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The Story of an Event Planner Olympia Watson aka Oly

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

Have you ever wondered what the difference between and Event Planner and a an Event Coordinator? Recently while doing an interview with Olympia Watson, I learned that as well as a whole lot more about this incredible young woman.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

Originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa she attended college in Obregon City, Sonora and finished her education in San Carlos, Sonora. Between taking classes and working in sales at Realty Executives in San Carlos. She loves the hospitality industry and while working in Puerto Vallarta, she found her true passion, weddings.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

In 2006 she worked in sales for 7 months at the Sonoran Resorts. She said she was only 21 was shocked to see how people were just writing checks for a property that was not even out of the ground. Oly, as she is known in Puerto Peñasco, worked for the GRAND VELAS RESORTS and RIU HOTEL chain while in Puerto Vallarta in managing the events at their 3 properties. She could plan weddings for sometimes 2 and 3 a day in each property. In 2014 she came back to Puerto Peñasco where she hired as an event coordinator for the Sonoran SKY and held that position until July 2016 when she decided she wanted to follow her dream and struck out on her own.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

She is very smart and through networking with old college friends as well as other people she has met along the way, she has worked with some huge convention events as well as large family reunions. This past year she got invited to put on an event for 700 guests at the Rivera Maya and although she resides in Puerto Peñasco, she was able to collaborate as part of the staff to organize it. This kind of events take a lot of effort and a great team as you have to rely on getting the proper information regarding vendors for the event and making sure that everyone from the kitchen staff to everyone else involved is on the same page.

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She is currently working on a wedding in Cabo San Lucas where her friend is a Wedding Coordinator. To make sure that the timing of the event is flawless, she had a video made of a mock up wedding where someone walked down the stairs to where the bride would start walking down the isle to see how many seconds it took in order for the music to start at the precise time. She draws the venue space on a graph on the computer to make sure every table is where it needs to be, that the trash cans are not put next to the guests or food and so many other details. When she gets to the event she can also work with the kitchen staff to see that they are paying attention to details and that they are happy.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico
Recently in Rocky Point, she was the event Planner for a family reunion of 200 people which was held at Playa Bonita. At first they wanted a casual dinner, but with her advise and discussing things, they had 3 family dinners and lunches. She loves details, so she even made personalized ribbons with the last name of the family for the napkins, signs for the family marathon, she organized things for the children and adults to do so everyone had a great time. With the help of favorite uncle of the family, on the day of check-out, she was able to put together a Catholic Mass using one of the family members who was a clergyman, to pray for safety in their travels home for the entire group. Without her expertise, this might have been just another reunion, but now they had a reunion to remember.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

She feels it is important to be upfront and honest with her clients. If a bride and groom say we want a beach wedding with the reception on the beach in July or August, she said “It is my job to remind them about the weather and the safety and health of their guests during the heat and humidity” It is also important for an event to utilize a decorator to make the place look like what the people paying for have in mind. It is here where her services come into play as she out sources everything, thus being able to keep on top of the smallest of details.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

She loves working surrounded with love.
So if you are looking to plan a convention, wedding, reunion or whatever, she is a Destination Event Planner, check with Oly at Olympia Watson Events Agency. You can find her online at/ or email her at or call her at MX CEL 638 114 3430.

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico

Event Planner in Rocky Point, Mexico


Weddings and Condos in Rocky Point, Mexico

Playa Bonita en Puerto Penasco
Hotel Playa Bonita

For those of you who have never been here or have only dreamed of being here, you will see some pictures of the beauty and fun things to do in Puerto Penasco. Step 1 is to make you room reservation in advance. This is especially true over major holidays like Easter and Memorial Day and Bike Week. I say this because we have so many people visiting here from all over the world and they all plan in advance. If you haven’t been here try 1 of the 4 Sonoran Resorts. All rooms face directly to the ocean. Imagine your self having your morning coffee or at sunset having a glass of wine over looking the ocean. All rentals are complete with everything except YOU. When you open your condo door, all you will be able to say is WOW. Las Palomas is also water front and has a “lazy river” for the kids.
Horses at the Beach Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

Once you have settled in, you can check with the front desk to see about renting kayaks or walk down to the beach to see about a horse back ride on the beach, this is so much fun to do. You will be surrounded by vendors who will want to braid your hair, write your name on a grain of rice or just plain sell you something. They have excellent quality silver jewelry and the prices are good but you can always barter. When our grand daughter Morgan was small, we explained to her that this was how people made money, so rather than barter, if the vendor wanted $5.00 we gave him $8.00. What can I say? There will be vendor selling tamales and tacos or burritos so please try them, you will not be disappointed. If that does not sound good to you, the SKY, SUN and SEA have swim up bars that also sell light fare, this is always good.

Wedding Sonoran Sky

Puerto Penasco is the perfect place for a wedding on the beach. Playa Bonita Hotel did one for my family, you’ll see the picture here a couple of years ago.. The food was wonderful and the band outstanding. Nothing prettier than a beach wedding near sunset. They have several packages to choose from. The Sonoran Resorts use outside caterers such as Ramon, Jerry’s or Chef Mickey. All make the wedding such a wonderful experience. Whether you are in the wedding party or a guest, you can get your hair and nails done here at any of our great shops. All of the resorts have Spa’s so you can relax before your big day. It is very easy to buy a gift here from Su Casa or Mercedes Rusticos in the Old Port. We have several great cake makers here that will not disappoint you. Remember when coming across the border about how much beer or liquor you bring in and only 1 qt going back per person. No need to haul it down.. go to Crucero Liquors just across the railroad tracks on Benito Juarez. Glen has a huge selections of wine, liquor and beer.

Playa Bonita Wedding

Again, I remind you, Puerto Penasco is a very safe place to come and hold your weddings, anniversary or any special occasion. Hope to see you soon. VIVA MEXICO!
Beverly Arrowood

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Wedding at Las Palmas

Puerto Peñasco is a beautiful Mexican village with sunny days, spectacular sunset, a gorgeous beaches and nice people.  There is a better place to celebrate the most important event in a couples lives. How is your wedding! Just one hour from the USA-Mexico Border.
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