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Puerto Peñasco Saved a Whale!

Photo courtesy of Periodico De Frente

As most of know, Puerto Peñasco, is known for Whale Watching in winter, but today July 7, 2021, the city found a young Varada whale beached in front of Mi Playa.  Apparently it came in with the high tide and then got stranded on the rocks and sand.  This time of year it is unusual for whales to be in the Sea of Cortez .  It has been several years since a whale has beached and we hope the whale will be alright after the rescue.

Because Puerto Peñasco is a  a closely knit community that pulls together for emergencies, the city came to the aid of this young whale.  With the help of the fire department,  members of CEDO, the Marines and local residents, the whale was saved.  The group surrounded the youngster and covered it with tarps and started pouring buckets of water on to keep it wet and alive.

Soon they realized that they needed more water, so the fire department brought out a pump and hose to keep the whale very wet.  Members of the community began to move the rocks that the poor thing had gotten stuck on, in order for it to slide back to the water.  Many people just kept gently touching it, perhaps to reassure it that everything would be alright.  As the tide slowly started coming back in, nearly 30 people  kept getting it pushed back to the Sea of Cortez.  The rest of the crowd cheered them all on.  Although it was a young whale, it was still a very large .  It seemed that it knew the humans were there to help it as it remained calm and did not present any real danger to the rescuers.  Once the tide  started to come in it started to float.  However, they still had to turn it around so the head was facing the Sea of Cortez and that took all of their effort.  After nearly 4 hours, the tide was high enough to get it turned and sent off.  You could see as it swam away, that it was giving blows of thank you to all of it’s new friends.  For the rescuers, this will be one day that they will never forget.

When you come to vacation in Rocky Point and are staying on the beach, keep you eyes on the water as you never know what you will see.  If you love whales, plan a trip starting in January to take one of our Whale Watching tours. It is truly an experience that you will not forget. They usually start coming the end of December and stay until end of March. There is a charter boat to fit your every need.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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Mexican resort areas boom in soft real estate market

Here’s a snippet from ‘Mexican resort areas boom in soft real estate market‘, a reprint from the LA Times:

Real estate experts in Mexico worry that the giant sound they hear is the softening U.S. housing market sucking money Americans have poured into vacation homes south of the border.

But neither the cooling American housing market nor tense Mexican presidential politics so far has stemmed the influx of foreign dollars into Mexico’s booming coastal resort areas, government and real estate officials said.

When FONATUR, Mexico’s tourism development agency, put the first phase of its newest Pacific Coast resort, Litibu, on the market a few months ago, buyers snapped up the 500 acres for $125 million. Foreign investment into Mexico is on track to hit $20 billion this year, up from $17.6 billion in 2005, according to the government.


There are some more interesting numbers further on in the story, which you can read here.

Flights to Rocky Point, Mexico 2016

Starting a July 21 a New Airline will be Flying to Rocky Point, Mexico. TAR Airlines an up and coming Airline from Central Mexico will be Flying to Puerto Peñasco, with so Far 3 Destinations but the Airline is Open to more Destinations.

The 3 Destinations are Tijuana, Hermosillo and CD. Juarez with two flights both ways every Thursday and Sunday.

For More information & Prices please check the following Posts on Our Blog:

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TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco
How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

If you are coming from San Diego or the of South California don’t forget to check out Cross Border Xpress an easy way to Cross the Border to Mexico directly in to Tijuana’s Airport without any hassle.

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Is it safe to travel to Rocky Point?

Is it safe to travel to Rocky Point? there have been recent concerns about a US “Warning” about Mexico, We have the same warning Every year usually before Spring Break. Are the US trying to keep Spring Breakers on the States? Cause nothing has changed over here same little fishing town than previous years.

I have lived here for more than 29 years now with all my family mother, grandmothers, nephews, cousins I would not live here if it wasn’t safe. You have to realize Rocky Point is not the same as other parts of Mexico, as Arizona is not the same as Denver, Chicago or Florida.

I’m not trying to convince you to do other ways but don’t limit yourself from a great driving distance vacation in the beach because what the TV says. use your own judgement and the only thing to be afraid in Rocky Point is falling of the Banana Boat 🙂

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Rocky Point Rally Schedule

Rocky Point Rally 2015 is just a few days away, and there are only a small number of rooms left if you are planning on booking your Hotel don’t waste any more time and

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We have the latest post on our Blog with the Full Schedule of Events with flyers and times for this Weekend. Even thought this event has grown every year is not Rally Weekend is almost now Rocky Point Rally Week. So CLICK HERE to go to our blog.

Rocky Point Rally 2015

Day of the Dead in Puerto Peñasco

Day of the Dead may sound like a somber or sad Holiday, but in Rocky Point and all of Mexico is more of a party to celebrate the life of those who have passed a way.

This festivities are celebrated November 2nd in every Cemetery in Mexico, that’s the main day. But everything starts on October 30th where families gather on cemeteries to clean the graves and prepare the shrines. November 1st is called All Saint Days is the day were people pay respects to the children on their life that left too soon.

Altars consist of Food, Beverages that the family member that passed away used to like. Day of the Dead is a very colorful holiday with Flowers on every altar and shrine. Also people eat was is called “Pan de Muerto” (Dead Bread) with sugar sprinkled on top. Another popular items are Skull Candy they are usually made of sugar, people give it to kids when they ask for mi “Calaverita” is equivalent to go “trick or treating” on Halloween, even tho little kids have adopted this Celebration and often go to Houses and RV’s asking for “Tricky Tricky“.

In 2008 the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

This year there is going to be a Celebration on Cholla Bay Mall also Called Rodeo Drive with Catrinas, altares and shrines to Dead

To learn more about this Please Visit Our Blog Post: Day of the Dead blog post by Beverly Arrowood

Day of the Dead in Rocky Point

Day of Dead in Puerto Penasco

Rocky Point Hotels at Sandy Beach

Video of a drone flying around the most popular Resorts & Hotels at the Sandy Beach in Rocky Point, Mexico or Better know by the locals as Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

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This are Hotels Featured in the Video:
Sonoran Sky Resort
Hotel Playa Bonita
Las Palomas Resort
Marina Pinacate Resort
Hotel Peñasco Del Sol
Sonoran Sun Resort
Sonoran Sea Resort
Princesa Peñasco Resort
Bella Sirena Resort
Sonoran Spa Resort


Cinco De Mayo in Rocky Point

As you know, Cinco de Mayo is not really celebrated in Mexico or should I say never use to be. Times have changed and more and more people are coming down to Puerto Penasco to have a great time.

Expo Bacanora Puerto Penasco

Many of the local restaurants are now promoting Cinco de Mayo with real Sonoran Mexico style foods as well as dancers and music. Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar is one of those places. Martin and his crew pay special attention to the food, drinks and service. It is located where the shrimp boats and sunset cruise boats come in here in Rocky Point. It is so nice to see people who are interested in carrying out the traditions of not just Mexico but our State of Sonora. This 2nd Annual Bacanora Expo and Festival will be held May 2, 2015 starting at 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The Bacanora Council help put this together along with Martin Martinez and it features only products from Sonora. Martin explained in a recent interview, that we will have 7 producers of Bacanora here along with a lady that makes salsa and candy from Chiletipin. Bacanora and Chiletipin are only grown and produced in the State of Sonora. Bacanora is not as commercialized as Tequila which comes from Jalisco State. There will be Traditional style Bacanora known as Tacupeto and fruit Bacanora known as Siete Coronavas. Through this fun filled afternoon, there will be food at Bacanora Grill and products for sale. The best part….. Bacanora tastings. Bacanora is more well known for it’s smokey taste and once you have tried it, you will love it. Come enjoy the music, singing and dancing May 2 at 6:00 pm.

Also at Plaza de Madre, across from the Tiburon Baseball Stadium, will be another type of celebration. It will be hosted by Young Life Ministry. This is a global group that serves youth from Latin America, who are either in trouble or have issues. Young Life Ministry is non denominational group. They sponsor clubs and have boot camps to get these young people on the right track. There are many American couples who are involved here, but we are trying to reach out to the local community to get them to be involved with them. Without youth that have learned things the right way, we will have nothing. This event goes from 5-9 on May 2nd. There will fabulous food, drinks, lots of traditional dancing , music, children’s games, face painting and a horse show. There will also be a Silent Auction and door prizes. This event is FREE to all and sponsored by Friends of Vida Joven, here in Rocky Point. Bring the family and enjoy the evening.

Mermaid Market

Mermaid Market
By: Beverly Arrowood

This weekend in Puerto Penasco it was beautiful weather again, with sun, sun and more sun. A gentle breeze from the south and about 85 during the day. Cools off at night, so it is windows open and the ceiling fan on. Friday night we went to the Satisfied Frog to meet dear friends Ron and Judy Ridgeway to meet the band called The Bayou Brothers. The Bayou Brothers, who are from San Diego, play Zydeco, Blues and Cajon music were the entertainment at the Mermaid Market on Saturday. We had a great pizza with Walter’s Brats (a local German sausage maker) and the Ridgeway’s had the biggest pile of nachos that I have ever seen. A great evening out.

The Bayou Brothers at Satisfied Frog Cantina Satisfied Frog in Rocky Point Bill and Crazy Ed

Saturday Bill and took Tucker and Friday to the Rocky Point Pet Hotel and Spa for their nails and grooming. They do the best with these big kids and we love taking them there. I never worry about our furry furever family when they are there.

This gave us 3 hours to attend the Mermaid Market and taken in the beautiful day and see many old friends. Many of the vendors were dressed in costume which really made it fun. The park was packed most of the day. Satisfied Frog furnished the fabulous cajun food while Russ Black’s group was up until 4 am making Margaritas and Hurricanes. Manny’s Tequila Factory was passing out free samples and there was finally in Rocky Point ice cold beer.

After the 2st set, 3 of the band members stopped by and visited with us. We really enjoyed taking with John Chambers, accordion and keyboard, Jack Stephen, lead guitar and Judy Seid who plays the Rubboard and vocals. They are all from San Diego and Jack and John served in the US Navy. We spent probably 30 minutes chatting about who they got together and what they do. Last year they were invited to play at the San Diego Blues Festival. Jack is one of the best lead guitar players Bill and I have heard since high school and John really rocks the accordion. Judy is a pistol and so full if life. It is amazing to see her on the Rubboard. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is like the old wash board out of metal. When they went back to play they had everyone out dancing…well at least the ladies. Richard Scott our local best saxophone player and 3 young music talents from got up and joined the band. The young girl with them payed the Rubboard like she had being doing it all her life.

The Bayou Brothers at the Mermaid Market in Rocky Point Mexico
During our conversation Jack asked if we were coming to the concert at “Banditios” and we said we were not sure. Bill asked what time does it start and he said 6pm. Bill and I looked at each other and said “we’ll be there”. Most things here in Rocky Point don’t get started until 9 or so and by then we have an hour of sleep in.

When we arrived the place was already filling up but fortunately for us we ran into Kyle Woods from Realty Executives and he was alone, so we joined him and had a front row table with great service. We left around 8:30 and had an absolute ball. I went up and played the Rubboard, which is quite an upper arm workout! Did some dancing and went home laughing and singing. We bought one of their new CD’s called High Roller Zydeco and can’t wait to play it.

Russ and Naomi Black are to saluted for all their work and efforts inn promoting things like this. They are very big fans of Mexico and Rocky Point as are Bill and myself. I hope all the vendors had a prosperous day. If you have not had a chance to go to one of the markets, they have a shop in the Sonoran Spa, where you can find many of their items.

Don’t forget next weekend is the Triathlon out on Sandy Beach in front of Las Palomas. Be careful of the bikers and runners. This about the 22nd year of doing this as I recall.

Remember Rocky Point is a safe fun place to come to for the whole family. Until next time, have a great week.

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Flights to Rocky Point: Finally Here!

It is finally here! We have been updating about a possible flight from AZ to Rocky Point for a few months now, we are happy to announce that the project is finally becoming a reality.

Flights start on May 1st from Scottsdale Airport (SDL) to Mar de Cortes Airport in Rocky Point, Mexico. You can be enjoying Puerto Peñasco in just about an hour, avoiding traffic, border crossing lines, paying pricey gas and all that Jazz.

Flights to Rocky Point 2015

For now flights are coming and going only on Friday and Sunday, but this schedule can be accommodated for larger groups. Westwind is hoping to open more flights as demands allows. Flights to Rocky Point will departure at 2:00PM and the flights back to AZ will be at 4:00PM.

Westwind is going to start using a Cessna Grand Caravan that can fit up to 9 passengers.

This is what you are going to need to Make a Reservation:
Full Name:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Luggage Weight:

Email this to

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