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Sandy Beach Medical Center in Rocky Point, Mexico

Sandy Beach Medical Center

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“Sandy Beach Medical Services Plan”

I recently had time to visit with Dr. Gonzalez between bloody faces and broken arms to learn more about what he is doing. I marvel that we don’t lose more young people due to stupidity when driving quads and rhinos. It is a good thing I don’t get faint around blood or I would not have made it during our visit. Dr. Gonzalez always has a smile and you can recognize him by his cowboy boots. He is a very humble person and always has time for us. So with this I will begin my story.

Dr Gonzalez Rocky Point, Medical Center
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Many of our readers ask about medical care and while I have touched on it quite a bit, this is something you should all know about. Under the very capable medical doctor and his staff, Dr. Jesus Gonzalez-Gaytan is announcing that the Sandy Beach Medical Center is open and will be “Your All-In-One Medical Services Health Care Destination”. It is in the same location as it has been on Sandy Beach, but now Dr. Gonzalez will have full control of the practice. For those of you who don’t know Dr. Gonzalez -Gaytan, he is an internist who has practiced for many years in the US and Mexico and is very well respected. It has always been a goal of his to provide affordable yet excellent health care and at last he has accomplished what he set out to do. Over the years he has personally taken care of me when one of my medications sent me into shock or when one of my allergies made my throat swell up and the care has been outstanding. He has an assistant there who is the only person I have ever received a shot from that it did not hurt.
If you are a full time resident here in Rocky Point or spend a lot of time here, you may want to join the program and it open is open to anyone.
The member benefits are in English and Spanish. Dr. Ron and Judy Ridgway will be the people you need to contact regarding signing up and answering all your questions. You can purchase the membership up front as a couple living in the same house for ($1,200 USD) or single person ($700 USD) cash or check, IVA included. There will also be a payment plan if needed , but the Ridgways’ can tell you more about that.
One of the main benefits is that now you will have a doctor in Puerto Peñasco who knows you and your medical history. You will be able to have unlimited office visits and expert medical care, but another important part is the skills of the staff to take care of you should there be an emergency. For people with heart issues, the fact that they will know your back ground, so that they may consult immediately with your US or Canadian doctor is so important. Once you join, you will get a copy of your records from you doctors in the US or Canada and they will be on file here.
You will also be covered for most lab work and X-rays. There will also be coverage for some injections and huge discounts from their pharmacy or participating pharmacies in Puerto Peñasco. You will have local transportation provided, should you become ill and it is determined you should not be driving to the clinic. There are so many things covered that you really need to contact the Ridgways’ today.
Please feel free to stop by and say hello to Dr. Gonzalez and his wife Miram and let them show you around. I know you will be impressed. It is located on Sandy Beach Road just before the left turn into the Sonoran SPA and SEA. You will recognize the 4 story white building with the green ambulance and desert rail in green for desert rescues.
Ambulance in Rocky Point, Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Here is the contact information for the Ridgway’s.
Dr. Ron and Judy Ridgway, Calle M #10 La Cholla, Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico 83550 or mail them at P.O. Box 186, Lukeville, AZ 85341-83550. Their US phone is (602) 539- 0017, Mexico Land Line (638) 382-5194 and cell at (638) 107-7162 or 7163.
Again from all of us at thanks for liking us. Come down and stay awhile.

Rocky Point: Need Help? We Have Some Answers!

Thus begins the summer season or as my husband calls it “The Honey Do” season. This coming from the man who I once asked to build us some cement block steps for our little travel trailer. I got the cement and the blocks and went to the beach and left him to do his magic. It was amazing. In 20 minutes he was at the beach with drinks in hand. I said “WOW that was quick”. Come to find out he hired the man in the park to do it!

beer at the beach

One thing you learn living in Puerto Peñasco or probably anywhere in Mexico… when you get a good repairman… KEEP HIM.

Thursday I asked my husband why the water pump was running and we were not using any water. So I shimmed in between the big water tank and the wall and found the issue. The 15 year plastic tube had sprung 3 major leaks. Called the plumber and in 10 minutes he was at the gate. One hour later he was done and we were so happy. His name is Hector Briseno Martinez and is an electrician and plumber. He has never had me wait more that 2 hours to come out. His number is 383-4059 or 044-638-107-0701. Tell him we recommended him. He doesn’t speak English but usually has a son that can. Show him the issue and don’t worry about the language barrier.

Fast forward to Friday night when we turned on the downstairs mini-split air conditioner and it started dripping water. Called our new best friend Galo at Aire Refrigeracion (383-7272). We set a time of 10 am today and they were right on time. They have now been here 2 hours servicing the unit and it looks and sounds great. Galo speaks very good English and they are so good and very reasonable. Ironically, Steve, a friend ours from Buckeye introduced us to him a few weeks ago, but came recommended by another friend who has a place in Las Conchas. Steve is the God Father to Galo’s daughter Lya. When he was showing me the picture of her and their new dogs, I said that is Lya and then the lights came on for both of us. We all met at the La Roca (Rock Hotel) in the old port. If you have not been there, stop by and see the old rock hotel that was once a hang out for Al Capone.

In the midst of all this, came our “Jardineria en General” gardener Alfredo Nogales. The trees all need their summer haircut and he is very good. Most of you in Puerto Peñasco reading this will know him as Fredo and he has worked at several bars and restaurants here in Puerto Peñasco and is currently also working at The Beach Bum on the Malecon. His number is 044-638-103-6555. He can help you with all your planting needs.

We at appreciate all the likes that you are giving us. In case you missed it last week The Huffington Post mentioned Puerto Peñasco in it’s paper when referring to people you live abroad and write blogs and it also links to us so you can follow what is happening. Over the next few weeks as I have said, we will be adding new things to our page to keep it fresh and updated.

You can tell from my writing, that Puerto Penasco aka Rocky Point is still a very small town and you never know you will meet that knows another friend of yours.

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Let us know what you think of our look and also if you, our readers, have anything you would like us to add, please let us know.

Also remember when in the water shuffle shuffle shuffle for the Sting Rays and watch for the Jelly Fish this time of year. The water is getting nice and warm, so come and enjoy it. If it is your first visit, just remember a little smile goes a long way. We don’t move at the pace that you do in the US, so relax and slow down and smell the ocean breezes and enjoy the sunsets.