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Tiburones New Baseball Stadium In Puerto Peñasco

Be prepared to come out on April 11, 2017 for the Inauguration and game one of the 3 day home stand with the Tiburones De Puerto Peñasco versus Centinelas de Mexicali at our new stadium.  The stadium currently has 1300 seats including the new seats as well as the old 1st base side stadium seats.  It will also feature 260 new V.I.P. seats.  When complete it will have 1860 seats.  It offers both the home team and the visitors a new dug out, locker rooms, office for the managers, showers and more.  Down stairs there is a team gift shop with shirts, hats, and all sorts of souvenirs. Here you can buy beer at several locations as well as food. All the bathrooms have been re-done and new ones added.

Bird's Eye View Tiburone Stadium in Rocky Point

Looking at the stadium

The Cream de la Cream, however is in the center top of the stadium, next to the announcers station is where you will find a SPORTS BAR/ RESTAURANT.  Here you can buy cocktails, wine, beer as well as have food.  It will seat about 55 people and will offer a couple of big screen T.V.’s.  There is no extra charge to see the game from here and as you can see from the picture, the view is awesome.

Sports Bar/Restaurant in Tiburone stadium in Rocky Point Mexico

Baseball stadium sports bar in Puerto Penasco

The stadium project is being done in 2 stages.  The 1st stage is what you will see on the 11th.  The second stage will include the redo of the 1st base stadium in addition to adding a parking lot as well as the relocating of 2 of the light posts.  All the lighting is new so it will seem like day light.

For those who have lived here in Puerto Peñasco for years you probably have attended a Tiburones baseball game.  The stadium really was not a place the city or team could be proud of as it had gotten shop worn.  So under the administration of Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro, the Municipal Stadium is getting a complete make over.  Francisco Leon Garcia stadium will once again be something that Rocky Point can be proud of and offer it’s residents a great deal of inexpensive entertainment.  From seeing the stadium, the $30,000,000 peso investment should pay off very nicely.

New visitor seating in stadium if Puerto Penasco

Puerto Peñasco new baseball stadium

After spending some time with Wilfredo Guzman the Director of Municipal Sports Institute, I learned the team has been around since  1960 and has had several names.  It has been in the existing stadium since 1979, so it was time for a make over.  The season runs from April – July and longer if there are play off games.  The official opening day of the season was April 4.  The 6 team league that they play in use to be called Liga Norte De Sonora but is now known as Liga Norte De Mexico.

V.I.P. seating in Rocky Point baseball stadium

The 6 teams that comprise the league are Tiburones De Peñasco, Rojos De Caborca, Algodoneros De Mexicali, Marineros De Ensenada and Freseros De San Quintin. These teams are development teams for Triple A clubs.  Each Triple A club has 2 development teams to work with and draw from. The coach of the Tiburones is Raul Cano who is a very famous man in Mexican baseballThere are a few other notables on the team of 30 and 6 coaches.  Jeremy Acey hails from Sacramento, CA and plays on 1st base.  You also have Sergio Mitre who played with the New York Yankee’s for 5 years.  The head pitching coach is Vincente “Huevo” Romo who is in the Mexican Hall of Baseball Fame as well as having played for 8 years for the L.A. Dodgers and the San Diego Padres teams.  He is one of the most famous pitchers in Mexico.


Marineros De Ensenada

Team 3 in the League

Team 4 in the league

Team 5

Rojos de Caborca

If you have not been to a game, it is not expensive by any means.  No $10 hot dogs or $15 beers here!     Admission to the games is inexpensive to say the least.  General seating is $60 pesos, V.I.P. seating is $100 pesos and children will be $30 pesos.  Beer will probably be $1.50 USD as in the past. You can go on game day anytime after 4 and purchase your tickets.  Get there around 5 to get a great seat and sit back and relax.

Liga Norte De Mexico

So whether you a local or visiting, come out and show your pride for the Tiburones Aprill 11th at 7 p.m and be prepared to be amazed!  The Grand Opening happens to fall in the middle of Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week).  There are still rentals to be had, but they won’t last long, so book your room today.

The Future of Baseball in Mexico

Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

What do you think of when you think about team sports in Mexico? Usually the first thing that comes to mind is Soccer. Well after seeing the well over 120 young boys and girls at the 8th Annual Baseball Clinic put on by the Youth Foundation of Puerto Peñasco it will be baseball. They ranged in age from 4 years old and up. Each of the younger players teams seemed to have at least 1 girl on the team and one team had four young girls. The teams were from Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta and they were all so enthusiastic. The little guys were so shocked when they actually hit the ball that they had to be reminded to run.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Rick Busa is to be commended on his effort and hard work in putting the event together. He had coaches from Puerto Peñasco and the Phoenix area. We had the pleasure of speaking with Carlos who played semi pro baseball a few years ago. The kids came up to these coaches for autographs and they got them freely. Carlos spoke of why he donates his time to do this. In his words he said he grew up poor and his father worked hard so he didn’t have the time to spend with his kids. He wants to see the youth of today have so much more than he did.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

When we arrived they were in full swing with teaching pitching, batting and more. Then they went into a wiffle ball game. Watching the little ones was a real treat as it brought back a lot of memories of when our kids were little an involved in T-ball and softball. It was really amazing to see how well the small ones were doing with their batting and not off a tee.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

We would like to thank the following people who donated and came together to help coach these future stars of tomorrow.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

On behalf of the City Of Puerto Penasco and the Youth Foundation of Puerto Penasco, we would like to thank the following men who stepped up to coach. Pete Hartmann, JD Rameriz, Troy Pearce, Carlos Gonzales and John Monterio. Also the coaches of the teams that were there should be thanked as sometimes it can be a thankless but rewarding job, if you have ever coached a baseball team of kids.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The list of sponsors are ; YSF, City of Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point 360, Max’s, Rotary Club, Pro Alliance, Las Palomas, Sonoran Resort, Oceano, Satisfied Frog, Rocky Point Dreamer and Mark Olszewski at Penasco Rocks(photogrpher) and These are the people who have helped with donations as well as getting the word out about the foundation.
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Please if you can donate money or equipment, please contact Rick at
Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Basbeall clinic in rocky point mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

One more thing you will see this quote at the end of my blogs every month. As we get near the holidays of Spring Break and Easter the US State Department send out the message, about coming to Mexico. Linda Schultz and her husband are from Wausau, Wisconsin and visited Puerto Peñasco in December and here is what she said

“I noticed the travel warning for Rocky Point, I had to chuckle about some of the responds. There are areas in Wausau that I would not feel safe in, common sense goes a long ways but it seems a lot of people don’t have that. I could come back tomorrow to Rocky Point, I sure enjoyed my visit, the problem is getting there.”

They flew into Phoenix and came down with other relatives from the Phoenix area.
So we invite you to come to our city and remember you would not be invited if we thought it was not safe.

Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco

The “Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco” was founded nearly 9 years ago by Rick Busa.  He has enlisted coaches from the US to come down and donate their time free of charge to work with these young kids.  Many of these guys have enlisted their friends to get equipment donated or purchased and given to the these kids.  Getting young children involved at an early age in sports as we all know is so important.  It teaches them confidence, sportsmanship, being part of a team and so much more.

baseball clinic rocky point

In 1973 Bill and I went Kino Bay Sonora  for  a week of vacation.  Almost every night we would go to the baseball field with our guama of beer and watch baseball.  Sometimes it was kids and sometimes adults.  It was hard at times to figure out which team was which as they had no matching uniforms or equipment…. but boy could they play ball.  I am certain that many of you know  how many Arizona Diamond Back players have come out of not just Mexico but the State of Sonora.

baseball clinic diamond backs

Over the years here, we have gone to  our Tiburon Baseball games and it is great to see the talent on these Sonoran teams.  Think of this “Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco” as an investment in the young athletes of tomorrow.

baseball clinic Puerto Penasco

Upon speaking with Rick Busa over the weekend, he explained that we are a week away until the annual baseball coaches clinic for the children of Puerto Peñasco. This year looks to be a bigger year for the children. Everyone is talking about the baseball clinic.

Baseballl clinic rocky point

The bad news is that they are behind of lasts years donations of cash and equipment. They are asking everyone to please step up to the plate and help them out. “We have friends all over that can pick up or even drop off the sports equipment”.

baseball clinic arizona

Rick went on to say that they are a 501(3) foundation so it will be tax deductible. The cash can be sent through Money Gram, Western Union or through your bank. You can contact us through our Facebook page or send Rick Busa a message via Facebook or email.  Rick and his group have put so much into this that I hope everyone can donate something.  Every little bit will help these kids learn.

baseball clinic Sonora

If you need to and can’t find him, please send me your info and I will see that it gets passed on.  His email is  My home number is 623-298-4284 if it is urgent.
I along with Rick Busa thank  you in advance for helping the Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco.

baseball clinic puerto penasco