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Beach Mud Run

Runners in action!

Beach Mud Run

If you’re planning on being in the beautiful sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco the weekend of October 23rd, 2021 you won’t want to miss this epic beach event! Dirty Beach’s Beach Mud Run will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 on the beautiful Sandy Beach. Runners will meet at Rocky Point Speedway for a 5K mud run filled with exciting and challenging obstacles.

runners getting down in the mud

Hydration Stations

There will be sand, mud, water, and most importantly: Hydration Stations! These stations will have water, beer, and even tequila for your thirst needs throughout the race. All registered runners will receive a ‘Hydration Wristband’ that gives them access to these drinking stations. Additionally, runners will be given two Taco Tickets to access delicious tacos after the run is complete. During this taco time, runners will also get to celebrate their completed run at the After Party!

beach mud run
Runners at a Hydration Station!

Registration for Beach Mud Run

Runners can register for just $30. The $30 registration fee includes access to the Beach Mud Run, a Hydration Station Wristband, and most importantly— two Taco Tickets! Keep in mind you must be 10 years or older to register for the run. You can register as an individual or with a group. So if you want to run through these epic obstacles with your family or favorite friends group, sign them all up and do it together! You’ll be sure to have a great time.

Not only will you be getting some exercise in, and get to play in the mud, but you’ll also get to have beer and tequila shot stations throughout your epic obstacle course! Additionally, participants are encouraged to wear costumes at the race. It sounds like it’s time to unpack your favorite banana suit or Batman cape and get your run on!

beach mud run
fun obstacles and more!

Obstacle Course

Excitingly, the Beach Mud Run’s 15+ obstacles will include the Good Luck Rope Line, Slipper Slide, Muddy Muck Crawl, Walk the Plank, Quick Sand, Hay Hill and more! Here is a map of the obstacle course itself that you’ll be doing throughout the run.

Event Time

If you want to register on the day of the run, registration will open at 10am that Saturday. The First Wave of the Beach Mud Run runners will start at 11am on that Saturday October 23rd, 2021. Keep in mind that there will be a Wave (or group starting the course) every hour. You can start a Wave with your specific group/team, so you can enjoy the fun of the Beach Mud Run together.


beach mud run
after party band jamming out

Beach Mud Run After Party

When the race is done, runners are invited to stay and hang out at the beach with the other participants. Most importantly, there will be an After Party with great music and tons of awesome prizes to win at the drawing. There will also be Dirty Beach Mud run t-shirts for sale the day of the event.

Check out this video from one of Dirty Beach’s past Beach Mud Run to see what a blast this obstacle race is. Don’t miss this Beautiful Beach Run on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021. It will be an awesome and muddy day!

beach mud run
happy runners!

Beach Bar Radio in Rocky Point, Mexico

Beach Bar Radio in Rocky Point Mexico

Beach Bar Radio is a new concept for music in Rocky Point Mexico that you can listen to from anywhere in the world. When you are looking for new music or just a forgotten classic you can tune in to Beach Bar Radio to create the perfect soundtrack for you sunset with an Ocean view. We contacted Beach Bar Radio and we ask them a few questions about what is Beach Bar Radio and all the details.
We talked to Ken: Partner, Creative Director and Tech Guy of Beach Bar Radio:
What is Beach Bar Radio? Beach Bar Radio started as a thought and conversation and we’ve grown into a full blown audio station playing a dynamic mix of Beach Lifestyle music with new and fresh artists introduced whenever possible. We are a audio stream Radio Station or internet station
How was the Beach Bar Radio Started? A long conversation between Stephen Heisler, my partner in Beach Bar, and myself. No one is servicing this genre well, so we decided to give it a shot. I’ll venture to say that we are the cleanest stream in out there for Trop Rock/Americana. Also we are always open to ideas for new sounds, new bands and the other thing that is different is if you hear a song that just doesn’t fit, send a note, we’ll consider it. It’s your station, help it grow.
What style of Music is Played at Beach Bar Radio? Beach Bar has a format that is just breaking out, Tropical Rock is one name, another title is Americana..we also mix in some New Country and Reggae.
How can people call in and request songs? (Via Skype or normal Telephone) Via Google Voice at 970-823-2246
Where is Beach Bar Radio Located? Our main office is located in Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico with branch partners in the Florida Keys, Pensacola, The Gulf coast of Texas, Arizona and California.
How can we listen to Beach Bar Radio? If you visit our website at you’ll find a link in the middle of the page that will take you to out partner link, Tune In (
Is there a Phone App? Yes, with Tune in and our own mobile option that comes from our stream partner ( this link provides options for android, IPhone or Blackberry devices.
 Can new bands/independent bands contact you to sent you their demo? Not just yes, but touch base right away, we can help with promos and more.
How can we contact Beach Bar Radio in Social Networks and E-mail? also our “Contact us” page on the web.
What is the Website?
Special Thanks to Ken and Stephen Heisler for taking the time to answer this questions.

Beach Bar Radio in Mexico

So go check our Beach Bar Radio for yourself there is nothing better to listen when you are ocean side.

What to pack for your trip to the beach…

One of the goodness of traveling to the beach, besides the sea, the sand and the cocktails with tiny umbrellas in it, is to travel “light” as the usual clothing to wear at the beach is mostly made from light and thin fabric which will make it very easy when packing for your trip.
Although I am an easy going traveler, I know a lot of people (especially females) that take very seriously the packing process.  One tip that can help you is to make a detailed list where you can check off every item as you are placing it on the luggage.

What to pack for rocky point
What to pack

If you are planning your next escape to the gorgeous Rocky Point beaches, you must know that the weather is usually warm and ideal to have outdoor activities most of the year. Because of its map location, you can enjoy sunny days and nights full of refreshing sea breeze.  On average the Rocky Point temperature is around 83º F (28º C) except for the winter months (October-February) and the beaches are at its best so you can have a great swim or just lay down on the sand to sunbathe.
Keeping in mind these tips, here is a list of my necessary items to travel to the beach for a weekend:

  • 2 bathing suits
  • 2 tops
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 pair of shorts of cropped pants
  • 1 pair of jeans (depending on the weather)
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 2 beach dresses or beach wrap to use on top of bathing suits
  • 1 cardigan in neutral color
  • 3 changes of underwear
  • 1 pajama
  • 1 beach towel

Beauty items:

  • Sunscreen with SPF 50 (minimum)
  • Lip balm
  • Body lotion and face cream
  • Anti-fizz serum (remember that when you are at the beach humidity gets in to your hair and to have a little of control this is a basic tip)

About make up for the ladies…remember that when you are at the beach less is more, so don’t make it to complicated by taking your whole make up kit, a little mascara (waterproof of course), lip gloss and blush, and you will look fantastic!  And you can give your skin and hair a little break well needed.
For obvious reasons on my list, I focus on women, but if you are a guy, with a pair of shorts, a pair of t-shirts and sunscreen you will be ready to have a great time on your vacation in Rocky Point.  And of course, do not forget your best attitude and you will have a wonderful time.
What are your basics to go to the beach?  Do you plan an outfit for each day?  Or you are more spontaneous?  I will love to read your comments.

When the heat is on… Take care of your skin!

Imagine this…perfectly clear sky, warm sand, a comfortable hammock, the murmuring of the waves, a good book and the pleasure of giving yourself away to the sun, what else do you need to have the best vacation?
Most of us love to be under the sun, because even though we know about all the risks of sunbathe we can’t resist to show off a nice tan, and why is this?  Well, because the UV light from the sun releases endorphins and when these are released it makes us feel happy and of course who doesn’t enjoy a relax happy time on a beautiful beach?.
It is very clear that if we sunbathe directly under the sun is not the best thing to do, so what do we have to do about it? Simple, take care of ourselves.  One of the more important things to know is the best time of the day to sunbathe?  Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm is when the UV ray lights can damage your skin the most, that is why you have to keep in mind that if you are outside between those hours you have to look for a shade to protect yourself, you can either bring your own shade or an umbrella or look for one of the “palapas” located on the beach.Sunscreen for The beach
Another factor is to select the correct sunscreen.  The SPF must be applied 20 minutes before you go out on the sun, that’s the time that it takes the sunscreen to penetrate your skin. If you don’t follow this, it will be as if you did not put on any SPF for the first 30 minutes under the sun.
Even though there is no SPF that can offer you 100% blockage, since there are SPFs of 15 to 110, you must remember that you have to put it on every time you go in and out the water and also every hour and a half, especially when you are at the beach. Remember that the water and the sand are like a mirror that reflects the sun light.
I highly recommend that before you use any sunscreen, check for the expiration date, since it will indicate the warranty of the components of the product.
Another way of protecting yourself and decrease the risk of sun damage to your skin is to wear a hat and oversize sun glasses with UV filter  to protect your face.
There are a lot of options to protect yourself, you choose the one that fits you better, but as the experts say, never leave you house without any solar protection, especially when you are planning a beach vacation. Right now there are plenty of sunscreen products to choose from, such as cream, gel, with or without color and spray, so you don’t have any excuses. Take care of your skin and enjoy some wonderful days at the beach!!