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Puerto Peñasco Upcoming Events

As you know by now the Whale Watching season is in full swing.  Plan a trip to Rocky Point to see these beautiful creatures.  They don’t hang around for ever, so come down soon.  Make sure you have a reservation as the hotels and condos are filling up rapidly.  Here is a run down on just some of the upcoming events we have planned for you, beside our beautiful weather.

Canrnival Vive Penasco

Here are the four events taking place in Puerto Peñasco February 26-28.      As I tried to get onto Calle 12 today, it was completely blocked off with the 18 wheelers carrying the carnival games  for the Fiesta Cultura and Carnival.     This event happens every spring with Guille being the Eternal Princess of the 3 days of parades that start on Benito Juarez and No Reelección near the Baseball stadium.  It will start at 3 p.m. There will be bands and floats of all types and sizes.     The parade will come south and turn right by the Anchor at the entrance to the Malecon and turn right on Luis Encinas  and end at Calle 13, but all the other excitement will be on Calle 12 and Calle 13 in the evenings.     Try to get on Benito Juarez early to get a good seat.   I would suggest bringing your own chairs as the parade is very long.  Yes it also appears that as  in the past you could have a beer on the street, just be considerate and as in camping if you pack it in, pack it out.  This is always the highlight of the year.

Vive Penasco Map

Next comes the Off Road race sponsored by SADR and is known a the “Tequila 150“.  The race begins by the Bomberos on Avenue Freemont and continues East towards the Mayan Palace past the Estuary Morua and then zig zags north through the desert and then back south and finally culminates at the main PIT behind the REEF on Sandy Beach.  You are bound to see some huge rails and trucks of all types and sizes.

Tequila 150 off road race

If sand being kicked in your face and loud noise is not your cup of tea either, than on the 27th go to at Latitude 31 where  the 50’s Sock Hop is being held starting at 4 p.m.  There will be prizes for best 50’s attire and great raffle prizes plus “SPECIAL” food and drink prices.  Proceeds go to benefit the Association Civil Ley 186 which is assistance for the local disabled community.  With all the RV’ers in town, this should be a good time as we know they all remember sock hops.

50's Charity Sock Hop

Last but not least on Feb 27 at FISH Restaurant is their 1 year Anniversary going from 3- 10:00.  FISH is located in the former Lighthouse and features outstanding food and service.Fish Restaurant anniversary

As I speak of the RV Community, Puerto Peñasco has been host to 3 large caravans once again including the Escapee’s and others.  As we traveled to Sun City on Thursday we passed another group of about 30 RV’s heading south for the warm weather, great shrimp and just time to hang out on the beach.  It is great to see these folks coming back in large groups as they realize that Puerto Peñasco is a very  SAFE place to be. Even the dry camping RV area has been full all the time.  This gives our economy a real boost and allows us to showcase our city and it’s people.  Vendors line the beach selling their silver and other good  items, women are doing massages or braiding your hair. Horseback riding is available or the retires can just hang at the RV Parks of either Playa Bonita, Playa Del Oro or the REEF and perhaps play cards or other games and meet new friends. On our visit to Sun City we stayed at the Sun City Elks Lodge where we got the chance to invite other RV’ers down and actually have 2 groups coming down.

March is just around the corner, so we are preparing for “Spring Break” followed by Easter or “Semana Santa… Easter Holy Week“.  Here again make your hotel or condo reservations now  if you have not already done so.

Please for more flyers and up to date events Like us on FaceBook and Follow us on Twitter.  Check us out as in my next blog I will be writing about more upcoming events and what is happening.

You can also check out our Full Year Calendar for more events.

In closing, may I once again remind you:

Life is a Journey.. not a Destination, and the Journey begins in Puerto Penasco” 

Live In Puerto Peñasco… Never Get Bored

Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

I get asked almost weekly, what do you do there in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico to not get bored?  There is a lot to do and in every area where you maybe looking.  As I have said before you can golf, fish, hike, beach comb, go clamming, whale watching, visit the Pinacate Biosphere Visitor Center or go to the craters themselves.
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

One particular thing to do on a week day is go 4 wheeling.  We recently met up with Jose Flores, owner of the BooBar and he talked us into going on the 2nd Annual Poker Run.  So Monday Feb. 9th we all met with Jose at the BooBar to get our shirts, Poker cards and map of where we were going.  From there we went out to the El Golfo Highway junction and fueled up the 4 wheelers as well ourselves.  At this point we have 70 people of all ages and about 26 vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Lots of JEEP’s, sand rails, Razors and 4 wheel pick-ups.  Off we went in a CLOUD OF DUST (literally).  Crossed the railroad tracks and ran along side the tracks for several miles to our 1st stop.  Jose called it an arch, well it was but it was where 2 trees had grown together to form an arch.   Everyone got their cards stamped and spent some time getting to know each other better.  We had our 2 German Shepherds Tucker and Frida bouncing around in the back of the JEEP, so we had to let everyone see them.
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Off to the 2nd stop and it is a huge salt pit mine on the edge of the Pinacate Reserve.  By this time, most of the drivers had settled into the routine as to who went first  when and where.  Cold beer, sandwiches and snacks and good friends on a beautiful February day… it doesn’t get much better than that. Thirty minutes later we were back  along side the tracks and then had to cross over them or in this case it was JUMP the tracks.  My biggest fear was getting stuck on the tracks and hearing the horn of the train!   Fortunately, we all made it over.  Cross the highway and head to the beach was out next mission.  Half of the group followed Jose and the  rest made a right turn at the highway and were headed north.  It looked like a herd of cattle until they realized they were going the wrong way!
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Next stop to get our cards punched was on the beach at  the Ejido Aceves.  By now we were about 25 miles north of town.  More beer and snacks.  I think Bill and I were the only ones with wine and wine glasses.  Not being a really good camper, I am off in search of the bano (bathroom) and sure enough I found one where they were making a restaurant.  All the comforts of home, I am a happy camper.  Then one by one we started up the beach in some very deep wet sand to our next stop.  Finally we are at the beach and the pups and I were so excited.
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

When one runs the beach, you normally take the air out of the tires before you get stuck or bogged down!  Not our group!  It was a hoot with vehicles going everywhere trying not to get stuck and have to be pulled out.  Finally we all rallied on a high dry spot after watching the tide come in closer and closer.  When you looked off in the distance the condos on Sandy Beach were barely visible.
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Our last and final stop before heading back to Puerto Peñasco and the BooBar was on the back side of Black Mountain.  Every “hot dog” tried to go up the hill.. some made it and some not so much.  One of our local realtors actually went up the mountain backwards.  Thinking maybe he has to much time on his hands!  Got our cards stamped and had Jello shots and some other form of alcoholic Jello shots called Apple Pie with a kick.
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Finally we were headed back to town and couldn’t stop talking about maybe doing it in fall.  Although we didn’t win the Poker Card .. we had the best day ever.  If you Google in Puerto Peñasco you will be able to take our trip without leaving your computer, but you won’t have near as much fun.
Thanks to Jose and “Packman” Macias from Capone’s for thinking this fun trip and those that went along.
Always remember
Life is a Journey… Not a Destination and the Journey begins in Puerto Peñasco

Come down here and go on an adventure with us, we want to show you our city.  Remember there is till time to book your reservations for hotels or condos for Spring Break and Easter. Call: 1-800-997-9431
Boo Bar Poker Run Rocky Point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Steps of Love Amor por Peñasco

Sometimes you meet one person who is trying to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.  This past week, I have met 2 such people.  I met with Kathleen Duncan or Tia Katy (as the kids at the orphanage call her).  The night before her press conference yesterday, we sat down and I got to listen to her story and what she has done in just 3 years with the Amores de Peñasco Children’s Shelter.

Over 30 years ago, she and her husband Arnott and their 3 sons started coming to Puerto Penasco when time permitted as they own and operate the family business called Duncan Family Farms in Buckeye, AZ.  They have a vast amount of acreage devoted to organic farming and employee a huge amount of workers.  In speaking, she told the story of a man who  called her husband from Cave Creek and said that he owned a place called the Satisfied Frog and wanted to know if they could grow chili for him as he was starting making his Chili Beer.  Ironically Ed Chillean and his wife Maria now have a Satisfied Frog in Puerto Peñasco Mexico.  It is a small world.

conference puerto penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

A few years back she and Arnott decided they wanted to give back to the community that had come to love so much.  So in 2012 she started making weekly trips to Puerto Peñasco to volunteer at the children’s shelter. I think Kathy has a heart the size of Puerto Peñasco and the more time she spent here the more did their commitment to make a difference in the lives of these children.  Tia Katy has a Master’s Degree in Psychology so she knew what had to happen to make this dream come true. The stories she told me about some of the children and how they got there and what they had endured in their oh so young lives just made me ill.  To think a mother could hold her son’s hands to a stove top burner to make him behave just made my hair stand on end.  My only thought this was not a mother or even an animal.

Here is just a little of info on the Mission and work.  Steps of Love in Mexico partners with “Asistencia Integral Para Menores de Puerto Penasco & Familias con Proposito en Sonoyta”.  The main mission is to better the lives of children in the border cities by providing good shelter, guide them to a better education and lift their self esteem also providing them with a mentor to help achieve their potential, make the orphanage a home type atmosphere and lastly provide them with basic health and wellness needs.  Last fall I attended their dental clinic put on here in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Puerto Penasco and they were so cute when they finished and were all smiles for Tia Katy.  That day we had to cut our interview short as she had to rush back to the shelter as a family of 4 just arrived with the youngest being about 6 months old.

steps of love conference puerto penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

At first her focus was mainly on the Amores de Peñasco, but with the help of people like Notario Armando Rameriz Islas,  they decided to for a new A.C. and this is to support all groups throughout the city that are helping children in need. What this means now is simply any organization or individuals who are striving to help improve the needs of children, they can apply for assistance via the AIM of PP.  AIM stands for Asistencia Integral Para Puerto Peñasco.  The types of  support will be funding, in-kind donations and coordination of volunteers for special projects. AIM has to rely on fundraising efforts in both Mexico and the United States.  If you want more details about AIM of PP, please contact me and I can send you a detailed sheet both in Spanish or English.

Steps of Love Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Kathy also serves on the Board of Directors of steps of Love (a 501c3) non profit organization.  A few months ago about 20 of us met her home in Puerto Peñasco to discuss fund raising ideas.  Hence the Charity Golf Tournament which will be held on Feb. 13th at Las Palomas Golf Course came to be.  After trying to decide on dates, I had suggested Valentine’s Day weekend as there are usually a lot of people here.  Then Kathy said Amore por Amores.  The golf tournament is open to anyone who can swing a club.  There are 3 money holes #15 is worth $5,000 USD, #11 is worth $5,000 USD and #17 is worth $10,000 USD.  My job is getting local businesses to donate gifts and certificates for the Silent Auction to be held after the tournament.  If you don’t have clubs, I am sure you can rent them from Las Palomas Resort.  The cost is $150.00 and it goes to charity.  We still have a few spots open so you can register at or call 480-420-8141.  If you can’t come and play but want to donate anyhow, we can find local golfers to golf in your place.  If you have a business and have not heard from me, call me at 623-298-4284 or email me at  Thus far we have some really great certificates for condo stays to restaurant certificates to retail and gift shop certificates  At last count I think we have collected nearly 75 great items.  Haven’t gotten the special Valentine gift yet.. here is your chance.

step of love conference
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Some of the current needs at the shelters are always cash donations for the caregiver and teacher salaries, Sam’s Club Gift cards for food and cleaning supplies.  You can donate online at

Items that are needed also include Laundry and Dish Soap, Bleach, Fabuloso Clenaer, Cereal, Rice, Beans, Cooking Oil, Tuna, Mayo, Ketchup, Butter, Cheese, Sugar and Flour, Towel, Pillows, Twin Sheets and School Supplies.  In winter we have a lot of generous winter visitors that come here, but in summer when everyone is gone is when we really need items.

In closing let me remind you that Puerto Peñasco is a very safe place to spend you time and we would not invite you if we didn’t know it was safe. As a visitor recently Linda and Harlen Schultz   from Wausau, Wisconsin said:

“I noticed the travel warning for Rocky Point, I had to chuckle about some of the responds. There  are areas in Wausau that I would not feel safe in, common sense goes a long ways but it seems a lot of people don’t have that.  I could come back tomorrow to Rocky Point, I sure enjoyed my visit, the problem is getting there.”

Beverly Arrowood

Remember Life is A Journey.. Not A Destination and the Destination Starts in Puerto Peñasco

Is it Safe to go to Rocky Point?

Well it is that time of the year when US State Department sends out its warning about not going to Mexico!!  I say really?  I have been coming to Mexico by myself for over 25 years and have never once had an issue driving alone.  They say don’t drive at night, well let me tell you, we don’t drive at night in the US as there are to many crazies out there. We love our tourists and make certain you are comfortable and feel at home in our hometown.  For those of you familiar with motorhomes, over the years we have had large caravans of Prevost motorhomes ($1/2 million an up). They would not come here if it was not safe.  You must buy Mexican auto insurance and this can be done online or when you pass through Ajo, AZ.  Please get full coverage unless your  vehicle is a clunker, then you can insure only your drivers license.  My adage is you get what you pay for.  When we have to go to Phoenix for anything,  I dread it.

Sailing Boat in Rocky Point, Mexico

Come to Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico aka Rocky Point.  We are an hour drive from the US border and the road is a good road with nice wide shoulders and the Green Angels patrol it regularly to see if anyone has a car issue.

Our pristine  beaches are not covered with sea weed and you can walk for along time without running into a soul.

Sunset in Rocky Point
Photo by @cokiegritus @RyleeDallaire

Go picking up shells or sand dollars. Our sunsets are stunning!

Malecon in Rocky Point
Photo by Oscar Monroy Avila

Come and go Whale watching.
Remember we are a small fishing town and we would love to show you our town.  Here, people look at you and say hello.  From the man that sells papers on the corner who waves at us every day to the people in Sam’s Club and yes to our neighbors.  Someone recently asked me “why would you want to move here”.  My reply is simple.. the PEOPLE,  the calm Caribbean Blue water, the sunsets, the history and culture just to name a few.  We have fresh fish and shrimp daily and not flown in once a week.  Great restaurants abound as well as the simple Sonoran Hot Dog stands and Taco stands.  Everything.. always fresh.. always clean and ohhhhhhhhhhhh so good.  Life moves slower here, so if you are in a hurry, perhaps we might not be for you.  People here don’t seem to have anxiety or heart attacks as our pace is different.
Bluer Marlin Restaurant
Blue Marlin Restaurant

If you are coming for “Spring Break” or perhaps you are a parent thinking about allowing your young person to come here with their friends, PLEASE tell them one thing and that is BE RESPECTFUL to the local people and don’t leave your brains at the border.  If they follow this rule, they can have a wonderful time and never have trouble.  We taught our grand children this rule from little on and it has paid off.  It is like the US, the people here don’t respect the people with a foul mouth or pants around their ankles or going half naked down the road in and open vehicle.
Jetski riding in Rocky Point

Be it an adult or young person, YOU are a GUEST in someone’s city and country, do as you would in the US.
Come and have fun and we will look forward to meeting you and make sure you are having a great time here.  Remember be safe, drive safe and not drunk and the Mexico life will be fun for you.
Check out
and see Mexico like we see it.
As we say Hasta Pronto or See You Soon.
Want to know where to go for great food or anything else, email me at

Cultural Events Returning to Puerto Peñasco

Although we always have events going on, it seems that Puerto Peñasco is becoming a great spot for cultural events.  Recently it was announced that we will be having on April 23rd the Puerto Peñasco International Jazz Festival.  We have had a few great Jazz  festivals over the years and we are fortunate enough to have living in Puerto Peñasco, Armando Noriega one of the best jazz musicians and composer in Mexico and host to a couple of the concerts. Here is a list of upcoming events to mark your calendars for:

January 21:       Frida Kahlo “Viva la Vida” Theatre to be held at the Municipal Auditorium  across from City Hall. Theater Viva la Vida Frida Kahlo

January 23:      Banditos Bar on Sandy Beach, Black Bottom Lighters, Black Moods and Whiskey Quicker Jan 23 Live Music at Banditos

February 4-9:  Carnival with the Parade ending on the Malecon and also on Calle 12 and Calle 13  ***UPDATE: Date changed to 26, 27 & 28 of February****

Carnaval 2016 Poster

Carnival in Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

MExican Mardi Gras
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

February 8:     Boo Bar Poker Run 9:00 am 45 mile Poker Run through the desert Feb 8th 2016!

Poker Run Off Road Race “Event starts at 9am at the Boobar and ends at the Boo, somewhere between 3-4pm. All types of vehicles are welcome, quads, razors, sandrails, full size vehicles, etc. There are spots in the beach that may require 4×4 depending on your vehicle. Make sure you bring your own lunch, munchies and plenty to drink. We will have time to do this at our first stop, the gas station by the windmill. We had an awesome time last year and hope to do the same this year”

February 13:   Amor de Peñasco Charity Golf Tournament, La Palomas Golf Course.  Shotgun starts at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.  The cost is $150.00

Golf TOurnament in ROcky Point Mexico

February 13:   Rio Roma: Spanish Pop Music Concert and the Convention and Expo Center

Rio Roma in Rocky Point

February 14:    Valentine’s Day, specials to be posted for restaurants April 2:             Pirate Extravaganza “New Orlean’s Cajun Party” to be held a Shrimp Park open at 10 am.  Music, crafts, food and more

Mermaids Market Cajunt Party

Photo of Mexican Pirate
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

April 23:          Puerto Peñasco International Jazz Festival I hope you can plan one of your trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico and take in some of our events.  You will not be disappointed.  The Whales should be coming back this month and next so check out “Eco Tours” and “About Time” to go see these giants in all their splendor.  
Don’t forget to visit our Main “Events” Page were we have a calendar with all the 2016 events in Town Click Here
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Video of Whale Watching in Rocky Point:

Come down and visit and see why we love Puerto Penasco and Mexico.  Only a safe 1 hour south of the border through Lukeville, AZ

DIF Posada in Rocky Point, Mexico

Christmas Tree
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

December 13 was the big Posada and fund raiser for DIF and was held at Plaza de Madre.  It was complete with live animals, Santa and lots of wonderful Tamales and other food as well as entertainment.  Mayor Kiko Munro and his wife Linda  and children were on hand to receive the large donation of blankets that were donated as well as money.  With the cold weather we have been experiencing, the blankets came none to soon.

Music saxophone in MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

There have been several events ongoing throughout the month of December and the final will be held at the auditorium (at the corner where you turn to go to Las Conchas and across from City Hall.. It will consist of opera, tenor and piano music.  The cost for the Gala is $400 MN and will be December 30.  Please see the flyer on it.  I think this will be something everyone will like to see.  Music has no language barrier.

Opera Concert in Mexico
Winter Opera Gala

The Mermaid Market had it’s last event at Shrimp Park and even though it was a brisk day, sales were good. If you haven’t had the chance to go to one of the markets, please go and then stop by the food truck…. he makes great seafood tacos and yummy foods and the salsas for the Taco toppings are out of this world.  He is there every day on Fremont right by the park.

cHeerleaders in mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

We had our 2nd Annual Christmas Posada last evening and the theme was Pinata’s.  Everyone enjoyed delicious food at the Sonoran SKY and music and dancing was provided by Agua de Coco which is a lively upbeat Salsa sound.  Everyone got on the dance floor with much laughter from all.  Earlier in the day we had out Ugly Sweater contest and that brought tears to most of our eyes.  We merged our employees from Arizona with our group here and had a very lively group indeed.  Everyone went home happy and full.  It was a sight to see everyone trying to break open the Pinata after they had a few drinks!

Food Serving
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

It is hard to believe that we have seen the last full moon of the year on Christmas Eve until 2034, so hopefully we will have clear skies.  For some of us we may not see the next one, so we will give thanks for this one.  New Year’s Day will find most of us at J.J’s Cantina in Cholla Bay toasting with old friends and then to probably go to watch some football at Boo Bar in the Old Port.

Speaking of the Old Port, we have a new restaurant that just opened and it is called Ramon’s  Old Port.  Yes for those of you old timers, it is the same Ramon from the Old Port Deli and then Ramon’s at the Sonoran SEA.  Looks like the food is already a hit and there is a nice courtyard setting as well for those beautiful days of ours.  He is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 am to 10 pm.  Stop by and check it out.  It is located at the entrance to the Old Port in the old Terra Nova Real Estate office and across from was Mario’s Coffee Shop on the north side of the street.

Let me remind of the toy drive that the local Biker Club and the toys that we collected at Bike Week will be passed out on January 9th.  Come out an help pass out toys, last year we must have had 1000 children of all ages.

In concluding, I have one wish and that is we all stay safe from terrorism on our shores and that our troops be safe both here and where ever they are stationed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Flyer for New Year’s Eve Parties

BAndito Live Music New years eve party
Tekila BAr New YEars Eve PArty
Rock N ROll NYE
The Satisfied Frog
party flyer mexico
New YEars Eve PArty in rocky point
Matute in rocky point
New years eve party flyer

Mexican Christmas Traditions

Today is December 1 and thus begins the start of Christmas in Mexico.  In the first 12 days pilgrimages are made all over the cities, with people walking and carrying the Virgin Mary and/ or a nativity scene and always ends at the Guadalupe Church here in Puerto Peñasco.  It officially ends on the 12th which is Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe or Virgin of Guadalupe Day.  This is followed by groups ranging up to a couple of 100 people.

Each day the parade starts at a different location.  Today was the start of them which left the Catholic Church in the Old Port followed by about 150 people.  This starts with very large loud fire works that are not colorful but rather a huge BOOM.  They walk to all the other Catholic Church and as they go, more and more people walk in.    Many hotels and other businesses  have decorated their vehicles and they have floats in the parade.  On one night most of the beach vendors or shop owners do this only the event ends at my neighbors home with an average of 200 adults and children.  I was fortunate a few times to be invited over and love the tradition.  They are carrying the Virgin Mary or Virgen de Guadalupe and knock on the door of each home they stop at asking in Spanish if there is room in the inn.  When the answer is no, they continue on until they come to the last house where they are granted permission to enter. The sounds of people singing Christmas music in Spanish is so nice and soft. Upon entering, they recite a story asking if there is room in the inn and so it goes back and forth until they are told there is room in the inn.  There they all come in and they are all served food and drink.  Then the little ones break open the pinata and the parents enjoy beverages. In the case of my neighbor Martin, it was Tequila and Squirt.  I dreaded the of mixing good Tequila with Squirt, so a wife of one of the vendors came over and asked “Do you prefer Tequila solamente?”  I responded yes by itself.  She smiled and said she did also and so we poured our tequila and visited.  I was truly amazed, how much the ceremony is like the United States.  So I could recite the verse in English.  It has such a special meaning to me, to be included in an event like this.  Below is the schedule for the rest of the Pilgrimages, so if you are here in Puerto Peñasco do feel to join in or just sit and enjoy as they pass by.

Pidiendo Posada en MExico

 This is the calendar
December 1 –  5:00PM Starts From Church in Old Port
December 2 – 5:00PM Starts From Peñasco del Sol Hotel
December 3 – 5:00PM Starts From The church Juan 23
December 4 – 4:00PM Starts From General Hospital
December 5 – 4:00PM Starts From San Jose Church (La Choya)
December 6 – 5:00PM Starts From Sacred Family Chapel
December 7 – 4:00PM Starts From Cerro de la Virgen (Highway to Sonoyta)
December 8 – 4:30PM Starts From Teresa de Calcuta Church
December 9 – 5:00PM Starts From San Francisco Church
December 10 – 5:00PM Starts From San Judas Tadeo Church
December 11 – 5:00PM Starts From Church in Old Port

Reyes Magos
Three Wise Man

On December 15th start the Christmas Posada’s or parties.  I believe I may have touched on this before, but the children do not receive their gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas day which has been a Christmas Tradition on the United States and many countries.  The children get their gifts on January 6 also known as Los Santos Reyes or is known as the Three Wise Men Day. Rosca de Reyes (Kings’ ring) is the name of the bread that is served. These breads have a little plastic Baby Jesus  hidden in them.  Then on February 2 it is Dia de la Candelaria and if you are so lucky to have received the Baby Jesus, you get to throw the party and make Tamales.  I know this holiday tradition very well as I ALWAYS get the Baby Jesus.  Not knowing how to make a small batch of Tamales, I make a dish traditional to New Mexico.

Rosca de Reyes or Kings Ring
Rosca de Reyes

This year with our 15th Annual Bike Week, we did a Toy Run, so for all of those of you that brought toys we will be passing them out in January.  It is not to late to donate, send me an email in the comment section or take toys or money if you want us to shop here to the RP360 office.  Make sure to come out to the ride and volunteer to help pass out toys or food.  It will again be held at the Convention Center and you can ride your bike or drive.  Last year we had at least 1500 – 2000 children.  Remember this may be the only gift the child receives.  Last year I donated a bunch of Beanie Babies I had been collecting and loved the expressions on the little ones faces.  The TOY DRIVE will be January 9th and the local clubs have made huge commitments for donations of toys, so come out and join us.


As I was writing this blog, I learned a great deal more than I knew.  One thing I just learned that in a real Posada, the Piñata has 7 points that represent the 7 deadly sins.  This is not to be confused with 7 Deadly Zins a Lodi, Ca wine.  I would like to personally invite you to come to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico for Christmas or any time, it will be the best time of your life.

I am closing with a picture of all the volunteers for the Bike Week registration as we celebrated our successful event and are looking to see you next year.  If you see these folks on the street, ask them about volunteering with the toy drive or to help collect toys.  They wall all be more than happy to help you.  Also check out Madre Park across from the Tiburon Baseball Stadium on Benito Juarez as it is getting all decorated for Christmas.

Rocky Point Rally Volunteers
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Until next time, have a very Feliz  Navidad and Prospero Año Nuevo

2015 Rocky Point Bike Rally Comes To A Close

Rocky Point 2015
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As we brought the 15th anniversary of our Bike Rally to a close, it goes without saying, it was the best ever. It would appear from all accounts that over 10,000 bikers rolled into town. The Malecon was wall to wall bikes as you can see from the pictures. We opened registration on Thursday Nov. 12th to a line and it continued all day until nearly 6 pm. On Friday morning they were waiting for us at 8:15 am and so it continued throughout the day.  Besides registration, they could buy their official shirts, etc. and they had a chance to sample “fish” tacos created by the Culinary school here as well as cold beer supplied by Tecate.  It was like a giant family reunion as they found themselves meeting up with friends they had met at previous rallies.
Rocky Point Rally Malecon
Photo Property of Eric Brown

We had bikes from as far away Key West, FL and Alaska and every place in between. They came from Cabo, La Paz, Tijuana, Juarez, Obregon and many other cities in Mexico and Canada. They were all so happy to be in Puerto Peñasco with the warm sun shining down on them and the friendliness of the people that are here and it was amazing how many people had been here before and were already looking forwards to returning next year.
Couple from tucson
Couple from Tucson enjoying their new Indian bike

Biker Rocky Point Rally 2015 On Wednesday, we had the opening reception at Playa Bonita with a concert by Matthew Farris and his Twisted Metal Band. Matt who is from Parker, Arizona and has a huge following here. Concerts continued at Banditos, Boo Bar and other venues around the city. Matt also performed on Saturday on the Malecon in front of 1000’s of bikers and locals as well. Saturday was also parade day with bikes lining the route and tossing candy to the kids. From the looks of the video of it, it appeared to be like years gone by, stretching for miles.

We really “dodged the bullet” so to speak as when Saturday came to a close, the skies became overcast and it rained during the night and on Sunday it was breezy.  On Monday as we bid ado to the last of our bikers we found ourselves with 28-30 knot winds or about 45 hours winds with sand blowing in all directions. It would appear that God was looking over us not only with the weather but with the fact that we had no serious injuries. When you get this many bikes on narrow streets, we non bikers probably worry more than the bikers.

Rocky Point Rally 2015
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Calle 12 and 13 were bustling with bikers, trick riders and concerts and also the Miss Rocky Point contest held at SouthSide Jillz.

Rocky Point Rally 2015
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

While the bikers were in town, they had many activities to choose from.  Included in their registration package was a Anniversary wrist band which gave them free passage on the Pirate Ship Friday and Sunday, a condo Poker run as well as a Poker run from the US, a guided Pinacate tour (volcanic biosphere visitor center), golf and fishing.  The restaurants were packed as well as the bars.  There was standing room only on the Malecon on all nights with a lot to do and see.  It is always fun to go down to the Malecon and people watch and check out all the beautiful bikes.  We had several contests on the Malecon on Saturday with proceeds going to a scholarship fund.

Malecon Rocky Point Rally
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

On a personal note, I would like to thank the volunteers who came out an donated 2 days of hard work at registration (but we always make it fun) They are Bill Arrowood and myself, Robyn and Gary Montgomery, Ron and Judy Ridgway, Marcia and Harry Florian, Judy Singleton, Randy Magi, Randi Alcott, Terry Urbas, Bill Bingham, Rick Busa, Liv Faucett, Janet Green, Diane Crossgrove, Robin Winters, Linda Smith, Emilia Cota, Linda Plate,  Bob Feinman and Adiranne Savoy. Also to the City of Puerto Peñasco for rolling out the Red Carpet to all who came to this little fishing city.  Thanks also to all the businesses who made everyone feel welcome and if someone had a bike problem, we always were able to refer them to someone that could help.  Also a big thanks to Law Tigers and all the other businesses that sponsored the items in the registration bags.

Lucha Libre Bikers

If you come back next year, I would encourage you to register to receive your official patch and pin as well as so many goodies and remember all money goes to our 7 charities.  Watch four our on line pre-registration next year.  We will let you know here when it goes live in 2016.

INdian Biker

Until then please enjoy all the pictures and look forward to seeing you next year.  In closing, We would like to let you now we reached the $20,000 mark, thanks to you all.  Hopefully next year we can reach $25,000- $30,000 as we know we have a lot of bikes who don’t register.

Work Sucks Let's Ride

Come To Puerto Peñasco for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Rocky Point
Would you like to have your Thanksgiving sitting on the beach by the Sea of Cortez?   Well there is still some time to get a condo.  Check out to see what rooms and resorts are still available.  While you are on their website, check out our blogs and like. This is the best time of the year to come, warm days and cooler evenings and great sunsets..  If you rent a condo, you can cook your own dinner and enjoy the views while you are preparing your feast.  If you don’t want to cook dinner, there is also the option of going to Latitude 31 or Playa Bonita or any of the other restaurants that do a bountiful feast without all the cooking and clean up.
Latitude 31 Thanksgiving Dinner

You are allowed this year to bring down 1 Turkey with you.  I would suggest that you bring your boxes of stuffing mix with you and anything else that you think you may not be able to find here like canned pumpkin (if you are like me and want to make it yourself).  You may want to buy an aluminum roasting pan that is disposable as sometime they have them and sometime not.   It is not necessary to bring a lot down for your Thanksgiving dinner (unlike years ago) as almost everything can be found here.  We have the freshest fruits and vegetables anywhere, so no need to haul stuff.  Crucero Liquor Store has a nice selection of wine and tequila and there is always Sam’s Club.  Seek out those little out of the way bakeries for the best dinner rolls and pastries. LEY’s and C&S have whipping cream and butter.

When we first started doing our Thanksgiving Day here, we had a 35′ 5th wheel and it is amazing what you can create in a small place.  We us to have 30 people for dinner and we always lucked out with wonderful weather.  1 turkey in the oven and  1 on the Weber and 1 in the deep fryer.  I always made my pies using fresh pumpkin  from scratch as well as berry pies.  I could start ahead of time and have all the prep work done.  Then on Thanksgiving morning I could do the stuffing, vegetable dish and fruit salads. Bill wo0uld prepare the turkeys with fresh herbs and butter tucked under the skin and he bastes them in Kahlua.  One year I forgot to bring a rolling pin for the pie crusts so using my Mexican ingenuity, I hauled out a wine bottle.  After the crust were rolled, I then opened the wine and enjoyed how smart I was.  When we entertain, we usually just want to have out guests relax and enjoy and if the want to bring anything, we have them bring wine or whatever they would like to imbibe in.  Makes for a fun weekend.

A great deal of Thanksgiving Day traditions start here in Rocky Point. One group of 8 RV’s come from Tucson and Green Valley and set up camp at Playa Bonita, the night before they dig a huge pit along the cement sea wall and line it with metal, wood and charcoal and then Thanksgiving the add the turkeys and roasts into the pit.  Everyone brings a dish to pass and it has become their Thanksgiving tradition.

Off Road Race in puerto Penasco

These days we have gotten dinner down to 4-6 maximum.  Still have the same procedures, but one couple always is in charge of the wonderful home made ice cream.  My husband gets upset as I have had the bad habit of getting the biggest turkey I can find like over 25 lbs.  Let’s just say “I love left overs”.  This year he bought me a real pop over pan so now I am mastering pop overs with our dinner instead of dinner rolls.  This year we are down to 1 turkey and are going to try our hand at smoking it.  He does not like pumpkin pie, so I am also making one  along with a German Chocolate-Pecan Pie and a berry pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, popovers and a fruit salad.  Have I gotten you excited about coming here for Thanksgiving?  I hope so!

 If you like your stuffing with oysters, you are in luck here in Puerto Peñasco  as they don’t come any fresher.  Another nice addition to your tradition is to make fresh  from the Sea of Cortez  shrimp, that can be served cold or as a side dish.  As the owner of The Blue Marlin always says “Our shrimp slept in the ocean last night.”   While you are at it add steamed clams as an appetizer.  If you do have some left-overs, just heat and add  them to some freshly made tortillas that are available 1 block north of LEY’s on the right hand corner in a little white house.  Life does not get any better than days spent in Mexico celebrating with family and friends.

While you are sitting on the beach, do check out what the beach vendors have for sale.  On Thanksgiving weekend there will be the annual Art Festival in Las Conchas and events going on all over town. Great time and place to do your Christmas shopping.  Getting tired of turkey? Check out some of wonderful Taco stands or great restaurants we have in Puerto Peñasco Mexico.  Go down to the Malecon (Old Port) and stop in some of the local watering holes like Boo Bar, Satisified Frog or Mr. Amigos.

Chili Cook Off in Rocky Point
November 28, 12:00pm

Please watch our blogs for upcoming events and we will be doing Q & A videos near the end of the  month, so send me those emails and I will answer your questions. Have any pictures of your traditions here, please send them to me as well.  Remember keep those LIKES coming.

We hope you come and join us and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week or weekend.  Remember drive slowly when coming through Sonoyta (25 mph) and  hopefully our new overpass north of town at the intersection with the Mayan Highway will be open to traffic.

Day of the Dead in Puerto Peñasco

Catrina Contest in Puerto Penasco
Winner of the “Catrinas” contest

Thank you for reading my blog on Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead) last week. This is a follow-up to let you know what we personally were able to take in this cultural event here in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.
Dia de Muertos in Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The festivities started on Friday October 30th so we drove to Cholla Road where the shops are located. If you are familiar with this area it has been known as Rodeo Drive or Shack’s 5th Avenue for years. It is use to be a sandy narrow 2 lane path between the rows of shops. On busy weekends, it was a mess, as someone always got stuck in the sand or if it rained, it only got worse. Leading up until about 5 years ago, that was always the way it was and we loved it. Then the city went in and did a really great job of remodeling it. New cement street and sidewalks and street lights. As that progressed, the shop owners also modernized their shops and made it a fun place to go. Within the last 2 years, Casa Bonita, Fabiola’s ( a wonderful apparel shop), an art gallery and a restaurant named Marachi and Tequila moved in. This really adds to the shopping experience. Shops have really upgraded what the carry and if you like Talavera pottery, this is the place to shop.
Day of the Dead Altar
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Back to this weekend. The city sponsored the event which started Friday night. There were over 20 altars set up in front of the shops, with many of them offering free food. A stage was set up for the music as the night progressed. As you can see from my pictures a lot of work went into these altars. There are pictures of the loved one along with candles, food, drink and a lot of flowers. Some were for the parents who had passed over and one was for a young girl who had passed. It is somber but also relaxing to learn about some of the families.
Day of the Dead
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Saturday my husband and I went to a local plant nursery to get some plants and they were selling beautiful huge bouquets of flowers for $100 pesos or about $6.75 USD. They were so big, I made 2 out of them. On Sunday I went to the cemetery where families were busy cleaning and re-painting the grave sites. Some people were making a family picnic out it while cleaning. Flower and food vendors were set up out front. Very festive!
Dia de Muertos
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

November 2nd many businesses are closed in observation of the holiday and many people remain at the cemeteries and celebrate the life of the one who has passed. Sometimes there are little bands and it is a festive event.

Playa Bonita Day of the Dead

I think my favorite picture is at Playa Bonita that I took a couple of years ago and Day of the Dead figurines are my favorite. They are made out of either paper mache or ceramic and are skeleton in shape but also dressed. They have long bony fingers and they always have a big hat sitting on the of the skull. They may be found all over Mexico and here in Puerto Peñasco, Mercedes Rustico always has a variety of the them as well as many of the vendors on Rodeo Drive.

Dia Los Muertos Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

I hope you will enjoy the little tour that I took and hopefully next year, you can make the events. Don’t be afraid to walk the cemetery, it is a cultural event not something to get you down. The colors on the graves are so full of life. I always only get to the old one behind Ace Hardware and it is quite large. There are a lot of shade trees to stop under and just take in everything.
Day of the Dead
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Until my next blog which will be on our upcoming Tequila Festival, be well and come down to visit us. The weather is beautiful and the beaches are clean. Days are I the 80’s and nights in the 60’s.
day of the Dead Altar
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Don’t forget our 15th Annual Bike Rally November 11th – 15th. “The largest Bike Rally this side of the Border” If you are coming down, stop by the registration area at the first Circle K gas station on the left south of the new over pass and introduce your self. You can register even if you don’t own a motorcyle. Remember all money goes to our charities. $20 USD gets you a complete registration package, with pin, patch, wrist band, koozies, a bandana and so much more. Just look for the Law Tiger Balloon.
Photo by Beverly Arrowood