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Why We Live In Mexico

Let me start by saying, we live here because of the small town feel here in Puerto Penasco. The cost of living for the most part is much less than the USA. Just 2 examples, a week ago we took our German Shepherd Tucker to the vet.. cost including office visit and 3 meds for 7 days. $650 pesos or about $50 USD. Great caring vet in an office like the US. This week I took him to the vet in Phoenix… cost $148.00 USD. Office call was only $48.00 but the meds made up the balance. No wonder people buy meds in Mexico. I have had the vet in the US forever and love him. We have the vet here for 3 years and feel the same about them.
Today we went grocery shopping. A wonderful old fashioned butcher shop where the butcher actually breaks down the cow, we bought filets for 2 dinners, 1 kilo of fresh ground hamburger and a kilo roast beef, total cost for a total of about $34.00. Our next adventure was buying FRESH picked Asparagus, 2 big bunches for $2.50. Then off to the produce market (where we ran into old friends from Phoenix, that our daughters went to school together). We bought enough vegetables for a week for about $5.00 and it is all fresh.

Shrimp in Rocky Point Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

We feel very safe from crime unlike other places. Young people always say “I got thrown in jail there and my response is “What did you do wrong?” Then they tell their sad story but then realize it would have much worse in the US. Our saying here is “Don’t leave your brains at the border” We will be using this statement a great deal in the next few weeks as “Spring Break starts and we get young people from CO., N.M., Utah, CA, TX, NV and a few other states. For the most part these kids are having a very good time and not causing any real issues.
Horses at the Beach Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

Spring is filled with concerts, off road racing, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments and more. I often tell people if you can’t find something to do, it is your own fault. Although the water is still a bit cool, you can still go wading, ride the banana boats, rent a jet ski or Rhino’s, do Sunset Cruises, or go looking for shells.
Malecon at Puerto Penasco
by Beverly Arrowood

You have a choice of many great seafood restaurants here in town and there are a few gourmet restaurants as well. Have dinner overlooking the Sea of Cortez or visit a tiny hole in the wall, you will not be disappointed. Many of our places have been in business for years and have been passed down through the families.
The whales are still here, so do take a boat to get up close and personal with them. By all means do not leave your camera at home. With spring also comes the desert floral and don’t miss taking pictures of any of it.
I look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Beginner's Guide to Rocky Point, Mexico

When looking for a vacation spot, there are so many things to consider. Like time to get there, costs of flying to get there and where do you stay and what do you do when you do get there. Puerto Penasco is your best place for every aspect of a vacation. First, it is only a short 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson and with no waiting in long lines at the airport. Secondly it is not expensive to get here, third is you have so many choices in where you want to stay that are reasonable and right on the Sea of Cortez and last, there is a multitude of things to do here every single day. No over crowded beaches here, just miles of pristine sand.
Crossing the US/Mexico border is very easy (just make sure you have your passport or passport card for re-entering to the US). Buy your Mexican auto insurance either online or in Ajo or perhaps from your own agent.

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

A short 1 hour drive south of the border and you are here. About 30 kilometers south of the border you will pass the Pinacate Biosphere. Sometime during your stay, do go back out and tour the new visitor center Shuk Toak. It is very modern with a movie telling all about the craters and the surrounding area. The guide there will answer any questions that you may have and there are inter active touch screens throughout the building. Make certain to take your camera as the views from the center are gorgeous. This crater range is the largest in north America and if you feel like going up to see them, you can (4 wheel drive) is best. You may encounter many animals along the way.
Clams in Rocky Point, Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Back in Puerto Peñasco if you are a seafood lover, take the drive out to the oyster farms and get some steamed clams, fresh shucked oysters or cerviche and have a cold beer if you like. While there take a dip in the water or just watch the Blue Heron and Egrets do a fly over along with countless Pelicans.
Boats at the Old Port
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you pass into town you will drive along the docks in the Historic Wharf District with all the shrimp boats moored and will be able to see nests of what we call Bald Eagles, but they are actually a little different. Both mom and dad tend the nests and dive in the harbor to get food for the babies. Again, camera time, as the boats make for awesome photography as well as the pelicans perched on the pongas (little fishing boats). You will see some of the photos I have taken down there. Continue into the Malecon, were you can have your choice of food and very good service. Our 3 favorites are the Blue Marlin, Boo Bar and The Satisfied Frog. Yes, this is the same Satisfied Frog as the one in Cave Creek. Great views, food and service from all 3. After lunch or dinner do a little shopping to wear of the calories and then get a Thrifty’s ice cream cone and prepare for a beautiful sunset. While in the Old Port stop by for a cup of wonderfully fresh roasted and brewed Chiapas Coffee at Puerto Viejo. Also stroll pass and pop into the La Rocca Hotel. A lot of history here as Al Capone use to stay there in the boot legging days. As you leave the Old Port, make sure you stop into Mercedes Rusticos. Here you will find anything that you need for your home or as a gift. From the south of Mexico you will find blown glassware, Mexican table settings and weavings just to name a few things. A must breakfast or lunch place is Coffee Haus on the way into the Malecon. Just the best food and service and by all means try the Apple Streusel!
Pelicans in the harbor Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Sometime during your trip, venture out to what locals call “Rodeo Drive” and visit the many shops filled with everything from beautiful ladies apparel to upscale gifts for you home or condo. There is something there for everyone. There is a brand new restaurant that just opened called Mariachis and Tequilla. It is owned by a long time chef Ramon and his partner David who also owns an art gallery across the street. Both come from the south of Mexico and you will find them to be very cordial and gracious. A great Mexican menu awaits you as well as real margaritas. You can find furniture of all styles at Su Casa and Eddies Furniture and Gallery on the east end of the district. As you head back to your condo, you will pass our brand new convention center, which has had many large events already in just it’s year of being open.

El Patio Thai restaurant it's the new addition to Rocky Point

The exotic flavors of Thailand have come to town. Patricia Bon it’s coming fom the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s sharing with us her exotic and delicious dishes with us. Emilia Cota invited her to come and start this new culinary adventure in Puerto Peñasco.

Logo El Patio Thai

They are located in the Malecon next to Oxxo. They are inside the patio at the Coldwell Banker building.
Open everyday except Tuesdays from 6pm to 11pm.

El Patio Thai Mesas

Phone : (638) 116-5136
Reviews on Tripadvisor:
First Blog:

El Menu

Our menu changes every day, so we can offer you only the best and fresh ingredients available.
These are our popular everyday dishes:
Red Curry Spicy Curry with coconut milk, peppers and sweet basil. (Chicken or Shrimp)
Pad Thai Pad Thai pan fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts. Topped with ground peanuts. (chicken or shrimp)
Satay (appetizer): Marinated chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

People at El Patio Thai

Pancake Breakfast to benefit Community Center

Pancake Breakfast in Rocky Point

This Sunday May 25th there is going to be a Pancake Breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant on the top of whale hill. The Breakfast is going to benefit Esperanza para la Nueva Vida A. C. Community Center that is located in barrio San Rafael, the money goes directly to help pay the utility bills during the summer months.  Breakfast is from 8am to 11am.

The Menu will include Scrambled Eggs, Coffee, Tea and of course Pancake with Sugar Free Syrup available at price of 75 pesos or 6 dollars. There are going to be Mimosas too! at a special price of just $2.00 usd.
The will also have a silent action with great prizes like:

  • An original oil painting of a Lighthouse, donated by the Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Two tickets for a Sunset Cruise aboard the Rey del Mar Pirate Ship, donated by Balboas Restaurant and the Rey del Mar
  • A New in the box Tablet.
  • A Mosaic Tile Table
  • Two night stay in a Sonoran Resort

The Restaurant will be closed to the public so please RSVP to the following E-mails:
Barb O: Contact Barb by phone: MX – 638-383-4963… or USA – 602-324-9529

Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Written by Nina Mier
Translated by Eddie Wharez
A few days ago, Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora & Bar, a very sui géneris restaurant opened its doors to the public. Bacanora is the base for all the dishes prepared at the restaurant. Bacanora is a 300 year-old artisan agave-derived liquor originally distilled in the Sonoran side of the Sierra Madre.
The menu in this first opening season is typically Sonoran, prevailing beef, seafood and soups from different parts of the state, flour tortillas, exclusive drinks, original desserts among other dishes worth of your tasting, excellent service, awesome views, enthusiastic people, warm atmosphere, cleanliness, fair prices, where you will be personally served by the business partners Carmen Martens, Martín Martínez, Jorge Bonillas and Eddie Wharez along with their staff.
The dishes, named after our Sonoran jargon, have names like Del Norte (From the North) -Alambre norteño (Northern style beef fajitas, onions, peppers, all grilled, served over a skillet with hot layer of cheese on top), Del Rancho, Sonoran style arrachera, rib eye “El Elegante” (as the volcano in the Pinacate area), Chicken “Yaqui”, Molcajete de Bacanora, Parrillada Sonora Querida.

Bacanora Grill & Restaurant

From the Sea of Cortes: Old Port Shrimp ceviche, Shrimp or Octopus Cocktail, Shrimp or Octopus Molcajete, Catch of the day, Bacanora Shrimp, Breaded Shrimp, Traditional Seafood Enchiladas, Breaded fish filet, Peñasco seafood platter (for two).

Bacanora Grill Seafood

To begin: Sabor a México (platter served with quesadillas, sopes and burritos), Melted cheese, Shrimp or marlin-stuffed peppers, guacamole.

Bacanora Grill and BAr

Salads: Tomato and panela cheese salad, chicken caesar salad with their house Bacanora-chiltepin dressing.

Salad in Rocky Point Grill

Soups: Caldo de queso (potato and cheese soup), Classic soup, Tortilla soup, Chilpachole (seafood soup).

Soups in Bacanora Grill

Tacos: Governor taco (shrimp taco), Shrimp Lorenza (marlin or shrimp tostada with melted cheese)

Bacanora Grill Tostada

The dishes have been carefully chosen by the owners, well-known chefs in town helped in this process, one of them was Neftalí Ponce Hernández, executive chef at Mayan Palace, and chef Gustavo Gutiérrez who is in charge of the every day operations.
The restaurant is located in the marina area (docks), its ocean view and fresh breeze are just a plus; its fan page on facebook is: Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar. The address is Recinto Portuario Ave. and 3 street, Colonia El Puerto (Old Port Marina). Tel. for information and reservations is 638 690 7777. Business hours: 1 to 9 p.m. However feel free to make a reservation even in different hours for your special events.
There hasn’t been an official opening yet, it seems the owners are thinking of “5 de mayo” as the distributing company of bacanora might come for an official tasting, regardless of when they decide to do the opening, they will notify media members and special guests.
Bacanora Grill’s menu will be changing from time to time, in fact, there will be a buffet day of “tacos de guisado” tacos made with different Sonoran dishes, the buffet will be for a reasonable price so everybody can enjoy this Mexican delicacy. Be on the watch since this business is led by first level professionals, entrepreneurs, native and residents of Puerto Peñasco who in good and bad times are always supporting social, business and cultural causes, people who are always busy doing something.
From Blog we send them the best to them and their staff because we know about their professionalism, their amiable service towards the community and their large contribution to Puerto Peñasco in so many aspects. Success is assured. Always the best!
Marginal note: Attention! New restaurant! Their secret? The base for all their dishes and drinks is Bacanora! A delight! Something exotic and out-of-this world!
Personally served by their owners: Carmen Martens, Jorge Bonillas, Eddie Wharez and Martín Martínez. Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar… The best for today! Located in the Marina area, an spectacular view! In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, please come in.
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Surprise Cake Recipe

Is it your friends’, boyfriends’, or child’s birthday? If not maybe you would like to know an original idea for a present to give to somebody special. Well keep reading and you will find an easy and fun recipe that I think is creative and shows how much you really care about this person. It is a cake filled with the person’s favorite candy called “Surprise Cake.”
The ingredients you will need are:

  • 2 boxes of cake mix
  • Any type of candy
  • Frosting
  • 2 cake pans

Making this cake is very simple; you will just make both cakes as instructed on the boxes and pour half of the batter in a cake pan and the rest in the other pan. Put them in the oven for as long as the instructions say. The oven temperature and time depends on the type of mix and pan you are using. If you would like to make your bread from scratch that is perfectly fine. I personally don’t do it because I like to focus on the decoration.
Surprise CakeAfter the cake is baked take it out of the oven and let it cool off a bit. Now that you have your two cakes on each of them cut off a circle in the middle. This is where you will be putting in the candy. Take out the bread and put the candy in one of the breads. Make it look really full. Now just place the second bread on top. To avoid the bread falling off put some frosting in between so it sticks. If any of the bread came off of the top part feel free to fill it in with the pieces of bread you cut off at the beginning. To finish up the decoration add the frosting on the cake and if you would like you can put some colorful sprinkles.  When you cut the cake you will be able to see the candy and perhaps you will surprise.
If you are too busy or just don’t feel like baking there are some places here in Rocky Point where they sell cakes and bread like for example Candy Cake and Panaderia Cornejo are some of the most popular here. You can go buy a whole cake also.
I hope you enjoy this recipe and make it so you make somebody feel special. It tastes really good and it is very fun to make.

By Yaraise Jimenez

Top Chef Puerto Peñasco 2014 Gallery

We bring you snapshots from the 2014 Taste of Peñasco competition celebrated at “Plaza del Camaron” in Rocky Point, Mexico.
The Top Chef Puerto Penasco is based of the popular tv Show Iron Chef, were chefs prepare a dish in 1 hour including the secret ingredient. Chefs from the best Restaurants in town gather in this events that benefits local charities like The Santa Claus Club, DIF, Fireman Station and the new Hemodialisis Unit. This year winner was Chef Rene Acosta of Don Julio’s restaurant and the secret ingredient was Artichokes.
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For more information about the Top Chef Puerto Penasco Click Here

Family Activity: Visit La Ostionera

A real common activity you can enjoy with your family while you visit Rocky Point is a trip down to La Ostionera (the oyster farm).  The oyster farm consists of a natural farm where the oyster is fresh out of the sea.

Oyster farm in Rocky Point

Today this place is now visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists who like to appreciate the beautiful scenery but also all those who taste the flavor of fresh extracted oysters from the sea and sent straight to your table, plus rich tostadas de ceviche de sierra or cochito. Tostadas de ceviche consists of a fried corn tortilla served with delicious fish marinated in lemon and vegetables.

Just 7 miles from the city towards the road to Caborca ​​by the Las Conchas area you will find the access road to the oyster farm, which is in very good condition and that can be access by all types of vehicles, you just have to have precaution if you are driving a much smaller vehicle.  If you decide to drive down the coast be aware that the tide may rise at any given time of the day and completely filled up. It is safer to stay on the safe side and park your vehicle and walk while your oysters are served.

In this area there are three oyster farms, the most visited oyster farm which is comprised of approximately 16 members all women and family members.  On weekends they take turns to serve tourists and diners with their traditional dishes of the sea.Oysters in Rocky Point

If you want to taste some good oysters fresh from the sea don’t forget to visit La Ostionera de Puerto Peñasco.

How to Make Rocky Point Shrimp Ceviche

One of the things you plan ahead when taking a vacation is to visit as many restaurants as possible to try the different kinds of dishes of the place to visit.  Here in Rocky Point is a must to try out the many different sea food places around town, even though on their menus you can see most of them offer the same dishes you must remember that not everyone has the same style or taste when cooking.

Ceviche Rocky Point Mexico

In Rocky Point one of the main rental services is for condo resorts, where you can find a full equipped kitchen in every unit, that gives you the advantage to cook you own meals and that way save a lot of money instead of going out every day of your vacation.  One of the main sea food item to try out in Rocky Point is shrimp, and you can prepare them in many ways but one of them and one of the most popular is to make shrimp ceviche (do not mistake it with shrimp cocktail) if you do not know how to make it you can ask anyone at the fish market at El Malecon and you will be able to get it.
Next I will give you the one shrimp ceviche recipe that my family has been making for years (even decades).
-2 pounds of shrimp
-3 medium tomatoes
-2 red onions
-4 celery stalks
-1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
-1/2 litter of clamato juice
-10 lemons
-White vinegar
Dice the shrimp and onions and put them together in a bowl, squeeze the lemons and pour the juice on the shrimp and onion as well as two tablespoons of the white vinegar mix it and let it sit for about an hour or until shrimp gets “cooked” (the meat will take a white-ish color”.  Dice the tomato and the celery and put them together in another bowl adding the ¼ cup of chopped cilantro.  Once the shrimp is ready drain the lemon and vinegar mix.  Mix the shrimp with the tomatoes, celery and cilantro and pour the clamato juice, give it a stir and listo!
You can either put the ceviche on a baked or fried corn tortilla or on saltine crackers, also as a garnish put some avocado on it and a little bit of hot sauce and of course don’t forget to get some cold beers to completely enjoy this dish from the balcony of your condo admiring the wonderful view of the Sea of Cortes.
If you decide to try it out and make it let us know or post a picture of it.
Packy Uriarte

Puerto Viejo Coffee Shop Opens in Puerto Peñasco

This Saturday Puerto Peñasco welcomed a new coffee shop to the Old Port area, Puerto Viejo Tostadores De Café. Puerto Viejo is one of a kind coffee shop and is sure to bring some fresh new aromas to the area. The interesting part of this coffee shop, is that there are 2 areas; The Roastery & Coffee Bar.  972068_276675372475662_1242839329_n994562_276994802443719_1696832952_nAll the coffee that is served at Puerto Viejo is roasted and brewed in house. Puerto Viejo serves organic coffee brought from the Chiapas State and has plans to tap into other locations which will allow to them receive coffee beans from other origins such as; Veracruz, Oaxaca and occasionally  of  other countries. You can also buy the same beans they use in the store to take them home and brew up some delicious organic coffee in the comfort of your home. This will be officially the only place in Puerto Penasco where you can try this type of fresh roasted coffee and coffee brewed from the different methods that Puerto Viejo uses.
Avid coffee brewers and coffee connoisseurs believe that the preparation process,544438_276960032447196_56121873_n how the coffee is535730_282786578531208_1003614488_n brewed, is arguably one of the most important processes of coffee. Changing the method used to brew your coffee changes the way it tastes, strength  of the coffee and smoothness. In order to provide it’s customers with the options to choose how their coffee is brewed and perhaps explore different brewing methods, Puerto Viejo is using a variety of methods to make their coffee. Some examples of the brewing methods that Puerto Viejo uses are Chemex, V60, Cold Brew and French Press. Before you buy your beans, why not check them out in the “tostadora” that can be seen inside Puerto Viejo! Check out this awesome picture of some beans being roasted and prepared for the brewing process. Puerto Viejo has also an amazing deck overlooking the Sea of Cortes, if it’s your first time in Rocky Point, or you are a local we recommend that everyone come check out Puerto Viejo for some of the best coffee in town! Enjoy.