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Barb's Dog Rescue in Rocky Point

Today I want to tell you a story about a very Special  Person and a very Special Place here just north of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.  She goes by Barb and the place is Barb’s Dog Rescue. Judging from the looks on the faces of dogs she has saved, I would say they might call her mom.  She has provided a safe haven for many older dogs that otherwise would have died on the streets.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

When we rang the doorbell we were greeted by Barb and Marisol and about 20 or so fur babies that came running out to greet us.  I asked her how she ended up in Puerto Peñasco and she told me her story.  Barb Mumaugh arrived her 15 years ago from Cave Creek, AZ where she had been a Million Dollar Real Estate producer and had her real estate office in Carefree, AZ. Then tragedy struck and her daughter was killed in a car accident and for 2 years she had no idea what to do with herself or what she needed to continue living. Her sister Dee Brooks (Twin Dolphins Real Estate) lives here so she had seen the dogs on the street.  She came here and purchased a piece of property north of town.  It had a house of sorts, but she built a new one.  So 15 years ago she started rescuing dogs with the help of her friends.  Before long it had become apparent that although she was doing the rescuing  at the same time she also  had been rescued.  She now had a different purpose in life.  She bought 1/2 of the property then and gradually bought the other 1/2.  She has a long range goal of where the original house is to turn that into a receiving area. It is here where the dogs will be checked out, given flea and tick baths, shots and held before they are moved to the back house or large kennels.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

Her benefactor  who is also on her Board of Directors paid to have 43 kennels built.  The houses have tile roofs, a bed and nice big area to run, play and dig. They all have the beds that are constructed of PVC pipe and have a mesh covering for easy cleaning and are off the ground. In winter time, they have sheepskin type covers for warmth.  It is here where the big dogs and older dogs are.  Each one came to greet us as we stopped and she called them by name and told us their story.  Everyone wanted to be petted, which came easy for my husband who accompanied me.  On the West and North side there are smaller like little shaded houses with tile roofs and beds. The property is spacious and covered with trees for shade and lots of plastic kiddie swimming pools.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

As we sat at the table to talk, one little black fluff ball fell asleep on Bill’s foot, while another like a cocka-poo decided to lay by my side.  This was a great idea until we arrived back to our home, where our 2 German Shepherds Tucker and Frida were waiting for us.  Boy do they know a NEW PUPPY smell.  She showed us the 3 dogs that have some issues and need pretty much 24 hour care with IV’s etc.  This summer she had 3 pregnant mom’s and their litters who occupied her bedroom, secondary room and bathroom.  Something I did not know is that puppies can not stand the heat for 9 days after birth.  So she shared her space with them.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

She has with the multiple litters of puppies, over 180 dogs at one time and this amount changes all the time as new mom’s and litters are brought in weekly.  In 2015 she adopted out 620  of her intake and so far this year she has adopted out 584.  Mind you she started originally with 10 dogs.  She does not intake cats or kittens, just dogs of all ages, shapes, breeds and sizes.  They get spayed and neutered at the Clinica Esperanza before they go to their “furever” home as well as being up to date on all shots.  She is certified  by Puerto Peñasco to give rabies and all shots.  They just received a van for transporting the dogs to other no kill rescues all over the United States and Canada.  It sounds like 25 of them will be leaving for Canada very soon.  They work with 5 adoption agencies in Arizona and have more that they are in contact with.  If you decide to adopt and take a pup with you, she provides all the paperwork to make it possible and there are NO adoption fees, just please make a donation. It is also because of groups like Compassion With Out Borders that the dogs are able to be transported out of Mexico.  Many people that we know that live here, have adopted from Barb’s as well as families from the USA that are wanting a dog.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

As of today there is one momma due at any moment (we hope) and 7 mom’s and their litters on the property.  All of these puppies are so stinking cute and I got to hold one little one today that was 5 days old.  As we walked the property, the one mom wasn’t having anything to do with strangers and was very protective of her babies.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

Barb’s Dog Rescue is totally non profit. She gets no salary nor do any of her board members.  It is an Arizona Corporation 501-C3 non profit.  What this means to you is if you donate money or anything, you can deduct it from your US taxes.

OK, so you now know  the magnitude of what is being done and maybe asking yourself, what can I do to help.  They go through 200 lbs of dry food for both the adults and puppies per day, seven days a week.  This to say nothing of the meds for the ones that come in sick or for the shots that are given.  These needs are on going, so anything you can do is greatly appreciated.  You can buy Kirkland dog food locally for about the same price as the USA with the current exchange rate or bring it down. It has to be chicken or vegetable, NO Beef or Lamb. Beside dry food, canned food is always needed.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

Barb  and some of the puppies will be at the registration for the 16th Annual Bike Festival coming up Nov. 10th-14th on the 10th and 11th.  Registration will be set up just south of the new over pass on the main highway (Sonoyta to Puerto Penasco) at the Barklin Circle K Gas Station.  They will be accepting donations at this time.  If you want to bring something down we will have a drop off place there.  Below is a list of items also needed daily.  If you have any questions you can email Barb at or me at You can also reach her by phone at local cell (638-114-1659) from the US Cell  (011-521-638-114-1659 or US (470-264-1162)  If you riding your bike down for the 16th Annual Bike Festival here won’t you please slip in one  on or 2 of the little items in your saddle bags?

Here is a list of needs: Monetary donations, adoptions, food, rawhide bones/treats, medicine,  beds, blankets, collars, leashes, dog sweaters and toys.

Dog Rescue Refugee in Rocky Point

The last but least thing that is needed is for all of us to go out and play with the dogs and help them to be socialized.  It is sad to say but so true  many animals are abused before Barb gets them and they need love.  One thing about the dogs, they are called “Mexican Street Dogs”, they are smart and ever so appreciative of the love you can give them.  Remember adopting a dog is like having a child, just because it barks to much or doesn’t do what you think it should do, you need to train it and not surrender it back.  In Arizona alone, there are in just the German Shepherd rescues so many that have been surrendered because the little fluff ball grows in to those paws and the owners only wanted a puppy.

We hope to see you soon and hope that you can help.  One last thing, Barb asks if you want to bring dogs out to leave, please call her first and don’t just drive out and drop them off.   To Barb I say, God Bless  you for your endless work and compassion, you are amazing.


This Weeks Featured Local Business: Pet Effect

This Weeks Featured Local Business; This section of the blog is not reserved only for business, we would like to include more and more foundations and other non-profit organizations. That’s why this week we present to you the “Pet Effect”
We have already talk about the Pet Effect in a previous post just to do a little recap Per Effect is a non-profit organization/Shelter fighting for animal rights in Rocky Point. The Pet Effect rescues dogs from the streets, clean them, vaccine them and spay & neuter to prepare them for adoption. This shelter also offers spay & neuter to the public in general on weekends they only ask a donation of 200 pesos (less than 20usd) for the service, this donation goes directly to help the shelter.

Pet Effect Rocky Point
Pet Effect

Pet Effect was founded in 2011 by Ariadna Zavala accomplishing to help many pets in the past few year, but there’s still a lot of work to do and the shelter needs your help. If you would like to help please contact Ariadna Zaval to this Email: and don’t forget their main site:
Money Donations are accepted but can also donate the following items:

  • Pet Food
  • Gift Cards for PetsMart, PetCo, HomeDepot & Lowes
  • Leashes
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Pet Toys
  • Beds for Dogs & Cats
  • Cat Litter
  • ID Tags

If you would rather to donate your time, you can be a volunteer taking care of the dogs, taking them out for walks or just playing with them.
For More Information Please View this Video: