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Cozy Brunch Spot

Cozy Brunch Spot: Kaffee House

If you are taking a trip down to Rocky Point sometime soon, there’s a cozy brunch spot you will not want to miss. The restaurant is called Kaffee Haus but pronounced “Coffee House”. This cozy brunch spot not only has delicious ‘kaffee’ they have incredible breakfast foods (and even lunch!) for the whole family.

Meet the Chef

Chef Uwe Holtz is the chef at this cozy brunch spot. He pulls from his German roots to bring us decadent tastes and a comfortable ambience. The restaurant is nestled on Blvd. Benito Juárez García 216 B. You can find it right before you enter the Old Port, on the other side of the street from where all the boats are.

Array of Foods

cozy brunch spot
Cream Cheese-Filled French Toast at the cozy brunch spot! (

Kaffee Haus has an assortment of delicious dishes for both breakfast and lunch, but we mostly love it for breakfast! They serve classic pancakes, omelets, eggs and bacon. They have unique spins on these classic dishes too, such as Granola Banana Pancakes. Additionally, they even serve waffles you can top with bananas and Nutella! One of our favorite dishes is the cream-cheese stuffed French Toast. You can order it with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon.

cozy brunch spot
Huevos Rancheros con Salsa Verde (

Additionally, they serve up traditional Mexican-style breakfasts that are worth every single calorie. Our favorite is the Huevos Rancheros con Salsa Verde that they serve up on the weekends. They serve it with queso fresco and a crispy, perfect side of breakfast potatoes. You won’t want to miss this dish if you happen to stop by the restaurant on a Saturday or Sunday.

Crazy for Pastry at the Cozy Brunch Spot

We have to admit though… our favorite part of this cozy brunch spot, Kaffee Haus, is their pastries. They make their own cakes, breads and other pastries in house and serve them up warm and delicious. They have an especially tasty (and might we add, tall) pastry you might know called Apple Strudel.

cozy brunch spot
delicious Apple Strudel at the cozy brunch spot! (

Cup of Joe

Seeing as the restaurant is called “Kaffee Haus”, you won’t want to miss their delicious coffee. They serve up traditional coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and more. For non-coffee drinkers, they also have a warm and cozy hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows. They even serve some of their drinks in huge mugs with is always a fun experience.

cozy brunch spot
warm and cozy cafe latte! (

Kaffee Haus Hours

Kaffee House is open 7 days a week, from 7:30am-4pm Monday through Friday and 7am-3pm Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant is quaint, so you’ll want to be sure you get there early if you go on the weekends.

cozy brunch spot
inside the restaurant! (

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Puerto Viejo Coffee Shop Opens in Puerto Peñasco

This Saturday Puerto Peñasco welcomed a new coffee shop to the Old Port area, Puerto Viejo Tostadores De Café. Puerto Viejo is one of a kind coffee shop and is sure to bring some fresh new aromas to the area. The interesting part of this coffee shop, is that there are 2 areas; The Roastery & Coffee Bar.  972068_276675372475662_1242839329_n994562_276994802443719_1696832952_nAll the coffee that is served at Puerto Viejo is roasted and brewed in house. Puerto Viejo serves organic coffee brought from the Chiapas State and has plans to tap into other locations which will allow to them receive coffee beans from other origins such as; Veracruz, Oaxaca and occasionally  of  other countries. You can also buy the same beans they use in the store to take them home and brew up some delicious organic coffee in the comfort of your home. This will be officially the only place in Puerto Penasco where you can try this type of fresh roasted coffee and coffee brewed from the different methods that Puerto Viejo uses.
Avid coffee brewers and coffee connoisseurs believe that the preparation process,544438_276960032447196_56121873_n how the coffee is535730_282786578531208_1003614488_n brewed, is arguably one of the most important processes of coffee. Changing the method used to brew your coffee changes the way it tastes, strength  of the coffee and smoothness. In order to provide it’s customers with the options to choose how their coffee is brewed and perhaps explore different brewing methods, Puerto Viejo is using a variety of methods to make their coffee. Some examples of the brewing methods that Puerto Viejo uses are Chemex, V60, Cold Brew and French Press. Before you buy your beans, why not check them out in the “tostadora” that can be seen inside Puerto Viejo! Check out this awesome picture of some beans being roasted and prepared for the brewing process. Puerto Viejo has also an amazing deck overlooking the Sea of Cortes, if it’s your first time in Rocky Point, or you are a local we recommend that everyone come check out Puerto Viejo for some of the best coffee in town! Enjoy.