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Summer is Beach Time in Rocky Point, Mexico

Soon the schools here in Mexico will be out and Puerto Peñasco will be inundated with families from all over the northern part of Mexico and Baja.  It is always humorous to see people who live in Rocky Point head to Ensenada, Baja California for the summer and the families from Tijuana and Mexicali head east to enjoy the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Here we also get many tourists from the State of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Michocan and others.  For many of the these states we are the closest Sea Port to them.  Puerto Peñasco welcomes you all.  Also school will soon be out in our neighbors to the north being Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  The city will be bursting at the seams with license plates from all over.  A word to the wise… make your reservations today to get the best views at your favorite condo or beach front home.

Wild life in Sonoran Desert

There are many activities in Puerto Peñasco for families to do such as walking in the tide pools, beach combing for shells, going to Cholla Bay looking for Sand Dollars, going to CEDO (which is an effort from the US and Mexico to let people know about the area and how it was formed and the sea life that lives in the Sea of Cortez).  It is at CEDO where you will also find a full size whale reconstructed.) Next stop is  the Pinacate Biosphere  Reserve, which is located north of Puerto PeñascoIf you are not familiar with this area, as you are coming south at aprox KM 50 you will see a huge mountain range off to your right  just after you have crossed the twin bridges.  It is here where you will find Prong Horn Sheep, deer and a multitude of wild life.  Do your family a favor and stop and visit the visitor center  as it is for all ages.  You can also go out on the Banana boats or take the family fishing.  The Sonoran Sea has a store where you can rent boogie boards, snorkeling gear or take scuba lessons and much more.  A must to do is to go out to Bird Island on the Eco Tour Boat to swim with the Sea Lions and Dolphins.  The whole family will enjoy a sunset cruise aboard the Pirate Ship.

Banana Boat Riding in Rocky Point, Mexico

When you come in the months of July, August or September, be prepared for heat and humidity.  But for the ladies out there, remember the humidity is great for your skin.  Be careful in July as the Jelly Fish will be here as well and were actually sighted this past weekend, but they are a much smaller specie and the tentacles surround the jelly part and do no go out like long fish lines. You can recognize them as they are usually dark blue in color.  Word to the wise…bring ammonia or meat tenderizer with you as that will help take the sting away.

Sunset Cruise Pirate Ship in rocky point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Bare in mind that in summer many of the restaurants and bars that you normally go to may be closed mid week, so plan  your food ahead of time.  We have Sam’s Club and LEY’s to shop at for food and beverages.  Right now we are getting in some great green grapes from Caborca.  Fresh fruit and vegetables abound all year around here, so no need to haul food across the border.

One more little item. If you are renting a condo, most do not allow your little dogs and cats.  Check before making your reservations.  We do have 2 places that will board you furry family members so not to worry and one of them is in a vet’s office.  All resorts, bars and most coffee shops have Wi-Fi (if you can’t live with out it).

So as I say ” Life is a Journey.. Not a Destination and the Journey Begins in Puerto Peñasco”.  Come and have fun and enjoy our piece of PARADISE.

My Favorite Beach Activities

Rocky Point has an incredible beach and there are several activities you can do while you are here for your vacation!
The tide cycles in Rocky Point make the beach very unique and constantly different throughout the entire day. Some of the things I like to do when there is low tide are:
–       Set up some small goals with shoes, beach towels, or actual little soccer goals and play soccer with your friends! When the tide is low you can run around a huge area that is flat and open, which is perfect for a little game of soccer.
–       Play paddle ball. Paddle ball is a simple game where you and a partner hit a ball back forth with each other and see how many times you can hit it back and forth without dropping it. This game can provide entertainment for hours! I have found myself playing this game for hours without realizing how much time passed by.
–       Skimboard! When the tide is low there a little areas and pools that form which are perfect for skimboarding. If you want to try a new and challenging sport I definitely recommend trying skimboarding. Be warned though that this is a dangerous sport and if you fall you can seriously injure yourself. Start off slow and then you will progress accordingly.
When the tide comes up there are a bunch of new activities that you can try and enjoy. The ones that I have personally found to be the most enjoyable are:
–       Rent a jet ski. Even though the hourly rates for a jet ski are slightly expensive, it’s worth it. Riding a jet ski through the Sea of Cortes is amazing! Make sure you are safe though and never doing any dangerous maneuvers. It is very easy to find people to rent jet skis from they are.
–       Ride the banana boat. Banana boats are all along the beach in Rocky Point and they are only $5/person! It’s about a 6-10 minute ride and you better hold on tight! My biggest advice for the banana boat is to make sure that if you fall, protect your face. Falling on the banana boat is very common and generally safe. Just be careful if it happens and make sure you protect yourself!
–       Parasailing. This is one of the activities that you HAVE to try here in Rocky Point. You get to see the beautiful Sonoran Resorts, beaches, and people from 300 ft in the air! It is awesome to be able to have a birds eye view on the surrounding area.
These are just a few suggestions for you guys on activities that I have come to personally enjoy. You may find a different activity that you enjoy more, but I definitely recommend trying at least a few of these when you go down to Rocky Point for vacation.