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Rocky Point January News 2017

January has turned out to be full of positive news for Puerto Peñasco. Last week the head of Tourism for Mexico, Enrique de la Madrid along with Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich and Hector Vasquez, head of the local OCV office (Convention and Visitors Bureau) held a conference where they spoke about the impact on tourism in Puerto Peñasco with the 2 million plus people that visited the city in 2016.
In January, Arizona TV Channel 5 did a great piece on the city and the port. Yes, the port will resume once again and the first ship is expected should depart in 2019, with the terminal to be complete in 2018. Governor Pavlovich has put forth a great deal of effort in making sure this project moves forward and gets finished.
Rocky Point as it is known, has a huge Tiburon Baseball team following and the old stadium was usually pretty full, despite the fact that it was in terrible condition. Starting the end of 2016 all that has been changing. There has been an infusion of over $30 million pesos to renovate the stadium. The roof is being re-done along with plumbing, infield work, stadium seats and more and will now also have a sleek modern look. If you are a visitor or a resident, go out and show your support once the season begins. You will be guaranteed a fun time.
Westwind Air Services will start flying into Puerto Peñasco February 10, 2017 from Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix it was announced recently. Their fleet consists of Cessna Grand Caravan planes that seat up to 9.

Caravan Flights Rocky Point

You have 2 options to the flights. Option one is the flight only which is $325 per person round trip or if you want to just fly to Puerto Peñasco, you can but it will still cost you $325.00. There are no one way north bound flights as it is not allowed by regulations. South bound flights are on Fridays and North bound flights are on Sundays. It is a 75 minute flight going and an 1 hour and 45 minute returning as you will clear customs in Tucson. If there are clients in Tucson, you may land there to pick them up and then continue to Rocky Point.
Option 2 is in conjunction with the Peñasco del Sol Hotel. The hotel is located right on the water and has been recently renovated. It features a lovely bar area, great restaurant, beautiful pool area with a man made type beach (if you don’t want to sit on the beach) and is within walking distance to several restaurants. It is $437.00 per person round trip. This includes the flight, RT transfers between Mar de Cortes International Airport and the hotel, taxes, breakfast, welcome cocktail and a two night stay at the hotel (no balcony rooms) and a City Tour. Upgrades are available if there is availability.
For more information about what you will need call them at 1-888-869-0866 or go to So now you have no excuse not to visit.

Penasco del Sol, Rocky Point
Hotel Penasco del Sol

All the Information You Need About TAR Airlines

CBX Border Crossing

I know many of you have been following our blogs on TAR Airlines that is now flying between Tijuana/Puerto Peñasco/Hermosillo and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and you have been liking and sharing these with your friends.  Thank you for that.  On August 6th we posted a video on how to get to drive to the Cross Border Xpress and park.  Now I would like to show you another clip of the Cross Border Xpress procedure.  It is in English and easy to understand.

If you have family in Southern California or anywhere on the west coast or even the entire U.S.A., they can now fly into San Diego and then once they have their luggage, look for the signs that say Transportation.  They will have the option to use the bus or taxi.  I tell you all this because it can be a 2 hour drive by bus, shorter by taxi unless it is rush hour traffic.   They need to allow travel time from San Diego and allow themselves plenty of time to get to the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) facility, get their crossing tickets and boarding passes.

CBS Tijuana-San Diego

Once they are the Cross Border Express (CBX), it is a short walk over the border and they will be right inside the Tijuana Airport.  The tickets are $16 USD one way and $30 USD round trip.  They should check  the CBX website as there are discounts for more than 2 people traveling.  One other thing, they can also get their boarding passes from the Kiosks in the CBX facility as they will need these to cross over the bridge.

Rocky Point Airport

On a side note, from people I have spoken with who have used this airline, say it is very comfortable and relaxing to fly and ON TIME.

We are also posting again the flight schedules for TAR Airlines in case you missed them in our August blog.  If you have any questions, call us or email us and we will get answers for you.

Call us at:  1-800-997-9431
819                   CJS – PPE                                   10:00 am                        10:45 am
822                  PPE – TIJ                                     11:10  am                        12:15 pm
823                  TIJ – PPE                                      12:40 pm                          1:40 pm
826                 PPE – HMO                                     2:05  pm                          3:05 pm
827                 HMO – PPE                                     3:45  pm                           4:45 pm
818                 PPE – CJS                                       5:10  pm                           6:45 pm
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TAR Airlines and other happenings in Puerto Peñasco

We have spoken a great deal about TAR Airlines and now it is a reality. The first flight arrived from Ciudad Juarez last week and was full.  The first flight from Puerto Peñasco to the capitol of Sonora, Hermosillo left this week and from all accounts it appears the airline will be a success. They are still offering promotional fares so check it out.

Also we have talked about the Xpress Cross Border crossing. Today we are sharing a video for you, so if you or friends are coming to Puerto Peñasco from the west coast and are flying on TAR out of Tijuana, Baja Norte, please see the video as to how to get to the crossing.  It is a mere 1 hour flight to Puerto Peñasco on their comfortable 40 seat planes.

On another subject, we now have a new grocery store on Benito Juarez where Santa Fe use to be. It is called SUPER NORTE. I decided to go yesterday…. GRAND OPENING… not the time to go as it was packed.  Reminded me of the opening of LEY many years ago, OMG.  But I am happy to report that this chain is from the northern part of Mexico (Hermosillo) is great.  They have  the freshest produce I have seen in many years here and the presentations of the produce is wonderful. They have a small liquor department and large beer cooler.  I could not get to the meat or bakery area as there were so many people, but I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and check it out.  Great prices and friendly service, that is what we have been looking for.  Bought a small whole watermelon that was so heavy I could hardly carry it as well as BIG Limons and green chili that looked like it came from New Mexico.  The only thing needed is a smooth parking lot for the carts to roll smoothly on, but hey we can’t have everything.  Hopefully after the huge storm we had here last night, the roads will be dried out enough to go tomorrow.

Super del Norte in Puerto Penasco

Don’t forget to watch the video and like and share.  Come visit us today and enjoy our piece of PARADISE.

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How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

Super del Norte

TAR is arriving to Rocky Point July 21 Thursdays and Sundays

Well the arrival of TAR Airlines is just around the corner according to the press release that they just sent out.  I certainly hope that people here will use them so that we can keep them and probably also get more carriers to fly here.  You will find posted also all the other cities in the US and Mexico that can now be accessed via TAR and other carriers.  They are running promotional flights so check their web page (it is just in Spanish)  or call their toll free number 01-552-629-5272. Their customer service department is very cordial in both English and Spanish.  They offer several levels of service at excellent prices.  You can also call at 1-800-997-9431 to get questions answered but they can not make a reservation for you.

You can fly round trip from PPE(Puerto Peñasco) to  TIJ(Tijuana) for $2102.55 Pesos or aprx $108 USD.  Fly from PPE(Puerto Peñasco ) to HMO(Hermosillo) for $2228.60 Pesos or aprx. $120.00 USD or PPE(Puerto Peñasco to CJS(Cuidad Juarez) for $2519.59 Pesos or aprx $136.00 USD.  At the price of fuel in Mexico, you can’t afford not to fly.  They also offer Senior Discounts.

Map Tar Flights

The information provided previously will remain the same as far as flying out of Tijuana.  If you are coming from Southern California or anywhere on the West Coast, fly into San Diego and take a shuttle down or you can park your vehicle at the border and pay the $14 to walk across the walkway and end up right in the terminal for TAR.  Check out for all the details.  This will certainly make it easier for visitors and business people come to Puerto Peñasco.

Here is the flight schedule:

819                   CJS – PPE                                   10:00 am                        10:45 am
822                  PPE – TIJ                                     11:10  am                        12:15 pm
823                  TIJ – PPE                                      12:40 pm                          1:40 pm
826                 PPE – HMO                                     2:05  pm                          3:05 pm
827                 HMO – PPE                                     3:45  pm                           4:45 pm
818                 PPE – CJS                                       5:10  pm                           6:45 pm

* Note all departure and arrival times are in local time.

Coming from Tijuana/ San Diego or live or work in Puerto Peñasco and want to take a vacation.  With TAR Airlines and its connections you can fly to several destinations in Mexico. Below is the list of places you can go to and on  what connecting airlines.


Aeromexico – (MEX) Mexico City
Copa Airlines – (MEX) Mexico City
Air France – (MEX) Mexico City
AVIANCA – (MEX) Mexico City
KLM – (MEX) Mexico City
Volaris – (DGO) Durango
VivaAerobus – (Mex) Mexico City
Volaris – (MLM) Morelia
Volaris – (GDL) Guadalajara
AeroMexico – (MTY) Monterrey
Volaris – (CLQ) Colima
Interjet – (GDL) Guadalajara
Interjet – (MEX) Mexico City
Iberia – (MEX) Mexico City
Volaris – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aeromexico – (GDL) Guadalajara
Interjet – (CUL) Culiacan
Volaris – (MTY) Monterrey
Volaris – (OAX) Oaxaca
Volaris – (BJX) Leon/Guanajuato
Dana Airlines – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aero Calafia – (LAP) La Paz (Baja)
Aero Calafia – (LTO) Loreto (Baja)

From Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo here is the list to fly out of Hermosillo including flying to Phoenix.

AeroMexico – (CUU) Chihuahua
AeroMexico – (CUL) Culiacan
Volaris – (TIJ) Tijuana
Volaris – (MTY) Monterrey
Interjet – (MEX) Mexico City
AeroMexico – (MTY) Monterrey
AmeriFlight – (PHX) Phoenix
AeroMexico – (MEX) Mexico City
Air France – (MEX) Mexico City
AVIANCA – (MEX) Mexico City
Dana Airlines – (GDL) Guadalajara
VivaAerobus – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aero Calafia – (CEN) Ciudad Obregon
Aero Calafia – (LAP) La Paz

This certainly has been an exciting turn of events for Puerto Peñasco and combined with the Home Port project will once again put us on the road to growth and success.

We invite you come down and be part of our growth.  Puerto Peñasco is Paradise and so close  so come and visit for a week and stay for the rest of your life.

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Schedule and Prices
*price in pesos

How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

In this tutorial we will help with directions to Book a flight with TAR Airlines to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) Sonora, Mexico.
To read more information about TAR Flights read our previous posts:
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Now we begin with the Tutorial:
1. You have to visit the site: and you will get the following:


2. Then you go the panel on the right side and choose from “Sencillo (One Way)” or “Redondo (Round Trip)”:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-2On this Example we are going to choose “Redondo” (Round Trip)

3. Then we are going to choose our Airport where it says “Desde” (From) and a Popup window will appear:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-4We picked Tijuana for this Example.

4. Then on “Hacia” (To) you choose your destination in this case Puerto Peñasco

5. Then you will click on “Salida” to pick a Departure Date (On the Box with the date)


6. On the Popup window appears a Calendar choose your date there, we Selected Thursday Julio (July) 21st:


7. You do the same for your “Regreso” (Return Date), we selected Sunday July 24th (Julio 24)


8. Then you choose the number of passangers: Adulto = Adult , Menor = Minor(kids under 17), Senior (60+)


We Picked just 1 Senior for this Example

9. Then you just click “Buscar mi vuelo” (Search Flights)


10. On the Next Page you will choose the Class for your flight which are the Following:

Promo: No Discounts, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Eco: 10% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Flex: 20% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Star Club: Priority Help Desk, Seats 1-5 row, Priority Boarding, 2 Checked Bags, Name Change anytime, 25% Discount

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-11We Selected “Promo” for this example, You can see on lower right side the Total in Mexican Pesos

11. Then You click on “Vuelo de Regreso” to pick the class on your return flight.


12. We picked promo again and click on “Continuar” (Continue), to go to the next page:


on the right lower corner you can see the Final Price on Mexican Pesos

13. On the next Page you are going to be able to fill the following spaces:
Nombre = Your Name
Apellido = Last Name
Fecha de Nacimiento = Date of Birth
Genero = Gender
Asistencia TAR = TAR Assistance (Personal Attention and Traveler insurance)
Maleta Adicional = Additional Bag
Mascotas = Pets (Pets on Cargo or with the Passenger)
Asistencia especial a pasajeros = Special Needs Passangers, Handicap spaces, Wheelchairs and others (No Charge)

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-14Fill out all the spaces and click “Continuar” (Continue)

14. On the Next page you are going to choose your seat by clicking on the seat number:


We picked 10B but you can choose any seat you like

15. Then you can click on “Vuelo de Regreso” (Return Flight) or just scroll down to pick your seat on your return flight.


We picked the same seat “10B”

16. Then scroll down and just Click “Continuar” (Continue) to go to the Next Page

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-1717. Then you have to fill the following information: Datos del Contacto = Contact Information
Correo Electronico = E-Mail Address
Confirmar Correo Electronico = Confirm E-mail Address
Telefono = Phone Number
Celular = Cell Phone
Direccion = Address
Calle y Numero = Street Address and Number
Codigo Postal = Zip Code
Estado = State
Municipio = City


13. Then you have to choose a payment method


You can also pay on Local Stores like “Farmacias Benavides” or “Farmacias de Ahorro”:


14. After you enter your payment method you can read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the check mark to approve


Then you will click on “Pagar” (Pay) and that’s it, you will receive a e-mail confirmation on your email address shortly

You have any question feel free to reach to us on our page

If you have any more questions or need help booking a Hotel or Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico Please call us at: 1-800-997-9431

TAR Airlines Schedule and Fares to Rocky Point, Mexico

Rocky Point Airport

Well the Great news is that the TAR Airlines Schedule is out. The bad news is that their web page is totally in Spanish and a bit more difficult to navigate than most of us might be used to.  But as time goes on, I am sure this will change as well.  But their PROMO fares are SUPER. I have done a couple of spot checks on fares for some one over 60 and they are very reasonable. They offer 4 different classes of service.  It appears the maiden voyage will be July 21th, so don’t bother to check for an earlier flight.  If they open earlier, we will let you know.
Puerto Peñasco to Tijuana : $933.20 pesos ($50 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2012.56 pesos ($108 us dollars aprox.)
Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo: $1,020.80 pesos ($55 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2,228.60 pesos ($120 us dollars aprox.)
Puerto Peñasco to Cd. Juarez: $1,132.88 pesos ($61 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2,519.59 pesos ($136 us dollars aprox.)
All these flights are only Thursdays and Sundays both ways.

Go to If you want they have a toll free number of 01-552-629-5272 where they do have very pleasant English speaking people.  We will be showing you via screen shots fares and how to book a ticket.  The example we will be using is for a Senior (someone 59 or older) and flying from Tijuana (TJ) to Puerto Peñasco (PPE) Also don’t forget if you are coming across the border at Tijuana (TJ) go to to check on your ticket to walk across the newly opened Cross Border Bridge that I recently wrote about.  As of my last writing the ticket is $14 USD and you walk about 400 yards over the border and will be right in the terminal for your flight to Puerto Peñasco. 

RESERVATION DIRECTIONS: This blog will give you fare information and the following on how to make a reservation.

TAR Airline

And if you are looking for Hotels & Resorts in Rocky Point, Mexico visit this site:

News FLASH: TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco

In a meeting today with Fernando Antillon/General Director of Mar de Cortes International Airport and Alonso Dominguez/Administrator of Mar de Cortes International Airport I received the word that TAR Airlines which is based out of Queretaro will begin 3 new flights 2 times a week into Puerto Peñasco starting July 21st. TAR will be flying 50 passenger jets from Juarez to Puerto Peñasco direct then to Tijuana then to Puerto Peñasco then  to Hermosillo then to Puerto Peñasco then to Juarez.  As soon as I see the exact route, I will post it here.They will fly here on Thursdays and Sundays.

Airport in Puerto Penasco

For all the exciting details, please go to to see the details. This process to build the crossing bridge which  is located in the State of Baja California Norte has been in the works for over 40 years according to Sr. Antillon and finally has become a reality. To our knowledge, this is the only one like it in the world.  It will serve both the Tijuana as well as the San Diego Airport.  This will make travel so much easier for people from the US to fly out of Tijuana into Mexico.  Once you land in San Diego, they are several modes of transportation to get to the border or if you are driving you can park right near the crossing bridge from what I am told.
This flight program has the financial backing of the OCV, State of Sonora and Mexican government for the funding and promotions of it.
Because these flights are coming out of México they are considered Domestic flights and not International, thus not having the International fees attached to the fare. The schedule of the fares should be available on the TAR website starting the end of May. Please go to to follow the progress.
This is so exciting for us here in Puerto Peñasco as it opens the door for us to fly all over México. TAR has been mainly in the central and eastern part of México. It means we will no longer have to take a 7 hour bus ride to either Tijuana or Hermosillo to catch other flights to other major destinations.

TAR Airline in Puerto Penasco

The other flights will start in Juarez and come to Puerto Peñasco and then to Tijuana and Hermosillo.
If you live in Southern California and are flying out of Tijuana, you will be able to check in and get your boarding pass and then walk over the bridge and be directly in the Tijuana Airport. The fee to do this is $15 USD each way and there will be a ticket counter set up on the US side to facilitate this.
We will keep you updated every step of the way on this. If you are wondering, TAR mean Transportes Aéreos Regionales and is a fairly young airline but aggressive and forward thinking airline.
TAR Airlines... welcome to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, México

NEWS FLASH….Westwind Air Services comes to Puerto Peñasco

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this is. Puerto Peñasco has been waiting for a long time for a viable airline to service our city. This, along with the coming of cruise ships in the future will make you as excited as we are and you will find yourself spending a lot more time here.
Imagine yourself being transported to the beach in Rocky Point in just a short 1 ½ hour flight!! No more sitting in long lines at the border, no more expensive gas, just come and enjoy. Stay a weekend or as often as you can come down. For now the flights are geared for the Friday-Sunday schedule.

Sunset in Puerto Penasco

With much anticipation Westwind Air Services will begin it’s flights to Puerto Peñasco starting May 1st from Scottsdale Airport (SDL) to Mar de Cortez Airport (Puerto Peñasco’s airport).

Regular flight schedule will be departing Scottsdale Air Park at 2:00 pm and arriving Mar de Cortez at 3:30. Return flights will be Sunday 4:00 pm arriving Scottsdale Airport (SDL) 5:30 pm. You’ll be here in time for sunset and a margarita on the beach.

Sunset in Rocky Point, Mexico

If you will be flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor, let them know to make transportation available between the airports for you.

Sit back and relax as your Westwind pilot fly’s his Cessna Grand Caravan single engine turbine powered plane to Rocky Point. This will offer it’s passengers of 6 to 9 great speed and comfort in its air conditioned plane. Imagine seeing the Sea of Cortez from the air and flying over the Sonoran Desert. Until you have seen the Sea of Cortez from the air, you have not really seen it! Descending into Puerto Peñasco you are only a short ride to your condo, house or hotel. Bring your camera and you might see some wild life from the air or just take pictures of the fantastic dunes and Biosphere de Pinacate. I can only imagine flying in here in January and seeing whales from the air.

Caravan Flights Rocky Point

This is what you will need when you make your reservation:

Full name, citizenship, gender, city, state and zip code, phone number that you can be reached on, email, date of birth, weight, PASSPORT with expiration date and aprx. luggage weight. Pretty easy. Please remember to bring your passport with you.

Just imagine the savings and time. This WestWind Air Service round trip fare is only $350.00 all fees included. Make your reservations now! Pack your bags and fly on down…..the paradise and charm of Puerto Peñasco await you.
****EDIT*****This Flights have been put on hold by the Company and they are only offering Private Charter Flighs in this Moment.

Need help to make a reservation for condos? Go to our website for rentals, restaurants suggestions and read the blogs about our wonderful little home town. Make sure when you leave Rocky Point you make your reservation for you next trip. We’ll see you soon!

Have questions and need answers please contact: 1-800-997-9431