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Bird Island in Rocky Point: Fun under the Sea of Cortes

Bird Island Rocky Point Sea of Cortes
Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico

Isla San Jorge is located just 43 kilometers from Puerto Penasco Sonora, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations today, located in northwestern Mexico in the Upper Gulf of California. The island is also known in English as “Bird Island” and is part of a group of islands in a protected area in the Sea of Cortes.
Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is best known for housing a colony of about 2,500 sea lions, making it the largest colony of its species in Mexico. Taking a trip to Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is an amazing experience. As you approach the island you can hear the sounds (barking) made by sea lions and watch dolphins escort the approaching boats to the island. During the season from November to April you can see species such as whales and killer whales traveling north of the Gulf to areas of outcrop.
Sea Lions in Rocky Point Bird Island
Al colony of more than 2,500 sea lions live in Bird Island

California sea lions like to play on the reefs, or sunbathe on the rocks and visitors can easily watch as they interact with nature and each other. Being able to see enjoy these mammals in their natural habitat has proved a great attraction for locals and foreigners in the region.
You can carry out various activities on your trip such as taking a boat trip to the island, fishing, snorkeling and diving, and also a simple stroll through the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortes can be unforgettable.
There is opportunity to do this ride in private boats but other methods of transportation such as kayaks and rides in speed boats are offered to wander around the island. You can always find your preferred service to get the best benefit from this experience.
Kayak Bird Island Rocky Point
Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling are some of the fun activities to practice when visiting Bird Island in Rocky Point Mexico.

For diving and snorkeling trips you will be given the necessary gear and depending on the excursion, it may include lunch and beverages.
Beyond these activities the island of San Jorge in Puerto Peñasco is also a well-known place to practice bird watching. The different species on the island of San Jorge are the penguin, cormorants, brown pelicans rub juncos ethereal and other marine species such as dolphins and whales also in season.
Bird Island is located in the beautiful Sea of Cortes, also known as the Gulf of California, and has a huge concentration of microscopic organisms and biodiversity that has earned the name “The World’s Aquarium” given by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.
This is just one of the activities you can do while in Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico, a tourist destination with a mixture of sea and desert which has much to offer its visitors. Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Penasco with amenities and world-class services, offer much more than sun and sand to its vacationers. The Rocky Point Resorts are designed to exceed all expectations of luxury and comfort, most of which are fully equipped condominiums facing the sea. Puerto Penasco Sonora, Mexico is located just 1 hour from the U.S. border and 3.5 hours from Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona and at the same distance from large cities such as Mexicali in Baja California.
Photos by: LAA
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Roger Clyne and The Pacemakers in Rocky Point


Roger Clyne in Rocky Point

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers is a rock band originally from Tempe, Arizona. This band was formed in 1990, and begun his tour with his first major release of “bandits”, which in turn was the focus of an animated series that bore the name “King of the Hill”. Roger Clyne’s music is often known as combination of different genres such as Pop Alternantive, American Pop, Mariachi Regge and the creation of his subjects.
Honky Tonk Union was his trump discography that was released in 1999 in limited quantity with a live album called Real to Reel. The album debuted at # 1 on the Billboard chart for its high sales on the Internet.
In 2002 Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers returned to the stage with their album Hope and Madness. Two years later in 2004 he came out with his latest album American! which met great success in the Billboard charts earning the # 1 for its high sales on the Internet. It also was at # 17 on Billboard Top Musician Video sales chart. This album is accompanied by a DVD containing live performances and interviews with band members.
Among the discography that stands out from this band Ses’s album Live at Bully Bob’s Texas where they recorded their second official album live at a famous bar in Texas, and its high sales ensured that the band had 5 consecutive Top 10 albums on the list of more sales in Billboard.
During the following years the band continued to reap success with each new release as Four Unlike Before, No More Beautiful Word, The Turbo Ocho Sessions was a special recording in Puerto Penasco creating a song for 8 days consecutively. Glow In the Dark in 2009 and the sixth United Cantina album they released in April 2011, which was accepted very well by fans and got the # 4 on the Billboard chart in the category of Rock Albums and # 2 in Heastseekers in the first week of release.
RCPM’s consists of:
Roger Clyne lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica and kazoo.
Paul Naffah drums, percussion and vocals
Nick Scorpos electric bass and vocals
Jim Dalton lead guitar and backing vocals.
Most of whom have been in the band since 1998.
This year, as is tradition RCPM’s returned to Puerto Penasco in Mexico Circus Festival 2012 tour.
This time Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers had a special presentation on June 5 to 8, where nearly three thousand people enjoyed this band that has thousands of fans. The concert was held as planned and people were comfortably enjoying the sunset while listening to RCPM.
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is one of the most anticipated events in the year in Puerto Penasco. If this past June you missed the wonderful event that took place at Reef Beach, we suggest you do not lose sight of the the next concert.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in Rocky Point

Authentic Greek Food Rocky Point

El Greco’s Gyro Restaurant
Rocky Point certainly stands out as an oasis in the desert, and is one of the major tourist destinations in the northwest. Thousands of tourists visit each year and are becoming more demanding the services they seek.
Along with the rise of Puerto Penasco tourism has experienced over the past 10 years, it has also become a strategic place to bring innovative ideas that provide new services to tourists who have visited us in repeated occasions and also for those who visit us first.
In Puerto Peñasco, we have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cuisine among which are the typical Mexican dishes. Seafood and international dishes along with Italian, Cuban, Japanese and Chinese food are available in Rocky Point.
There is a very wide variety of food available in Rocky Point. The most authentic Greek food, was brought by Louie Xourafas a Greek immigrant who arrived in the U.S. a little more than 30 years ago and now resides permanently in this beautiful port of the Sea of Cortes. Louie brought the culinary style of native Greece, offering dishes made from original recipes of the Mediterranean. Here you can taste a wide variety of dishes such as tasty salads with feta cheese, fish, breads and of course the delicious Greek dessert Baklava. The Gyro is one of the specialties of the house of El Grecos Gyros Restaurant. The Gyros meat is roasted in the oven and served with tzatziki sauce, which is Greek yogurt mixed with grated cucumber, oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, mint and pepper, and is accompanied with tomato and onion on a pita bun.
The main ingredients of the Authentic Greek dishes are the same as the rest of the Mediterranean. Among the key ingredients are the oldest strands of olive oil. The olive tree is derived from it’s nativeregion and is the ingredient makes that gives Greek food it’s distinctive taste. Wheat and barley are the major grains used and the most important vegetables used are tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, green beans, okra, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms. Dishes made with lamb are common in Greece, because its geography is favorable for the breeding of sheep. Fish is another key ingredient in Greek cuisine, these dishes are often prepared more in coastal areas and islands.
One of the most famous ducks of the Greek cuisine is the Mezze. This is a collection of appetizers usually served with ouzo (a Greek liquor flavored sweet licorice smell). In this food they use different varieties of sauces for dipping pita bread.
Among the most famous dishes of the Greek cuisine is the moussaka (moussaka), this is a kind of lasagna in which the main ingredient the eggplant pulp are replaced for the separation of the layers. It is said that the moussaka is the antecedent of the now known as lasagna.
El Greco’s Gyros Restaruant, Greek food, opened its doors on March 8 and is located next to Sunset Cantina, opposite of Hotel Peñasco del Sol. Do not wait to visit this restaurant. Take the opportunity to enjoy a different meal within your budget.

Celebrities Visit Puerto Penasco


Celebs in Rocky Point
Hollywood celebs enjoying a margarita in Rocky Point

Last June(2012), a few celebrities gathered at Rocky Point to take a long deserved break from recording the movie Chavez which is led by the young Mexican actor and director Diego Luna.
Chavez is a film that was inspired by the history of social activist Cesar Chavez. The film was shot in the Stet of Sonora  during the month of June in the cities of Hermosillo and Cananea. They went off to finish the recordings in the State of California, where Chavez developed most of his  political and social life.
America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson and Michael Pena enjoyed a weekend in Puerto Penasco accompanied by Diego Luna and others from the production team.
Michael Pena will play the role of “Chavez” while America Ferrara plays “Helen” his wife. Rosario Dawson is Chave’s activist companion
Cesar Chavez is now remembered for his many years of struggle, protests and strikes to improve working conditions for seasonal agricultural workes.
While in Puerto Penasco Resort at Sandy Beach recognized celebrities enjoyed a great climate and the wonderful sunsets that can only be present in the Sea of Cortez.
Chavez The film is scheduled fto be released  the first quarter of 2013.
Update, Here is the Trailer:

5 "tips" to decide on your stay in Rocky Point

Beach holiday. Destination: Puerto Penasco, 5 “tips” to decide on your stay
Vacations, Beach, Sun! Imagining your family and friends, spending time outside the daily routine of work, school, housework can be enjoyable. The preparation for the holidays is synonymous with excitement and joy, but ensure to arrange this early because waiting might cause unwanted stress for you and your family. It is quite important to take care of every detail when planning some exciting days away from home.
You’ve decided to travel to Puerto Penasco since it meets the requirements for your next vacation. It is important to take some of the following “Tips” when you start planning your stay. Most importantly choosing the hotel that that best fits your budget and needs:

Rocky Point Beach Stay
Enjoy planning your stay with a few recommendations

1. Hotel or Condo:
A hotel or condo could very easily define most of  how the vacation will go. In Puerto Peñasco there are many options, tourists will have a great range of hotels and condominiums to choose from. If you have not had the chance to stay in Puerto Penasco, both options are excellent and leave you completely satisfied. We suggest that you take into account, the number of days of your stay, the number of people, and the type of service you require during your vacation when deciding whether to stay in a house or condo.
There are hotels that can accommodate their rooms for more than 4 people, but usually in a conventional room 4 would be the maximum allowed. The Resorts condominium units have capacity for more than 4 people availble. Condos range from 2 to 5 bedrooms.
If you stay a little longer, you could also consider staying in one of the comfortable condominiums with fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, so you could adjust your budget to cook your own food if you consider it necessary. Most of these condominiums offer complete cleaning daily.
Of course it is understood that on vacation you don’t want to have to dishes or make beds. All of these hotels have all the daily services characteristic of conventional hotels.
There are also options where you can have it all at once, a condominium and 100% of hotel amenities and services. Surely your booking agent will give you options on this.
2. Booking Agency ?
Many times we thought that booking through a booking agency can be more expensive, but there are many options when you book your stay in Puerto Penasco. You can see all these different options and compare them online. The advantage we to have a reservation agent is that you can look at several options for the destination. Most agencies that specialize in Rocky Point will offer the most competitive prices, sometimes they even might surprise you with lower prices. But to ask and compare costs nothing! Take advantage of this and get the best rate possible while considering your options.
3. Learn about payment and cancellation policies.
Not everything is handled the same way, whether you book online, with an agent or directly at the hotel is your choice. It is always important to clearly understand the payment policies, change and cancellation rules and refunds. Never give is understood issue since you can take unpleasant surprises trying to make changes in your reservation beyond the time listed, or not to cancel the reservation, sometimes unforeseen force us to change your plans can be for themselves quite annoying to have to deal with that you do not want to cancel your reservation, change your date or your money back.
4. Pack your bags and make your travel itinerary
Now that your trip is organized you can have more idea of what to expect on your next stay in Puerto Penasco. Prepare your suitcase with your bathing suit, hat and sunscreen and you will be able to enjoy a great vacation by the sea. You can do a brief search of the climate during the dates of your stay, although it is quite stable and no rain during this time. It’s always good to prepare light clothing to not suffer from the high temperatures during the summer. A good sunscreen to protect your skin is something that you should not forget, although you can find it in any store.
Before leaving your home, consider what you require to travel to Puerto Penasco. Depending on where your coming from, research the best route to your destination and if you are going to need auto insurance and passport to reenter the country (if coming from the U.S.). And something very important is to print your confirmation letter and bring it with you to check into hotel. Also remember your photo ID, most hotels request this. Many hotel lobbies in Puerto Penasco do not have a 24 hour service, read your confirmation letter and check what your case is. Also check as many rental companies have offices that may be located outside the property that they rent.
5. Make the most of it.
Whichever option you choose will be perfect, enjoy it! Read about the activities you can do during your stay, places to, and where the evenings fun is being held. But above all make the most of the incredible Sea of Cortes and what Puerto Peñasco has for its visitors.
We hope that these “Tips” are helpful for planning your trip to Puerto Penasco. Hope to see you soon!

Blue Marlin great restaurant at the Old Port

One of the most popular restaurants in Rocky Point and also favorite for visitors.  Blue Marlin in Puerto Viejo is located in the newly renovated Old Port, and from this location, you can enjoy incredible views of the harbor. The restaurant is located in one of the more traditional walkers to walk toward the Church of the Port. Blue Marlin offers variety of dishes based on seafood, and a great atmosphere that characterizes this area Pueto Peñasco.
“Combinacion Neptuno” is a delightful dish of 4 courses: Some say a picture says more than 1,000 words enjoy this great ones…
Salad Blue Marlin
Choice of Salad or Soup as first course

Clams with buttery garlic alioli sauce as a second course

Breaded Oysters
Breaded Oysters as a third course

Main Course
Combinacion Neptuno’s main course, shrimp and fish in various presentations

Amazing View from the Blue Marlin deck