memorable day of fishing.  There are many sunset cruises to go on, so check with your hotel or condo front desk to see what will best fit your needs.  You can choose from catamarans,  cabin cruisers, Pirate Ships or sail boats and you won’t be disappointed.  If you are not fond of large groups I would recommend the Pancho Villa, Sol Chaser or any of the smaller catamarans that sail.

Heading out for a sunset.

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa is made for fishing or sunset cruises. Photo by Kathy Fredrickson Willits

 If you are a golfer you have 3 beautiful courses to choose from.  Mayan Palace, Isla del Mar or Las Palomas.  Many have summer rates so you can save a lot but still enjoy 1st class golf courses.  You can also go horse back riding on the beaches if golf isn’t your cup of tea.

Vidanta Golf Course
Vidanta Golf Course at the Mayan Palace. Photo by Plinio Rivera

Las Palomas
A challenging beautiful golf course. Photo courtesy Plinio Riverio

Ride the hoses on the beach
Horse back riding

I would like to invite you to come down and enjoy a mini vacation or a whole week.  There is plenty to do and see, so make your reservations today.  Check out or any of the many others out there.  Choose from a beach house or condo and sit back and relax.

Real Estate
Sonoran SKY is one of the 4 Sonoran resorts to choose from

If I may add one more thing.  Barb’s Dog Rescue is always in need of dog and puppy food.  The intake of puppies is huge and they eat a lot.  You can bring a bag down from COSTCO or buy it locally or if you want to donate money to buy it, let me know and I will take responsibility for getting it to her.  If you get bored while on vacation, go out and play with these fur babies and show them that they are loved.
Cute puppies
The little cutie on the left is looking for you! Please check them out.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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The times of our lives…..Amor por Amores Steps of Love Charity

I recently spoke about the Steps of Love and the upcoming Charity Golf Tournament.  On February 13th our foursome tee’d off to do their Shamble.  At first I thought it was a misprint but low and behold there is such thing as a Shamble and a Scramble.  Over 50 golfers turned out for this beautiful Chamber of Commerce day and it was enjoyed by all. As you can see from the photos, some had more fun than others.  The shotgun start started at around 9 and ended in the afternoon just in time for the wine reception at Las Palomas Golf Resort and followed with a Silent Auction.  I will tell you that due to the generosity of local merchants, artists and restaurants we had so many wonderful items up for bidding.  All of these funds go to the Steps of Love which benefits the Amores Children’s Orphanage here in Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta as well.It is because of Kathy Duncan and her love for all of these children, that this has happened.

golf tournament in mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you can see from the 17th green the views are spectacular even though the winter grass is dormant, but beginning to green out.  Easy hole they said, but only a few people hit the green.
Golf Tournament at las Palomas
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Local Realtor and avid Golfer Glen Martinez and his partner on the 17th Hole
Golf Tournament Charity
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Team Captain Architect Plineo Rivera(in green shirt) and his foursome.  All great golfers and the most colorful of all the teams.
As I have spoken about many times we have countless things to do here in Puerto Peñasco, one of them of them being para sailing.  As you can see, from this guy who did fly overs all day long, he had a birds eye view of the entire Las Palomas Golf Course.
Parasailing in Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The next pictures are of the foursome who although may have not been the scratch golfers, they certainly had the most fun.  We could hear them from several holes away laughing and falling down when they “wiffed” the ball, which on the 17th Hole seemed to be a lot.  But hey, that is what GOLF is about,  sometimes just having fun.
Puerto Penasco
charity Golf Tournament
Las Palomas Golf Course
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Remember when you come to Puerto Peñasco…, BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN no matter what you are doing.
Golf Cart in Mexico Golfers in Puerto Penasco
Puerto Penasco Golf
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Another one bites the dust was the moto of the golf carts, another great foursome of great players and the last picture is Team Scott Poturaski and some of the volunteers, who helped the players as well as the Hole In One Volunteers which consisted of Bill Arrowood and myself, Ron and Judy Ridgway and Bill Bingham and Rick Busa.  Without the hard work (well not really on a beautiful day) some of this doesn’t always run smoothly.

artist donations in rocky point Crafts dibnations j

Arts Donations
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you can see in the above pictures, our local artists, wine shop  and Tequila stores, local merchants, photographers, local bars and restaurants and local jewelry artists donated so generously and we thank them so very very much.  If you have any questions about how to get in touch with these  business people, please email me at and I will get you their contact information.
The winners are: 1st Place: Natalie and Josh Jones and 2nd Place: Audrey and Will Feliz.
Thanks to all the golfers and Businesses who helped raise $10,000 net for Pasos de Amor Children’s Home in Sonoyta, the Amores de Penasco Children’s Shelter in Rocky Point and our new Civil Association AIMpenasco.

If you want to learn more about Steps of Love, Amores por Peñasco,  Read our previous posts:
Steps of Love Amor por Peñasco
Amores de Penasco Children’s Crisis Shelter in Rocky Point
Want to join in the fun for the 2nd Annual event, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.  Want to know about events in Rocky Point, follow us.
In closing remember “Life is a Journey… Not a Destination” and the Destination is Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Summer Golf in Rocky Point

Golf is one of the most popular hobbies in America! It is a fun and enjoyable sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are beautiful golf courses all over the world, but Rocky Point actually has some of the best and most beautifully located golf courses you might ever get a chance to play in your entire life! There are 3 main golf courses that people play in Rocky Point: The Links (Las Palomas Golf Course), The Mayan Palace Golf Course, and Laguna Del Mar Golf Course.
The Links golf course is the most convenient golf course if you are staying in the Sandy Beach area. If you are staying in any of the resorts along Sandy Beach you will drive past The Links golf course. It is a par 72, 18 hole course that was designed by Forrest Richard and Arthur Jack Snyder. Each hole brings on a new challenge as you follow the golf course through the dunes of Rocky Point. Rates and green fees below.
The Links Green Fees  copy
Another popular golf course that you can play in Rocky Point is the Laguna Del Mar Golf Course. Laguna Del Mar is a Jack Nicklaus signature course, which means that Jack Nicklaus himself designed it. The nature that surrounds the golf course makes the experience hardlaguna-delmar to replicate. You will be playing with the “Cerro Prieto” mountains to one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other.
Nicklaus designed this to be a challenging, but fun course so you and your peers better bring your A game! Rates and green fees below.
One of the nicest golf courses you can play in Rocky Point, and also one of the nicest golf courses in the world, is the Mayan Palace Golf Course. This is a Jack Nicklaus LMayan Golf Course (2)egacy Course, which means that Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II co-designed it. You will be playing quite literally next to the ocean for 9 holes, if you wanted to you could go take a dip in the ocean mid hole and be back in time to tee finish off your put! This is a challenging course, it is 7210 yards long (get ready for some mighty drives), 18 holes, and par 72. Hole #3 is the signature hole on this course. We don’t want to spoil the surprise so go check it out for yourself! Mayan Palace Golf Course is a little pricy though, starting at $130/person for 9 holes and $180/person for 18 holes. You are paying for what you get though, which is playing golf one of the nicest and most beautiful courses in the world!
For more information about Mayan Palace golf course give them a call at 1-866-231-4423.

Rocky Point Open @ Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

Rocky Point OPEN The Links at  Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort brings to you on November 2nd thru the 4th a 36 Holes Stroke Play at the Links.  It will be $350 usd per participant.Registration will be on November 2nd at the pro shop. Practice round from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. At noon everyone will be welcome with a Sea Side Cocktail from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.  
On Saturday the 1st round shotgun starts at 8:00 am.  As well on Sunday morning at 8:00 the 2nd round shotgun. Then the Award Ceremony Banquet and Tournament closing at 2:00 pm.  
Categories are the following,
0-4 Champion
5- 10 AA
11-15 A
16- 20 B
21- 25 C

Great prizes for the participants who win in the different categoris of the OPEN.   
Hole in One
Holes 4,7,11,15,and 17
$20,000.00 USD
Closest to the Pin
First Place holes 7 & 17
$5,000.00 USD
First Place holes 4, 11 and 15
$3,000.00 USD
Second place: TV LCD 40″
Third place: TV LCD 24″
Forth place: Balckberry
Fifth place: Home Theater
If you are planing to participate, don’t forget to make your lodging reservations.  Participante will get a special price per night.  All reservations for these days come with a continental breakfast at The Links Club House from 6:30 am to 8:45 am.
Registered handicap required. Only for first hole in one at each hole.  In case of more than one hole in one, subsequent winner will receive closest to the pin prizes. Only one close to the pin prize per Golfer.  Hotel rate is solely for tournament participants.

Golf Open Itinerary