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Upcoming Fall Events in Rocky Point

Labor day is the last big weekend in Rocky Point before Thanksgiving. If you need a hotel or condo, better hurry as they are going fast. The weather can be a little hot, but hey, you have the Sea of Cortez to cool you off.

Chili en Nogada Mexican Dish

Many of the full time residents will be making their way back for the winter in September. If you are going to be back in Puerto Peñasco, please remember the annual Black and White Ball will be held September 30th at the Puerto Penasco Convention center. All proceeds go to DIF. For only $55.00 pp you will be treated to a wonderful dinner, dancing and the crowning of the Queen. Come see your friends and catch up. This is event is for anyone and everyone. If your hubby doesn’t have a tux, don’t worry, suits or sport coats are OK. 

Queen of the ball
Crowning of the 2016 Queen

October seems to be the start of the RV’ers who make there winter pilgrimage to Puerto Peñasco. Many of the “snow birds” make their reservations a year or 2 in advance, so don’t be left out… make yours today if you are planning on being here for a few months.
RVing in Mexico
RV’s and condos

October 30th is Halloween and in the RV parks like Playa Bonita, you will hear the children wandering around saying “trickey trickey”. No need to haul candy down unless you want as there are several places you can buy large bags of those sugary treats. As with every year, please be cautious that night as many of the children as well as the parents dress in dark clothes and it is very difficult to see them.

Another large event in October is Dia de la Muertos or Day of the Dead. The alters will be set up in the Rodeo Drive with celebrations going on all over town. This is a very special event and you can read about it in the next blog. 

Dia Los Muertos Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

day of the Dead Altar
Photo by Beverly Arrowood


The Mermaid Markets will resume in Shrimp Park in fall and is the 3rd Saturday of the month, so watch for the details. This is a great place to do your Christmas Shopping. 

Mermaid's Market Pirate Extavaganza
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The 17th Annual Bike Rally will be held November 9th – 13th which is over the Veterans Day weekend. The crowd is expected to be even larger than 2016, so get those hotel, condo or beach home reservations in now. Registration for the 17th Annual Rally will once again be held at Barklin’s Circle K just south of the overpass north of town. Stop by and register and get you official registration packet filled with goodies from local merchants. Here you will find the OFFICIAL shirts etc. The official registration is on the left side of the gas pumps, so come on over and register and say hi.  Registration is only $20.00 USD or $350 pesos.

Ride on down to Rocky Point
Get ready for 2017 Rocky Point Rally

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Come volunteer and rescue a puppy from Barb’s Dog Rescue

rocky Point Bike rally 2016
Welcoming riders from Lake Havasu and Canada.

November brings families together to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Old Port will be bustling with people and the Playa Bonita RV Park, The Reef and Playa Del Oro will be filled to capacity. Once again, if you have not made a reservation, now is the time.

Puerto Penasco has something to offer for everyone in fall due to the beautiful climate.. warm days and cool nights. We invite you to come down and spend some time. Whether you want to golf, fish or just relax in your beach chair and watch the water go by, life does not get any better.

Boat Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise

Please remember we are just a short 1 hour drive from the US border and we are safe. Mi Casa es Su Casa, so come down and enjoy our piece of Paradise.  Spend some time trying our fantastic restaurants and enjoy the Sea of Cortez Shrimp.

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MTZ Cantina hosts fund raiser for Julio Carlos Meza Mendez

Enjoy MTZ
A new venue for special events

I recently went on an interview with owner of MTZMartin Martinez, who was born and raised here in Puerto Peñasco.  Martin is also a licensed Real Estate agent as well as owning the place to go to for special events as well La Galleria on the corner of the entry to the Old Port.  MTZ is on the harbor side over looking the shrimp boats and sunset cruise boats.
Wagon planter
Surround your self with a view.

He had opened Bacanora Grill but closed it while back and then recently opened MTZ.  The décor inside is unique, with the walls being decorated with pallets that have been painted, old metal barrels that now have been converted into hanging lights as well as wood from some of the old ships that make up the great back bar.  Upon entering you will find a large stage which features a really nice mural by a young local artist.  Out front, you will find seating as well, which will covered with shade screen soon.  So you can sit outside and have a drink while waiting  for your Sunset Cruise to depart or a night cap when you come back.  Inside it is air conditioned and has comfortable seating as well as a lounge type atmosphere.

Good times.
Relax at MTZ

After talking for some time about the city and the growth and things that come with growth, Martin explained that his venue is great for showcasing local bands as well as others from outside the city. They have hosted several events since it opened.  He has a passion for seeing Puerto Peñasco grow in culture and hopes to be able to help to make it better and introduce visitors to more of the Mexican culture.  We discussed what is happening in the Old Port and what is happening in our town.

Comfortable seating to enjoy the music.

The discussion then evolved around hosting a fund raiser for a Rocky Point native who at the age of 37 had a stroke.  His name is Julio Carlos Meza Mendez and he is the son of world renowned shell artist Julio Meza.  Most of you who stay in the RV Parks like Playa Bonita or reside here full time have seen Julio walking the boardwalk by Playa Bonita selling his shell art or have gone to his workshop to see how the art is created and probably own pieces of his work.  Julio has 8 pieces hanging in the Vatican as well as pieces all over the world.  Julio Carlos has his Bachelor Degree in International Affairs and is working on Bachelor Degree in  Law. His company specializes in legal advise in such matters as new and renewal of bank trusts as well as things like getting the Permanent Residency status.  He also offers bill pay service as well as being a general contractor.  His office is located on Blvd Freemont in the center where Chef Mickey’s is.  He will have a way to go to recovery but he  is in the capable hands of therapist Blanca Soto of UBR (Basic Rehab Unit).

Julio Carlos Meza

Wonderful for a gift.

If you never seen the works of Julio Meza, Senior, check out these photos.  They are one of a kind pieces of art that can not be copied or duplicated.

One of a kind.

Local artist
Charlie and Pat Buckles of Gilbert, Arizona with their one of a kind work of art.

Needless to say, his medical bill’s are staggering as he has been in the hospital in Mexicali for 2  months and just recently returned to Puerto Peñasco to get additional therapy.  His family is doing a raffle with tickets  selling at $200 pesos (they come in books of 10).  First place will receive $10,000 pesos and second place with receive $5000 pesos.  With  help from First Lady Linda Pivac Munro, the ladies from DIF are selling the tickets or you can buy them from me as well.  Proceeds from both of these events will go to defray the cost of his medical bill’s and assure  proper therapy.  The raffle will be held July 14th.

Art in the making.
Shell Art Construction

After much conversation about the plight of Julio Carlos, Martin and I decided to do the benefit for Julio and the event will be held July 28th from 4 pm to 8 pm at MTZ (across from where the Intripid Sunset Cruise departs) with music provided my “Puerto Luna” a local band that plays Mexican ballad type music.  The cost of the tickets are $250 pesos and include 3 beer or wine tickets, Bacanora Tasting, reduced pricing on drinks and food from local restaurants.  A bonus to the food, wine, Bacanora and music,  your ticket will be placed in drawing for a condo stay at the  Pinacate Condos.  We are doing a silent auction in addition to the relaxing evening. All proceeds go to defray the costs of Julio Carlos’s current medical bills as well as the on going therapy. If you have something you would like to donate, please contact me at ( and we will make sure it is added to the list.  If you want to purchase your tickets in advance, please let me know at

Shrimp Boats and ship building history in Puerto Peñasco

This blog will be broken down into several parts so that you can absorb and appreciate the history here.

Blog on Boats 2017 (7)

Building  not only shrimp boats but large luxury pleasure yachts has been a part of Puerto Peñasco history for decades.   One of the largest was built by  Astillero Bellot and is 150′ long.  It features exotic woods from all over the world and has 16 staterooms each with different hand carved doors and walls above the beds. As you enter the main salon where the main seating area and kitchen are, the door has a hand carved lighthouse.   I will go into the Bellot family history of ship building in the next blog.

Stunning Ship
Luxury Ship

Blog on Boats 2017 (1)

Currently as you drive in towards the Old Port, you will see part of the history of Puerto Peñasco.  You will see boats that look  like they will never make it out of the harbor and boats that have been re-painted and look fresh.  If you coming from the Old Port take a left turn by the Cinema and continue around past the school, make a left turn at the 1st stop sign and wind around pass where they are re-doing the boats.  When you see these monsters in the Sea of Cortez, they look large, but get them dry docked and you will be amazed at the size.  More than once this summer, they have been hauling them down the center of the street to dry dock for repairs. Once the shrimping season is over, the boats are brought ashore for repair and it can be anything from having the large propeller re-buffed to a complete over haul.  Later in summer you will see the anchor cables of the boats being stretched out on the street near the Navy yard for repairs.  This seems to be a specialized job as the same man has been doing this for as long as I have lived here.

Blog on Boats 2017 (5)

I hope you will appreciate the pictures but also the history of the families of ship builders and fisherman.  Remember this city was built upon the fisherman and every June 1st is Marine Day. This day is to honor the fisherman that still fish faithfully as well as those who have gone out and never returned.  It is filled with pomp and circumstances with the laying of the wreath and Navy all dressed in white.  During this time locals are taken out on boats if they wish and usually there is a large Navy ship in port for the event.  Next June make this part of you Memorial Day vacation plans if the USA holiday is close to June 1st.  You won’t be disappointed.

Also start making your plans for the USA Labor Day weekend.  Make your hotel or condo reservations now to assure you get the lodging you want. Yes it will be hot and steamy, but it beat’s the “dry heat” in Arizona.  Come on down and enjoy our clean quiet beaches soon.  After this holiday Rocky Point will be pretty quiet until November 9th – 13th when Bike Week rolls around.

Come visit for a few days and stay for a lifetime!  Questions about getting her or the city email me at

RV Caravans to Puerto Penasco Part 2

In the previous blog about RV Caravans coming to Puerto Peñasco, we touched on how these groups get here and where they come from.  In part 2 we will be addressing several things to do once you are here as well as what you can and can not bring into Mexico.

After sitting down with Charlie and Geri Sing from The Rambling Suns RV Club  (Sun City Elk’s Lodge 2559 who will be the hosts for the trip in October of 2018, one comes to realize that there is a lot of planning that has to go into these caravans when you have a minimum of 20 RV”s traveling together and not just to and from Rocky Point.  These trips have to be planned far in advance in order to get the reservations at the RV parks.  As stated previously, at one time there were 9 RV parks in Puerto Peñasco and now there are 2 large ones that are on the water that can accommodate that many rigs plus all the other rigs that are already there.

El Tapeo for wine tasting

So now the 20 plus rigs from the Sun City Elk’s Lodge have arrived at Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach and have set up home for a week.  What do they do next?  Usually at the end of the day there is a social or happy hour, followed by an evening pot luck dinner with lots of conversation going on.  These groups are made up of folks of all ages so there is something for everyone.

Here is a  list of suggested things for them to see our city and everything we have to offer.

1)  Tour the Pinacate Biosphere where they will see where Apollo 11 astronauts trained for the Moon landing.

Pinacate Biosphere
View from visitor center

2)  Be adventuresome and go Zip Lining

3)  Golf? Las Palomas, Mayan Palace or Laguna Del Mar will not disappoint the beginner or avid golfer.

4)  Fishing? Go out with Capt. Adolfo Perez on his charter boats or if you want choose one of the Pangas.

5)  Sunset Cruises? Choose from Senorita Rita, Intrepid, Pirate Ships, Eco Tours or About Time are just  few of the  choices.

One of our many sunset boats
Rey Del Mar (The Pirate Ship)

6)  Tour the Oyster Farm for lunch, they also serve shrimp, clams and fish.  You can take a tour for this event.

7) City Tour join Russ Black on a great City Tour.

8)  Julio Mesa Shell Artist, he will come to Playa Bonita or go to his shop and see him at work and learn how much goes into the pieces of art.

9)  Satisfied Frog the end of the Malecon great food and right on the water.  Yes it is the Satisfied Frog from Cave Creek, AZ.

10) Cholla Bay: go out in the bay and find sand dollars or go to JJ’s and have a cold beer and enjoy the tide swings which can be huge.

11) Shopping anyone?  The shops on the Malecon, Mercedes Rusticos in the Old Port ( a must stop) and Rodeo Drive are all great choices.

12) Old Port: Check out Boo Bar, Shark Bite, Blue Marlin, Mr. Amigo’s or the Tequila Bar for lunch or a cold beverage.

Stunning views
View from the Malecon

Picture yourself here!
Puerto Peñasco Sunset


13) Need dental work done?  Imagen Oral, Dr. Yamamoto are just a few for you to choose from.

When you are coming to Mexico, make sure you have insured your rig and tow vehicle if you have one. This can be done from the USA either on line  from several different companies. But it is a must!!

When you are in a caravan, as you enter into Mexico, you probably will all get the green light, which means proceed slowly.  If you are traveling in groups of 3 or more, you may get the red light which means stop or they may just wave you on through.  If you travel with your fur babies be it dogs or cats, have their shot records handy (they are looking for the rabies shot).  If you are coming for more than a week and need a large bag of dog food, chicken is allowed but no beef.  An example is the 38 lb. bag of Kirkland Chicken is allowed if it is sealed.

Here is a partial  list of things that you can not bring into Mexico. The whole list is very long, so this gives you an idea.

Plants, eggs, dairy products, beef and pork products.  Depending who’s list you are looking at, these can change.  If you are coming at Thanksgiving, you are allowed  one turkey per vehicle (as they recognize this is a big American holiday).

You can bring in 6 liters of wine plus the 3 liters of alcohol, but remember you can only take 1 liter back into the USA.  Again with Sam’s Club in Rocky Point, there is no need to haul down a lot of stuff.  You can buy cases of bottled water, chicken, meat, pork, cheese, eggs  at Sam’s or Ley’s.  The town also features the best FRESH SHRIMP and FISH, a lot of great fresh produce markets and a couple of butcher shops.  Remember if you are a meat eater, some of the best beef in Mexico is raised in the State of Sonora.

If you have any questions about what you can and can not bring, please feel free to email me at and I will provide you with an answer.  Maps of Rocky Point are available, just send an email.

So come on down, sit and relax and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer.  The people are friendly, no traffic congestion, great food, warm weather, beautiful clean soft sandy beaches and sunsets.

Ride the hoses on the beach
Horse back riding

GREEN POINT – Eating Healthy in Rocky Point, Mexico

This morning I had the chance to visit with Juan Gama and his cousin Angelica Chapa who opened GREEN POINT January 25th of 2016.  Juan who is from Monterrey, Mexico came to Puerto Peñasco team up with his cousin to open this store.  Juan has been  a Certified Health Coach for over 2 years and has his degree from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City.  Angelica is a Registered Dietician, so putting this store together was a perfect match for them.  He has been what we would call a Personal Trainer but now feels the need to expand to many people.

Together they will be putting together workshops and doing lectures on how to eat healthy and be diet conscious.  We talked about the fact that if they would have just started teaching classes, people would have had the excuse that there was no place here to buy the products to complete a successful program.  So by opening the store first, no one has an excuse not to get a program designed to help them meet their goals.

Fresh Juice Mexico

We talked about the fact that here in Puerto Peñasco, most people do not eat healthy foods.  Diabetes is very high here as in many other parts of Mexico and the world.  In the morning you see the construction workers buying their huge bottle of COKE (sugar laden) candy bars and other sweet carbohydrate loaded foods rather than natural fruits and juices.  The goal is simply to  retrain the thought process of people to eat better and live longer healthier lives.

I was intrigued as I walked around the little shop to see that they have virtually everything that we need to make our juicing diet a success.  I found their prices to be very good for every item and they certainly have hard to find items like GoJi Berries, Moringa, Green Tea, natural whole oats (which I had never seen), many natural grains such as Flax seeds, Quinoa, raw Honey, natural Nutella, organic Cacao from Chiapas, Maca, Chia seeds and so much more.  For those who are taking natural things to fight cancer, they also have Tumeric and several other herbs.  They also sell Agua de Coco or Coconut Water.  Now you can also find all natural Gluten Free Flour for your baking needs.

Gluten free Muffins

They feature 12 cold pressed juices made fresh daily and Juan was kind enough to give me one named Holy Kale and it was amazing. Of these 12, one is made with Almond Milk and one made with Chocolate Almond Milk.  They also make breakfast and sandwiches that do not use Soy.  Their breads are called Eceekiel Sprouted Breads which can be gotten from Sprouts, but Juan said they are now buying directly from the producer in Mexico and the 1st shipment will be arriving this next week.

They also carry a line of all natural soaps, shampoos, bar soaps, dish soaps and lotions.  As he explained our skin needs to be tended to and nourished  as much as what is inside us.  So many products out there have so many bad things for the skin, that they actually do more damage than good.  Also featured is all natural toothpaste.

Healthy snacks in Puerto Penasco,

They have based the business on the principles of providing delicious foods using no sugar or additives.  As Juan put it “If you pick up something to buy and there are 5 ingredients that you can’t pronounce the names of or know what they are, DO NOT BUY IT.  That was interesting to me as I had just heard someone say that the other day on a talk show and it makes sense.

Rocky Point has grown to the size city that has been looking for a place like this.  We have many cancer survivors living here and they all want to improve their health and make certain that they can do everything possible to avoid cancer rearing its ugly head.  I feel between the natural items found at GREEN POINT and natural supplements, we are on the right track.  I am not saying this will cure cancer but it sure as heck might help.  We have been reading a great deal on the natural cures for cancer and watching a documentary on the Cure for Cancer and my husband has now said let’s give it a try.
I encourage you to stop in and welcome them to Puerto Peñasco.  Their classes and workshops will begin in August. They are open Monday – Friday 7 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 3 pm and closed on Sunday.

mason jar Juice Green

Vitamin shots in Puerto PEnasco

Fresh Juice in ROcky Point

Kaffee Haus Restaurant in Rocky Point, mexico

This blog is a story that could play out like a “Fairy Tale”.  In 2004 I was heading to work at the Mayan Palace real estate department after leaving Mario’s coffee and saw this A-frame sign, that read Now Open, Kaffee Haus Restaurant.  Now you just know I had to stop as if it has a German spelling on something, I am thinking pastries.  So I entered and saw this beautiful display of fresh baked HUGE muffins.  The young lady that greeted me was the owners wife Lily.  She said that they would now have good luck as I was there first customer. Had really nothing to do with me.  I order 2 muffins to go and by the time I got to work only one remained.  So this became a bit of a morning ritual.

I asked her about how the restaurant started and she explained that she and her husband Uwe (from Germany) met back east while working in the restaurant business and decided for a slower life style and moved back to her home town of Puerto Peñasco.  That was 2004 and they are still going strong.

Apple Studdle in Rocky Point Mexico

They have a diverse menu which caters to locals and visitors.  One of specialties is  Apple Strudel with Bourbon sauce.   OMG the piece is huge and so are the flavors. We have found that one piece is large enough for 2 but that doesn’t stop us from taking home a 2nd piece.  They are open from 7:30-4 pm.  Breakfast is served from opening until 2.  Get there early.  You may expect a wait in season, but it is worth every minute of it. It is one of those places that gives you not only quantity but more importantly quality and great service.

Jamaica Water in ROcku point, Mexico

Do your self a favor and order the Jamaica juice or tea  which is made from the Hibiscus flower.  It is made fresh daily and beside tasting delicious it is great for your health.  It is served over ice and is a little sweet and a little tangy at the same time.  Their omelets are to die for as well as there Chilaquiles , also known as cure for a hangover.  They probably have some of the best ones we have ever had.  They are made with corn chips cut in quarters and then dipped in either red or green sauce, then simmered until the chips are just slightly softened and served with queso fresco and sometime pulled chicken or a egg on top.

Chilaquiles hangover cure in Mexico

Hankering for a hamburger.. . travel no farther.  This is one is made fresh and is very large on a fresh home made bun.  Uwe is a baker so many of his specialty sandwiches come on home made bread or it is served along side.  He also has a bratwurst sandwich which is yummy and it is served with bacon Sauerkraut.  He has many omelets but one of our favorites is the Meat Lovers.  Try the Swiss Farmer if you want a lot of food or the Stammermax.

The Steak sandwich is always a great choice or if you are trying to eat healthy while on vacation, try the Blue Cobb salad.

There are specials every day so get on their email list and plan ahead.  But do save room for a dessert as there are many to choose from.  If you need a cake for a special event, with advance notice ask Uwe to make it for you. No disappointments here!

Kaffee Haus is located on Benito Juarez as it bends to the Old Port on the left. They do not accept credit cards currently.

Puerto Peñasco Upcoming Events

As you know by now the Whale Watching season is in full swing.  Plan a trip to Rocky Point to see these beautiful creatures.  They don’t hang around for ever, so come down soon.  Make sure you have a reservation as the hotels and condos are filling up rapidly.  Here is a run down on just some of the upcoming events we have planned for you, beside our beautiful weather.

Canrnival Vive Penasco

Here are the four events taking place in Puerto Peñasco February 26-28.      As I tried to get onto Calle 12 today, it was completely blocked off with the 18 wheelers carrying the carnival games  for the Fiesta Cultura and Carnival.     This event happens every spring with Guille being the Eternal Princess of the 3 days of parades that start on Benito Juarez and No Reelección near the Baseball stadium.  It will start at 3 p.m. There will be bands and floats of all types and sizes.     The parade will come south and turn right by the Anchor at the entrance to the Malecon and turn right on Luis Encinas  and end at Calle 13, but all the other excitement will be on Calle 12 and Calle 13 in the evenings.     Try to get on Benito Juarez early to get a good seat.   I would suggest bringing your own chairs as the parade is very long.  Yes it also appears that as  in the past you could have a beer on the street, just be considerate and as in camping if you pack it in, pack it out.  This is always the highlight of the year.

Vive Penasco Map

Next comes the Off Road race sponsored by SADR and is known a the “Tequila 150“.  The race begins by the Bomberos on Avenue Freemont and continues East towards the Mayan Palace past the Estuary Morua and then zig zags north through the desert and then back south and finally culminates at the main PIT behind the REEF on Sandy Beach.  You are bound to see some huge rails and trucks of all types and sizes.

Tequila 150 off road race

If sand being kicked in your face and loud noise is not your cup of tea either, than on the 27th go to at Latitude 31 where  the 50’s Sock Hop is being held starting at 4 p.m.  There will be prizes for best 50’s attire and great raffle prizes plus “SPECIAL” food and drink prices.  Proceeds go to benefit the Association Civil Ley 186 which is assistance for the local disabled community.  With all the RV’ers in town, this should be a good time as we know they all remember sock hops.

50's Charity Sock Hop

Last but not least on Feb 27 at FISH Restaurant is their 1 year Anniversary going from 3- 10:00.  FISH is located in the former Lighthouse and features outstanding food and service.Fish Restaurant anniversary

As I speak of the RV Community, Puerto Peñasco has been host to 3 large caravans once again including the Escapee’s and others.  As we traveled to Sun City on Thursday we passed another group of about 30 RV’s heading south for the warm weather, great shrimp and just time to hang out on the beach.  It is great to see these folks coming back in large groups as they realize that Puerto Peñasco is a very  SAFE place to be. Even the dry camping RV area has been full all the time.  This gives our economy a real boost and allows us to showcase our city and it’s people.  Vendors line the beach selling their silver and other good  items, women are doing massages or braiding your hair. Horseback riding is available or the retires can just hang at the RV Parks of either Playa Bonita, Playa Del Oro or the REEF and perhaps play cards or other games and meet new friends. On our visit to Sun City we stayed at the Sun City Elks Lodge where we got the chance to invite other RV’ers down and actually have 2 groups coming down.

March is just around the corner, so we are preparing for “Spring Break” followed by Easter or “Semana Santa… Easter Holy Week“.  Here again make your hotel or condo reservations now  if you have not already done so.

Please for more flyers and up to date events Like us on FaceBook and Follow us on Twitter.  Check us out as in my next blog I will be writing about more upcoming events and what is happening.

You can also check out our Full Year Calendar for more events.

In closing, may I once again remind you:

Life is a Journey.. not a Destination, and the Journey begins in Puerto Penasco” 

DIF Posada in Rocky Point, Mexico

Christmas Tree
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

December 13 was the big Posada and fund raiser for DIF and was held at Plaza de Madre.  It was complete with live animals, Santa and lots of wonderful Tamales and other food as well as entertainment.  Mayor Kiko Munro and his wife Linda  and children were on hand to receive the large donation of blankets that were donated as well as money.  With the cold weather we have been experiencing, the blankets came none to soon.

Music saxophone in MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

There have been several events ongoing throughout the month of December and the final will be held at the auditorium (at the corner where you turn to go to Las Conchas and across from City Hall.. It will consist of opera, tenor and piano music.  The cost for the Gala is $400 MN and will be December 30.  Please see the flyer on it.  I think this will be something everyone will like to see.  Music has no language barrier.

Opera Concert in Mexico
Winter Opera Gala

The Mermaid Market had it’s last event at Shrimp Park and even though it was a brisk day, sales were good. If you haven’t had the chance to go to one of the markets, please go and then stop by the food truck…. he makes great seafood tacos and yummy foods and the salsas for the Taco toppings are out of this world.  He is there every day on Fremont right by the park.

cHeerleaders in mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

We had our 2nd Annual Christmas Posada last evening and the theme was Pinata’s.  Everyone enjoyed delicious food at the Sonoran SKY and music and dancing was provided by Agua de Coco which is a lively upbeat Salsa sound.  Everyone got on the dance floor with much laughter from all.  Earlier in the day we had out Ugly Sweater contest and that brought tears to most of our eyes.  We merged our employees from Arizona with our group here and had a very lively group indeed.  Everyone went home happy and full.  It was a sight to see everyone trying to break open the Pinata after they had a few drinks!

Food Serving
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

It is hard to believe that we have seen the last full moon of the year on Christmas Eve until 2034, so hopefully we will have clear skies.  For some of us we may not see the next one, so we will give thanks for this one.  New Year’s Day will find most of us at J.J’s Cantina in Cholla Bay toasting with old friends and then to probably go to watch some football at Boo Bar in the Old Port.

Speaking of the Old Port, we have a new restaurant that just opened and it is called Ramon’s  Old Port.  Yes for those of you old timers, it is the same Ramon from the Old Port Deli and then Ramon’s at the Sonoran SEA.  Looks like the food is already a hit and there is a nice courtyard setting as well for those beautiful days of ours.  He is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 am to 10 pm.  Stop by and check it out.  It is located at the entrance to the Old Port in the old Terra Nova Real Estate office and across from was Mario’s Coffee Shop on the north side of the street.

Let me remind of the toy drive that the local Biker Club and the toys that we collected at Bike Week will be passed out on January 9th.  Come out an help pass out toys, last year we must have had 1000 children of all ages.

In concluding, I have one wish and that is we all stay safe from terrorism on our shores and that our troops be safe both here and where ever they are stationed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Flyer for New Year’s Eve Parties

BAndito Live Music New years eve party
Tekila BAr New YEars Eve PArty
Rock N ROll NYE
The Satisfied Frog
party flyer mexico
New YEars Eve PArty in rocky point
Matute in rocky point
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"El Malecon" in Rocky Point, Mexico

In Mexico, every beach city has a Malecon. This is a gathering place to watch the sunsets, have concerts, people watch or shop and eat. Here in Rocky Point, ours is no different. When we first started coming here, it was the place to go and buy those luscious Rocky Point Shrimp. It was small with a few shops to buy curios and a couple of places to get a cold beer and eat.

Puerto PEnasco Malecon
By Beverly Arrowood

Today our Malecon has grown up. The city renovated it a few years ago and put in level streets and sidewalks and created the Plaza de Governors. This plaza was dedicated to the governors on both sides of the borders at the Board of Governors meeting. So we had the governors of CA, AZ, NM and Texas and their counterparts from Baja, Sonora,, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas. It is a place for Cinco de Mayo and The Cervantino Festival along with many other concerts. There is nothing prettier than see the sunset behind the music and dancing. You can get a Thrifty Ice Cream cone and sit on the benches and watch the sunset also. Ah Rocky Point is sooooooooooo relaxing.

By Beverly Arrowood

There are now many places to eat and shop since the expansion. Some of our favorites are Sr. Amigo’s, Boo Bar, Satisifed Frog and the Blue Marlin. All of these serve fantastic food and drinks all with a Sea of Cortez view. Going shopping? There is Martin’s (the 3 story shops across from the Boo Bar. His shops have a vast array of items. Mercedes Rusticos as you are leaving the port is fabulous as is Galeria Ber Mar up behind the Catholic Church. Want to have the most delicious cup of Chiapas coffee? Puerto Viejo is the place to go and it is located next to the Blue Marlin. Here you can buy whole or ground beans that are so fresh. They also roast their own coffee and this is the only place in Rocky Point where this is done. I bought a ½ kilo the other morning and the aroma in the car was so lovely.

Cafe Puerto Viejo

Back to the restaurants. Mr. Amigo’s has been there probably the longest and serves great Mexican food, fresh seafood and a vast array of other shall we say other foods. Great drinks and right over the water. You will always find Mariachi’s ready to serenade you here as well.

Puerto Penasco Palms in the the malecon
By Beverly Arrowood

Half way down the street on the water side is the famous Boo Bar. Boo Bar is to the Malecon what JJ’s is to Cholla Bay… a place you have to go to. Here you will be greeted by Jose (the owner) and his great staff (who have all been with him for a long time). Again, you are right on the water. When you arrive, look around and you will realize he is a Chicago Bear fan. However there are some Green Bay Packer fans in this town, so we have our section as well. Jose, is friendly guy with a great smile and he and his wife have to of the most beautiful little girls you can find any where. Great food, drinks and service and music. Usually have a live band on the weekends.

Main Course
Combinacion Neptuno’s main course, shrimp and fish in various presentations

Go up the side street to the left at Beach Bum and you will find the Blue Marlin and be greeted by the owner Homero Ortega. You will always hear “welcome home” when you arrive. His whole family is from here, but he spent a lot of time in Ensenada Baja Norte. It was there that he learned the art of smoking Marlin and other fish. Now 15 years later The Blue Marlin is a wonderful gem of a restaurant. Have a Mexican combo or get the seafood platter for 2. There is actually enough for 3. His salsa’s are wonderful and when I put them on my fish tacos, it is a burst of flavor. Try his home made lemonade as well a cold cerveza or glass or bottle of wine.

The Satisfied Fron in the Rocky Point, Mexico
By Beverly Arrowood

At the far end of this board walk is the new kid in town The Satisfied Frog. The owners Ed and Maria Chillean brought their restaurant experience from the Horny Toad and Satisfied Frog in Cave Creek, AZ. A must to try is the Walter’s Brat pizza. YUMMY! On Sunday go indulge your self with their Fried Chicken dinner for $12, including mashed potatoes and the best ever cole slaw. This is a meal for 2. If you still have enough room, order the strawberry short cake. If you have a hankering for a fun beer, order a bottle of the Chili Beer. You will not be disappointed. Burgers are hugh and very fresh and the nacho platter is enough for 4. Get to the Malecon on Sunday afternoon early as it fills in around sunset time.

Bikes at the mAlecon Mexico
By Beverly Arrowood

Beach Bum is also a fun place to go and there are new places popping up all the time. There are many choices in the Old Port, but these are my picks.

I hope I have gotten you curious and your taste buds are jumping and saying, “Vamos a Rocky Point.”

Remember, we are a safe place to spend family time. Take time to enjoy this little gem of a town and remember we are but a 3 ½ hour drive from Phoenix with uncrowded and clean beaches.

Rodeo Drive in Puerto Peñasco

Rodeo Drive Rocky Point

Before I tell you More about “Rodeo Drive” I would like to mention that as you are driving around Rocky Point, you will see the Red Cross set up in the streets. They are asking for donations and this is how they are able to serve our city. Even though we live here, we stop at everyone and donate. PLEASE give them what ever you can as you never know if you may need them. This is their only means of getting funds to protect us in need.

Rodeo-Drive-Rocky-Point (1)

Now on to RODEO DRIVE or as many of you who have been coming here for years is also known as “Shack’s 5th Avenue”. Rodeo Drive use to be a dirt road of loose sand and people always getting stuck on busy weekends. There were no bathrooms nor restaurants, just curio shopping.

Rode Drive Mexico

Fast forward to 2015, welcome to the new “Rodeo Drive”. To find it, as you are coming into town on Benito Juarez, just south of Sam’s you will see a overhead green sign that reads La Choya and Mexican Rodeo Drive to the right. It starts just as you cross over the railroad tracks and goes on for about 6 blocks.

Cocina de Ramon

Yesterday I decided to go out and spend a little time speaking with the businesses there. First I spoke with Ramon at Mariachis and Tequila. Many of you might remember Ramon from the old Port deli, as I did. When Guy and Linda closed the restaurant, he opened Ramon’s in his home and later opened Ramon’s in the Sonoran SEA, which is still there. About a month ago, Ramon and his business partner David, opened Mariachis and Tequila. It is in the 3 story building on the right hand side. I wanted to find about their history. Ramon and his mom and dad and 8 other siblings move here over 30 years ago from Barra Christmas Navidad, Jalisco. In his early years he had already had a passion for cooking food. His family made a living selling fresh vegetables and tacos near the IMSS Social Security Hospital in town. Before he opened his own places, he also has had taco stands in town. He has held the title of “Iron Chef” here in Rocky Point which is well deserved. He has a focus on fresh food and gracious service. I encourage you to stop and try their “real” Mexican cooking. Mariachis and Tequila makes you feel like you are in the south of Mexico with the art and colorful décor.They are open 7 days a week from11-9. Best salsa in Rocky Point.

Mariachis y Tequila

David comes from Tuluca in the south of Mexico and was brought here as a child also. His family had been vendors on the beach for many years. David opened Kokopelli’s about 2 years ago and is just across the street from the restaurant. Some of the artwork in Mariachi and Tequila comes from Kokopelli. Beside the artwork, the leather chairs seats are made in a shop next door and oh so comfortable. If you are looking for some original art work, stop by after lunch. David had a desire to have a restaurant and so the 2 teamed up. After a month they have feel very confident they made the right decision to open there. In fall, they will open the 2nd floor for lighter fare.

Plaza Fabiola Puerto Penasco

My next stop,was Plaza Fabiola across the street. It is owned by John Hibbert and his wife Fabiola. It features stunning apparel for men and women from Mexico. They have several exclusive lines such as Dunes, Cecilia Nathal, Maria De Guadalajara and Abaca (which is the US is known as “Oh My Guaze”. They just received a great collection of leather hand bags which will be previewed this week. Rocky Point has much needed a wonderful boutique resort wear store and now we have one. I say they have exclusive lines, but that does not mean over the top high prices. If you are a guest in Puerto Peñasco, stop by and see what they have to offer. All if the garments are cotton and or cotton gauze. They everything that you can make elegant or casual … in other words dress it up or down. They also have a great selection of jewelry to compliment the apparel. They are tucked away in the open courtyard between Su Casa and Kokopelli’s.

Rodeo Drive in Rocky Point

Last but no least, is Su Casa. Chances are if you bought a condo on Sandy Beach, the well known Casa Bonita furnished it. After a brief hiatus, Joe and Barbara Iverson decided to open Su Casa. They feature everything from furniture to great Mexican art pieces. They have the ever popular Momma Cita’s in a fast aray of colors and 3 sizes. Also new to the store in a collection of blown glass wall pieces or they can be used on the table as well. On a side note, when we lived in Phoenix, Joe and Barbara lived 2 houses from us. It was easier to have block parties here in Rocky Point than Phoenix. You will see from the pictures, just some of the items they have. Su Casa also has jewelry and you can always find a nice little keep sake to haul home, where ever that may be.

Mariachis y Tequila Restuarant

I hope I have whetted you appetite and made you want to go shopping. You will not be disappointed in any of the stores there and you will also find Mexican curio’s up and down the street.

Restaurante ne Puerto Penasco

Viva Puerto Peñasco.

Rodeo-Drive-Rocky-Point (9)

Please remember, Puerto Peñasco is a safe place to drive to and visit.

Beverly Arrowood

Rode Drive Shops